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  1. Niles

    EVENT: North American Heartland Rally: IN, Goshen - 6/12/2023 to 6/18/2023

    Am I missing something, can't find a registration form
  2. Niles

    Brand new and leaking

    Sounds like you did make it bulletproof, if I see anymore leakage may have to do the same. Ours has never really rocked, but never been happy with a piece of foam for seal. How long ago did you , LBR, do your repair?
  3. Niles

    Brand new and leaking

    Thanks for the reply, yes I did replace the foot valve, 20 min job, it does seem to take care of both issues. As for the wax ring if your toilet is bolted down tight how is it going to bounce? It is a concern that they don't do a better job of Quaility control.
  4. Niles

    Brand new and leaking

    Our ball valve on our old 310 broke in half, so we just bit the bullet and ordered a new 310 toilet. Now when you flush the foot pedal has water run out of it, did I get one with a bad valve? Not sure what else it could be. And on another note, has anyone replaced the foam seal with a wax seal...
  5. Niles

    Day/Night Shades

    We replaced our blinds with the MCD and love them, it is a little bit of a hard pill to swallow price wise. The process was very good though great people to deal with and any questions just ask. My one hangup was the mounting of them that got to be a chore, they have surely improved on that by...
  6. Niles

    Tredit Wheel

    Just to update; HiSpec wheel sent a new wheel at no cost to us. This did surprise me a little as the wheels were purchased in 2012. However not complaining at all, glad we still have some companies that stand behind their products.
  7. Niles

    Tredit Wheel

    After doing some more research, found out it's not a Tredit wheel, it's a HISPEC which also has a warranty. In the process of seeing what happens.
  8. Niles

    Tredit Wheel

    Thanks, those are my goto places when in Shipshewana.
  9. Niles

    Tredit Wheel

    Well it happened, wheel cracked, can't complain it's a 2013. I have talked with Tredit and they are looking at it. My problem is matching a 10 year old wheel. I'm attaching a picture of it, maybe someone might know where I can get one, it's a 17.5. Thanks, Niles
  10. Niles

    2008 Heartland 3670RL Bighorn.

    We are going into a little different direction. The BH is in good shape for it's age. It spends about 6months a year in the tool shed. The other we do use it. The refrigerator was just redone in Shipshewana, IN and has a 3 year warranty with it. In 2010 we installed Bigfoot leveling system...
  11. Niles

    ceiling fan and the slide that broke the paddle

    Our fan in the Bighorn caught the blades too, we replaced the whole thing with one from Menards. I really do think as they age the blades just start to drop, ours is doing it again so we have to be careful when pulling slides in. It's not a big deal to replace, just make sure you get one that...
  12. Niles

    2021 - Goshen Rally - Cancelled

    Sad, but sure is understandable, Jim you and your crew put so much into these events. I'm sure you're disappointed more than anyone. With any luck this covid will get under control and life will go on. I refuse to think we can't beat this, and it takes tough decisions to go forward so it can get...
  13. Niles

    Dometric NDR 1062

    Well it died, guess they don't even make this one anymore. A trip to Shipshewana is in our future for sure. I've always dealt with Leon at National RV refrigeration, however someone said he sold out to a new owner, anyone know anything about that. I've also heard about JC-Refrigeration and a...
  14. Niles

    King pin to gooseneck

    I'm impressed, it will be interesting how well it works. Definitely a beefed up hitch. Let us know what you think, when it warms up. Just wondering if that hitch voids the warranty though.
  15. Niles

    New member post

    I heard they made their first batch in the 40's and are about to run out so they are going to do a second batch soon.
  16. Niles

    Quick fix (probably)

    Sometimes the wire connections are loose from our smooth road systems. Just a little wiggle will give you a works some, sometimes it don't. Good luck in finding the issue.
  17. Niles

    Hi from Quartzsite 2020.

    Not trying to steal tread, John where is the store you work at. We're in the foothills.
  18. Niles

    Centramatic wheel balancers - anyone use them ..?

    I always had them on my semi's. I felt like they were well worth the money and did what they were suppose to do.
  19. Niles

    Waste gate

    Didn't cut any pipes,getting the valve out is a bear. forced the connection back into the tank and will still need a little more room to get the new valve seated. Hoping I can use a racket strap and pull it open a little more without hearing that dreaded snap. FUN FUN
  20. Niles

    Waste gate

    Just a update, JohnDar you're spot on. Was able to manually get it to dump, now to replace it. Looks like I have to saw it out and get pvc pipe to fix it back, I won't wish this job on anyone. I understand $100 rates at the shop. I'm about $400 into and too cheap to pay myself.
  21. Niles

    Waste gate

    Thanks for the picture,JohnDar, I was hoping when I posted you would respond. I knew you have done a lot to your 3670. Now I'm off to try and get re done. Just gotta love jobs like this!
  22. Niles

    Waste gate

    Ok got some idea where to start, thanks. I've had that section down before just can't remember seeing that valve. I really hate getting into the belly of the beast.
  23. Niles

    Waste gate

    Does anyone have a picture of the black tank valve location on a 3670 rl. I know I will have to bring the belly down just don't want to cut anymore than I have too. Think my cable came loose, I'm hoping it's that simple
  24. Niles

    Newbie Mistake

    Any body shop should be able to repair it. No bigger than it sounds like it should be fairly reasonable to do. Fiberglass is pretty easy fix most of the time.
  25. Niles

    I'm back!

    Re: It’s been a great ride! So sorry Jim, our world has been set on it's ear. The good news is this country will survive it and things will someday get back to normal. I'm sure you'll be right back at setting up great times for all of us, Heartland will need you again!! Good luck and stay safe.
  26. Niles

    Replacement Furniture

    I third Lambright's, we replaced the couch and chairs in the Bighorn. We've had this furniture a long time and it is holding up very well, and comfortable too. We even replaced our couch at home with their products. Vern and his boys are great to work with. They are a little bit higher in price...
  27. Niles

    King Pin Stabilizer and Slideout Supports

    We don't use one when just weekend camping or short periods. However, we're in AZ also, when we set up for longer periods like here in the winter we do use one. This year mine had a issue so I didn't bring it, I'm missing it. It just gives a little bit more support, and just a little less wiggle...
  28. Niles

    Quality (LCi Aluma-Tread steps)?

    Re: Quality? We changed ours out after the first ones broke, I've been very happy with them. I'm not a small person by any means and feel very comfortable going up and down them. At a $100 bucks I would jump on them, and not feel unsafe;).
  29. Niles

    My nightmare began in April

    Wishing the best for you, sounds like Heartland had a coming to Jesus meeting with the owner. Seems like RV dealerships always wants the sale, and never worry about anything after that. On the fix for your AC it sounds like you have a bent shaft, on your fan. I would think at the least it would...
  30. Niles

    How tight should my lugs be? I am repacking my bearings

    I believe its 120 to 135, just did ours last week. I put ours at 130.
  31. Niles

    Purchasing new decals

    We had ours in for some work a few years ago, some decals were taken off. What heartland told us they are no longer available. There are some places in the Elkhart area that will make them, pretty salty though, I would think about a full body paint before spending money on decals that will peel...
  32. Niles

    Going through brakes - maybe even a world record

    You might want to check your brake controller. On ours using the thumb control when I hooked up it worked fine, however the brake pedal didn't. Ours was a prodigy, called them they replaced it, lifetime warranty Who knew, now everything is fine. Good luck,
  33. Niles

    2019 - Goshen Rally - TorkLift

    I don’t want to steal this thread over used steps, however. Thanks for all responses. Even if I get the ones south of Indy, I’ll be happy to help take your steps off. How far south of Indy are you.
  34. Niles

    Cyclone-Couch material wear after 4 years

    Furniture in these things aren't what I call high end by any means. We've replaced everything in ours. And is there better stuff you bet, just be prepared. We got our couch and chairs at Lambrights right there in Shipshewana. I think their address is actually Topeka,IN. We are real happy with...
  35. Niles

    2019 - Goshen Rally - TorkLift

    Any of you that are replacing your fold up steps, if you don't want your old steps. I'm looking for a set to put on a wagon I have for parades. We pull it with a 1959 Case Tractor and I'm looking for a easy way to get grandma in.;) Thanks just give me a holler.
  36. Niles

    2019 - Goshen Rally - Technical Presentations

    I like #9 Hot Skin, this has been an issue for a long time.
  37. Niles

    EVENT: Heartland Owners Meet-n-Greet: AZ, Quartzsite - 1/21/2019 to 1/27/2019

    Thanks, Heartland and LaMesa enjoyed the day and looking at all the floor plans. All I need now is a rich uncle to die off, but first I just need a rich uncle.
  38. Niles

    RV lock quit

    Update on lock, called RVLock and they said i have a bad circuit board. So i had them ship me a whole new back with the circuit board in it, along with a circuit board for the keypad, which they recommended. Got it and got two circuit boards for the back, no keypad board. Called the nice people...
  39. Niles

    RV lock quit

    Before I replaced batteries it was real slow but now it does nothing at all no beeps chimes nothing. Will try calling tomorrow.
  40. Niles

    RV lock quit

    I have a RVLOCK model #RVLv4.0, it was slow to unlock so I changed batteries and now it won’t do anything. Before someone says check batteries, I did and replaced again still nothing and the first batteries were ok too. Not sure where to go from here, checked for corrosion little bit so cleaned...