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  1. nscaler2

    "Lithium" batteries Lithium iron phosphate LiFePO4 12 volt DC battery

    Now that trump has once again, raised tariffs on the Chinese, the ones you are waiting on will probably, no longer be cheap. LOL
  2. nscaler2

    Ford or Chevy honest opinion needed.

    After 3 EGR valves, 2 transmissions, and a power steering pump on our 2006 Ford F350, all within 62000 miles, I finally just gave up and said NO MORE. I traded it on a 2011 GMC which has been flawless thus for at 106000 miles. Couldn't give me a Ford. Would sell or trade it before it took me...
  3. nscaler2

    Added pipe type handrails going to bedroom/bathroom

    Neat. I Like it. What did you use to find the studs. I know there are all kinds of stud finders out there, but my experience with them has been spotty at best. TIA for any help.
  4. nscaler2

    entertainment system

    With my phone I can screen cast my phone to a smart TV and use my own semi unlimited data. Don't need to use the park. Again, I will say it. For the money these manufacturers are getting, they could include something better than a no name dumb tv and a cheap 12v auto dvd player that has a...
  5. nscaler2

    entertainment system

    I agree with you completely. For what these units cost, they shouldn't come with 20 year old technology. At the very least the manufacture should provide enough space for aftermarket electronics to be installed, instead of the glorified automobile electronics provided with no place to put...
  6. nscaler2

    Ladder rack under trailer

    Thank you for the information.
  7. nscaler2

    Ladder rack under trailer

    Where did you get the clamps that are attached to the Ibeams? Is there a part # for them, that a person could order on line? TIA.
  8. nscaler2

    Highway Grade Info

    Here is one that I have been using for years. It is very informative. I have been using the paper books. The apps are something new. Have not used them yet. The books are great.
  9. nscaler2

    Diesel exhaust fluid

    Boy you got that right. 2 years ago I filled with Walmart def. About 300 miles down the road, in the middle of Illinois farm country,I got a def warning. Finally found a dealer that would work on it. Turned out, after two days at the shop, the def injector was clogged and some sensors work...
  10. nscaler2

    Recommended Independent and Mobile Servicers (based on personal experience)

    Abe Thompson RV Service Center 510 N Broadway St, Oak Grove, MO 64075 (816) 690-2163
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    The insane roads we travel.

    Yes, and they will be the same ones sitting at the GREEN light, not moving, fooling with their phone. I call them go on red and stop on green folks.
  12. nscaler2

    Insurance Totalling 2013 300C ti

    May I ask, what insurance company you have that is treating you so well.
  13. nscaler2

    WOW! Heartland Just Continues To Grow

    If you can take the press release at their word, it appears that somehow ALL the units will undergo a PDI before being shippped. Quote: “The PDI facility will allow for all of Heartland's units to undergo an inspection of stringent pre-delivery conditions that must be passed prior to...
  14. nscaler2

    Lippert Expanding their Service Centers

    "Over the past couple of years, LCI has had hundreds of conversations with RV owners about how to improve the service experience." I would rather they manufacture a quality product that needs less service.
  15. nscaler2

    AGM Battery

    I am considering an AGM battery because I would like to be able to store my unit for 6 months at a time without removing it. They self discharge much more slowly than a flooded battery. The question is is the chargers they install in our 5th wheels capable of charging them correctly? Has...
  16. nscaler2

    Best route into Taos NM

    I agree about the train ride. It is called the Cumbres and Toltec Scenic railroad. It has great scenery and is an operating museum. It is a remnant of the Denver and Rio Grande Western narrow gauge (3 foot wide track). The locomotives are the old original D&RGW stuff. One of the highlights...
  17. nscaler2

    Bighorn waste tank

    To keep sewer gas from backing up the line into your rv with the grey tank drains open.
  18. nscaler2

    Major Update to Low Clearance Database

    It's too bad that this won't work with Google Maps, just google earth. We use our phones to navigate with ever since google maps has had the navigation feature. Previously used a Garmin and Low clearances. Their data base is far more extensive than most others. Google maps is far better than...
  19. nscaler2

    RESOLVED: Disk Brake not functioning

    Re: Disk Brake not functioning I have a 2011 GMC 3500 and a Bighorn 3055rl with mor/ryde IS and disk brakes. Mor/ryde added HBA-CAM at when they installed the system, in order for the trucks' braking system to recognize it. Here is a link to HBA_CAM...
  20. nscaler2

    Refer will not work on gas - not igniting (FIXED)

    Re: Refer will not work on gas - not igniting Had ours repaired for the same symptoms. Turned out to be the board and the ignitor.
  21. nscaler2

    Battery Storage

    Marc & Carol, Thanks for the reply. I think, in the long run, it will be better to remove the batteries and bring them home. From what I can read, leaving a battery dormant for that period of time can lead to a premature failure due to ( sulfication ?).
  22. nscaler2

    Battery Storage

    We store our Bighorn 3055RL 1300 miles from where we live. We retired to Florida, but have family in Missouri and a great underground place (Inner Space Storage) to store the BH in Missouri. We will not have access to the BH for 6 months at a time. We go to Missouri in the spring and take it...
  23. nscaler2

    Heartland does a flip flop !

    Although our 3055RL is old (2006), we experienced the same thing 10 years ago. We were shown a 3055rl, which at the time had the one piece fiberglass shower with a seat in it. We ordered one based on that showing. When it arrived, the shower had NO seat in it. We were basically given the...
  24. nscaler2

    Heartland quality

    We are considering making a purchase from Lazydays. Were you satisfied with them? Did they resolve the other 8 issues that you came up with in a timely manner? Did their business practices seem legit? Thanks
  25. nscaler2

    Mor/Ryde SRE4000 I found this at Hershey and found it interesting

    We have had the Mor/Ryde IS system with disc brakes for almost 7 years. Yes it is expensive, but worth every penny. When you look at the leaf springs that ALL manufactures put on these things, and consider the weight they have to handle, they sure look under-designed. Look at the springs on...
  26. nscaler2

    IS suspension

    Not only is it night and day difference in both the truck and the trailer,but the way they install it greatly strengthens the frame of the trailer. WELL WORTH IT!!! I will never have another 5ver without it.
  27. nscaler2

    "Our Land, Up for Grabs"

    Since when do we believe that our elected leaders listen to what we the voters want? All they listen to are the ones that contributed to their campaigns. We have the best government that money can buy.
  28. nscaler2

    Samsung TV

    Have you tried unplugging and then replugging it in again. These TVs now days as more like computers than TVs. When plugged in, is the red pilot light on. It seems backwards to me, but the pilot light is on when plugged in and turned off. If no pilot light, when turned off, I would guess...
  29. nscaler2

    Tow Max about to get next victim

    Hey, thanks for the report on the Sailun tires. At what tire store did you see them? When I look on line, all that I find are internet sales outlets like simple tire and tire rack. Thanks for the info.
  30. nscaler2

    Another TowMax victim reporting in....

    Went to the RV show in Tampa a couple of days ago. I looked at quite a few 5th wheels there and the tires that were on them. Some of the better brands had Goodyears on them. I didn't see any Towmax. However, I saw quite a few new names that I was not familiar with and they were ST tires...
  31. nscaler2

    Black Hills area in South Dakota

    Chris, We stayed at this place last spring and visited all the places that Traveltiger mentioned. It was a nice quite place with pull thru sites and good cell service with Verizon. Whispering Pines Campground 22700 Silver City Road Silver City, SD 57702 (605) 341-3667...
  32. nscaler2

    PDI issues

    If this dealer doesn't already have your money or signature on finance papers, RUN do not walk from this deal. If this is the way they treat you BEFORE they have your money, how will their service be AFTER they have your money. Find another dealer your 38 rsrt from.
  33. nscaler2

    Would You Buy It Again?

    Well, I guess I will jump in here and be in the minority. We had to have over $2000 worth of frame repairs in the pin box area of or Bighorn repaired. From what I have read about this type of repair, we got off lucky. Some have spent over $4000 to have the same work done. They had to remove...
  34. nscaler2

    Help! Deadbolt isn't working!

    Bob & Joyce, I don't know what to say to you about this problem. All I know is that this is an ongoing problem. We have a 2006 Bighorn 3055RL. Within 2 weeks of purchasing this thing, we had to replace the entire mechanism with another because the dead bolt did exactly as you have described...
  35. nscaler2

    Landmark Disc Brakes w/ Upgraded Axles

    Re: ATF: Landmark - Disc Brakes w/ Upgraded Axles We have a 2011 GMC 3500HD now and had a 2006 Ford F350 previously. We have the disk brake and Mor/Ryde suspension. The pump for the disk brakes is a Carlisle. All of that worked OK with the Ford. When we bought the GMC we knew that it would...
  36. nscaler2

    Company let me go

    After reading the above posts, sounds like a whole lot of age discrimination going on here.
  37. nscaler2

    Front End Repair on 2014 Big Country

    Great job!! Looks very professional. What adhesive did you use to attach the diamond plate to your unit?
  38. nscaler2

    Towmax Blowout with damage and other 300c stuff

    Bill, I agree with you 100%. However if Heartland isn't going to stand behind their choices of tires and warranty any damage caused by them, they don't have any incentive to offer the things that you mentioned. I got rid of the Mission tires that came with my Bighorn as soon as I...
  39. nscaler2

    My Never Fail Bushings - Failed.

    Here is a quote from the service manual that I got with the IS installation. It does not mention replacement of the rubber shear blocks based on time, only on apparent separation from the plates that they are bonded to or delamination of the block itself. They really don't show much sign of...
  40. nscaler2

    My Never Fail Bushings - Failed.

    Steve, You bet. Had Mor/Ryde IS installed 5 years ago along with the hydraulic disc brakes. Well worth it. At that time the package was around $5000. I know it is a lot but the peace of mind is worth it. They ride and tow much better. I don't know what it would cost for just the suspension...