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  1. SilverRhino

    Spare Tire Carrier Recommendation

    Today while at our storage space, I noticed our spare tire seemed a little low to the ground. Got out the crank and tried to raise it, only to discover two of four mounting welds had broken. The metal use on the OEM set up is barely thicker than a beer can in some places😡 Thinking about the BAL...
  2. SilverRhino

    Ford electronic tailgates

    One more thing I won’t have to worry about with my ‘06 Freightliner 🤔🤠
  3. SilverRhino

    West Virginia HWY 48 / HWY 50

    This October we will be travelling to the Inwood, WV area and I was wondering if anyone has any info on taking highway 48 East and then highway 50 from I79 into Winchester, VA? Is this route suitable for a 5th wheel towed with a Freightliner? Any information would be appreciated ....... Travel...
  4. SilverRhino

    Route Planning Height Limits

    I have used Low Clearances for the past few years and really like it. The data is available for Garmin, Microsoft Streets & Trips, Google Earth,TomTom, MapSource, and Rand McNally. You can access all of the formats that you require for your personal use. For a small yearly subscription this data...
  5. SilverRhino

    New Name Sign

    We have been looking at various designs for RV signs that would introduce us to fellow campers. Last year we finally decided we would like a carved sign that depicted our truck and trailer on the road. Thought we had someone that would do the sign, but after a year of hemming and hawing she...
  6. SilverRhino

    Flag Pole Question

    I am interested in purchasing a Flag Pole Buddy for our BC and I’m trying to decide wether I should buy the fiberglass or aluminum pole. Concern with the fiberglass is that it would flex too much and bounce back and forth more than the aluminum. If anyone has first hand experience with either...
  7. SilverRhino

    Furnace Acting Up

    Need some advice on our furnace.....sometimes I turn it on and it will fire right up .... other times I need to cycle it 4 - 5 times before it will kick on. Last night could not get it to fire, but this morning it kicked right on. Let it run for awhile, turned it off, went back thirty minutes...
  8. SilverRhino

    Black Tank Level Sensors

    My holding tank sensors have never been accurate in our BC from the day we bought it. I have to replace the black tank valve and while I have the belly open I was thinking about replacing the sensors with Horst Mircacle Probes Has anyone tried these? How have they worked for you? Decided this...
  9. SilverRhino

    Added a Step

    Our BC had the factory fold down steps ( 3 ) and usually they work fine ...... but over Spring break, camping with our Grandsons they fell short. We were staying in a TX State Park that had concrete slabs to park your trailer on. Our site had trees on two sides and that caused us to need to be...
  10. SilverRhino

    Gray Water Tank Overflow

    Recently we were camping without sewer connections and filled the gray water tanks to the top. Dumped the tanks into our Barker Tote so I took 42 gallons out of system. When we went to leave a couple of days later, lowered the front of the trailer to hitch up and had gray water coming out of...
  11. SilverRhino

    Rolled the Dice on Portable Washing Machine

    It is a Best Choice Products Portable Compact Mini Twin Tub machine that can be found on Amazon. At the top of the machine there are two plastic nipples that you can attach a hose to. There is one on the wash tub and one on the spin tub. I tried 1/2" id hose and it was too small....5/8" id fit...
  12. SilverRhino

    Rolled the Dice on Portable Washing Machine

    In preparation for our multi month trip, we decided to purchase a washing machine for the trailer. We met a couple in Abilene that were full time RVers and they were using one ..... so we thought we would role the dice and give one a try. These are what people living in many areas of Japan &...
  13. SilverRhino

    Best Route Around St. Louis1

    We will be travelling from Springfield, MO to Springfield, IL and I am looking for a little route advice from someone familiar with the city, traffic and road conditions around St. Louis. Google Maps shows taking I44 to St. Louis but then it routes me North on S Kings Highway to Hwy 40 then...
  14. SilverRhino

    EVENT: Heartland Chapter Rally: TX, Alpine - 3/17/2017 to 3/19/2017

    Erika .... I cancelled our reservation with Lost Alaskan at the beginning of the week. Mary & I have an opportunity to serve as work campers next year at our favorite Branson, MO RV Park. Due to the conflict we will not be able to join all of you at the Rally. I am sure you will all have a...
  15. SilverRhino

    Grand Design purchased by Winnebego

    I have been very impressed with the Grand Design coaches that we have looked at. Quality and craftsmanship was some of the best out there today and if I were looking to purchase another coach they would be on the top of my list.
  16. SilverRhino

    Poor Quality Work 7 Years Later

    Re: Poor Quality Work 7 Years Later . . . True that this is an industry wide problem ...... but we are all on this forum because we have or may plan on laying our hard earned money down for a HL product. Seems logical to start trying to deal with a problem from what you know. There is no need...
  17. SilverRhino

    Hwy 101 - California .... Oregon ..... Washington

    We are in the planning stages of a trip to Yosemite next May. After visiting Yosemite are plan is to head West to the 101 and then take it North all the way to Northern Washington, Port Angeles / Sequim area before heading to the East. The plan is to go South to Tacoma and then head East...
  18. SilverRhino

    EVENT: Heartland Chapter Rally: TX, Alpine - 3/17/2017 to 3/19/2017

    Just made our reservations with the Lost Alaskan ... We will be arriving on March 15 and departing on March 22nd. Looking forward to visiting this area of Texas!
  19. SilverRhino

    Bridge heights

    In order to receive alerts on the 760 you will need wav and sox.exe for the alerts. See .Here is a video if needed of users just use wav files for both units and install sox.exe on the computer.That way you...
  20. SilverRhino

    Maxxis tires or Hercules tires

    Maxxis tires : Operating under the name Maxxis in some countries, Cheng Shin has operations in China, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, Netherlands, Japan and Dubai. The company employs 28,000 people, and its products are distributed in approximately 170...
  21. SilverRhino

    Bridge heights

    You have it correct. Any custom points of interest such as low clearances or others work in the background. You set the warning distance or speed when you load them to the RV760.
  22. SilverRhino

    Bridge heights

    I have the Garmin RV 760 that also has the feature to enter your rig information. The thing about the is that it is updated more frequently and you have a lot more flexibility in what and how things are monitored....... Just what works for me.
  23. SilverRhino

    How to remove old silicone caulking

    I use plastic scrapers that are used for body work. Another option is to use one of those cards that you receive every week in the mail trying to get you to enroll or subscribe to something.
  24. SilverRhino

    Bridge heights

    With truck and trailer loaded and ready for travel..... Use a long straight edge and level. Set straight edge on highest point on roof, vent top or AC shroud usually and have it extended past the coach sidewall. When straight edge is level, have an assistant measure from bottom of straight...
  25. SilverRhino

    Bad experience so far

    I agree that the dealerships should do a better job and they are our point if contact. The PDI should be to fine tune the unit, not have to rework major systems. That is better done and should be taken care of before a unit leaves the factory. The problem is multi level, but as consumers we...
  26. SilverRhino

    Bridge heights

    Good time to buy the Route-1 (USA) low clearance POI database now available to download. There is also a data set available for Canada. This is the largest database of clearance heights that I have found and is extremely easy to load into your GPS. For less than $50, the lifetime subscription...
  27. SilverRhino

    Bad experience so far

    I keep reading and hearing about new coach issues and it always amazes me that they always end up being the dealers fault. Granted there are problems at the dealership level, but if HL and other manufacturers would start doing a decent job of quality control many of these problems would be...
  28. SilverRhino

    Question Concerning Making Signs

    Our daughter has lent me her Cameo stencil cutter and I would like to use it to make some vinyl lettering for signs on our BC. SOmetime back! I seem to remember someone posting vinyl lettering and signs they had made. I would appreciate any tips or guidance that someone could offer in this area.
  29. SilverRhino

    Jayco becoming part of Thor.

    Sad to hear this news! Jayco has been a quality company for many years, it will be interesting to see if that quality is maintained!
  30. SilverRhino

    Yosemite for the First Time

    I have read through the threads answering baldeagle412 on the forum from a couple of weeks ago and wondered about a couple of things. Next year, May of 2017 we are planning on visiting Yosemite on a trip that will take us from Lubbock, TX to the west coast, up to Seattle and then over through...
  31. SilverRhino

    Bedroom Air Conditioner Recommendations

    In a week I am going to have my second knee replacement and our Big Country will not be used for a few months. During this down time, we are going to have our son install an air conditioner in the bedroom area. I want to go with a low profile unit and have been looking at the Dometic Penguin...
  32. SilverRhino

    Major Update to Low Clearance Database

    Folks at RvSafetyFirst have just announced a major update to the LowClearane database. ( See Following ) The data is available for Garmin, Microsoft Streets & Trips, Google Earth,TomTom, MapSource, and Rand McNally. You can access all of the formats that you require for your personal use. For a...
  33. SilverRhino

    I got got

    The real question is why was the trailer ever allowed to leave the factory with tires known to be inadequate??
  34. SilverRhino

    Debbi Kuhn Passed Away Today

    Many on this forum will remember Larry & Debbi Kuhn ( Larryheadhunter ) Larry & Debbi were Heartland owners and Larry was very active on the forum. Unfortunately, Debbi passed away this morning. Thoughts and prayers go out to Larry and the entire Kuhn family. Rest peacefully, Debbi.
  35. SilverRhino

    Dashcam Help

    I am interested in adding a dash camera to our tow rig. I am looking for a single channel to record what is happening in front of us and have been considering the Lukas L-7900 ARA. Has anyone had any experience with this model, and if so, what are your thoughts? Is there another product out...
  36. SilverRhino

    Cost of Electrical Power

    For the first time since being retired we will be staying at a park in the Texas Hill Country that will be charging us a monthly rate "plus electricity". At this time of year we will most likely not be running our AC and we do not have a washer/dryer. About how how much power should we...
  37. SilverRhino

    Time to Reconsider Tow Vehicle

    After seeing the attached photos..... Asked the wife how she felt about updating our tow vehicle. Darn.....should have done it and surprised her and not asked first :(:(
  38. SilverRhino

    Reverse Osmosis - Who's doing this in their RV?

    I have recently removed the RO system from our house. For me, a RO system is way to wasteful! We all take for granted that there will be an endless supply of clean water when we turn the tap and this is not true! We have spent many years wasting this precious commodity and we are now starting...
  39. SilverRhino

    Warranty work...then my cyclone gets hit

    Wow ...... Sorry to hear about your bad luck! Hopefully it gets fixed quickly and properly so you can take it out and enjoy it.
  40. SilverRhino

    ATF: Cyclone - Is it that more expensive.......

    When our Big Country was built, whoever was doing the cabinet installs had a nail apron full of 2 inch screws. When he got around to installing the hinges on ALL the cabinet doors he just decided to use the screws he had! After reaching into a cabinet and tearing a 4 inch gash into my arm, I...