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  1. grizzlygiant

    No Heat low 20s Help

    Re: No Heay low 20s Help I had trouble with mine. Discovered the ground wire vibrated loose.
  2. grizzlygiant

    No Heat low 20s Help

    Re: No Heay low 20s Help The first thing I would chect is the propane. Are you able to get a flame on the stove?? If not.... Next would be to see if you are getting a spark when thermostat calls for heat....
  3. grizzlygiant

    Generator Question

    I agree with John. I switched to gasoline for the reasons he stated...and when you run out of propane your refer. your cook stove and your furnace are dead also.
  4. grizzlygiant

    pay-as-you-go wifi

    I use my AT&T iPhone 4 personal hotspot with great success both at home and on the road.
  5. grizzlygiant

    Solar Panel - storage

    I leave my panel connected to the battery 24/7/365. I always have a 100% battery even in the winter with lots of snow on the roof. 4 years now and no problems.
  6. grizzlygiant

    Low water flow in Kitchen

    If splashing water is a problem then a "bubbler" on the fawcet will cure that. There should be one built-in the oem fawcet?
  7. grizzlygiant

    Low water flow in Kitchen

    There is a flow-restrictor washer in the fawcet; put there to "conserve water". Many of us have taken this restrictor out and discarded it. I'm sure someone will chime in and tell you exactly how to remove it.
  8. grizzlygiant

    Should I worry about volts

    A long cord and/or undersize cord will cause a serious voltage drop when a high amperage appliance (read airconditioner) is connected.. Check the voltage AT THE GENERATOR as well at the appliance. Significant difference would indicate cord problems (too long or too small).
  9. grizzlygiant

    little humor for pets ??

    Girls have got it so easy!
  10. grizzlygiant

    Insurance Question

    Safeco covers both TV & trailer on one policy which includes collision & liability on trailer---but is not available in all states.
  11. grizzlygiant

    Winterizing in Michigan.

    We store ours outside in the deep snow in winter and have no problems. I would recommend that you do NOT put a cover on your camper; they often cause condensation problems. Be sure to either take the battery home with you or provide a regulated trickle charger; we have a battery disconnect...
  12. grizzlygiant

    Roof Solar Panel

    12"x24" is a relatively small panel so a small wattage regulator is all you would need. As already said, google will give you lots of choices.
  13. grizzlygiant

    A frame

    I live in northern Idaho and we have lots of deep snow. My rvs live outside and have never suffered. I do nothing except normal winterization plus simple plywood boxes over the plastic skylights. RE: a support for a roof cover would have to be a sturdy structure. A light 4" snow can weigh...
  14. grizzlygiant

    Roof Solar Panel

    If the panel is wired directly to the battery with no charge monitor in the line the battery will overcharge. Look for a monitor in the line; it is just a small box. My panel iswired through a monitor to the battery. I have a disconnect switch which removes everything from the battery except...
  15. grizzlygiant

    Diesel or Gas?

    I would never go back to a gasser. The low end torque in my diesel is awesome; I think the truck could climb a tree.
  16. grizzlygiant

    Branson, Mo. campgrounds

    We always stay at the KOA in Branson. Shows are constantly changing. You can get advice and tickets at the KOA counter; look for "package deals".
  17. grizzlygiant

    Disc Brake help!

    Reed--Warranty should apply if your problem is in the camper. Your problem may be in the truck connection, truck wiring, or the controller--- none of which would be warranty work. If you are capable it would probably be a LOT quicker to do the work yourself (and you would then know that it was...
  18. grizzlygiant

    Disc Brake help!

    Be sure you are getting full voltage to the magnets. Under-gage (too small) wire any place in the circuit from the battery to the magnets and/or poor connections (inclufing the plug connection to your truck) will cause voltage drop wnen the brakes are applied. The magnets depend on sufficient...
  19. grizzlygiant

    Disc Brake help!

    I fail to see the need for disc brakes. My Sundance and my Big Horn before that both had OEM brakes which I could lock up easily if the controller setting was so programed.
  20. grizzlygiant

    tire cover

    Got mine at Walmart.
  21. grizzlygiant

    The Sundance 3100RB...

    I have camped long-term in my Sundance through winter ice & snow with temperatures to 5F. Additional protection is needed: skirting, heated water hose, heat in docking station.
  22. grizzlygiant

    3670RL bighorn water pressure issues

    The "entry level" pressure regulators placed in the supply line suffer from low flow rate. If things work well without the pressure regulator in the circuit or with the pump you have identified the culprit. I got a residential type regulator (from Lowes) for about $45 and my water problems...
  23. grizzlygiant

    About to pull the trigger on a '08 3400RE Bighorn

    We had good luck with our BH 3400 which we pulled with our Ram 2500 Turbo Diesel. Towed well but hard to park in tight spaces.
  24. grizzlygiant

    Anyone use the BatteryMINDer to keep your batterys charged?

    I use a cut-off switch and a small solar charger. Battery always 100%.
  25. grizzlygiant

    Lakeshore RV - MI

    John treated me fairly but I had trouble getting him to return calls. Sale of Bighorn was as promised but had to resist the hard sell of "dealer options"----this is where they make their $$$$.
  26. grizzlygiant

    Latest Mod

    Most flooring companirs have scrap vinyl flooring at near $0. It is easy to install with just a few nails to hold it in place.
  27. grizzlygiant

    Safety Breakaway Switch

    Stick the pin in the hole from whence it came. Push it all the way in.
  28. grizzlygiant

    Hot water heater... Warm water heater?

    And make sure your outside shower valves are both "off".
  29. grizzlygiant


    We put the bubblewrap on the inside of the windows at the head of the bed. I have seen others put the stuff on other windows; it helps but you can't see out. We use painters' masking tape to hold it in place. Some people use foil covered insulation board in place of particle board for...
  30. grizzlygiant


    We have lived full-time in our 2800RLS 2009 Sundance two winters now. Temperatures dropped to +5*F with many days in a row in the mid 20's max. We skirted the unit with particle board, used a tape heat on the water and do not leave any water in the sewer hose. Run the furnace for heat so...
  31. grizzlygiant

    Hitch weights vs. GVWR

    Begone, I cannot imagine a problem pulling a 2900MK, loaded, with your 2500 Chev. I pull a 2800 fully loaded (we full-time) with a Ram 2500. We have been across the USA 5 times and the setup is a pleasure to drive. Keep mind, however that I have a DODGE RAM.
  32. grizzlygiant

    So sad, our beautiful fav campground, now destroyed.

    We went through West Memphis March 10th and TOM SAWYER was under water then. I can only imagine what it is like now!
  33. grizzlygiant

    Factory Aluminum Wheels - What I've Learned

    Re: Replacing Tires on Factory Aluminum Wheels - What I've Learned Spending money on a high quality spare and a matching rim does not make $$ sense to me. I have 30K miles on my 614's and they show very little wear---never rotated. I am sure they will be out dated before worn out. My China...
  34. grizzlygiant


    When you stop to think about it, only a small part of our trailers are covered by Heartland warranty; the majority of the failure-prone items are covered by other individual suppliers (refrig, micro,frame,tires,axels,hitch, furniture....). These are serviced anywhere under their own warrantys...
  35. grizzlygiant

    2011 sundance 3300ck

    Easy to tell if you have it right; with the handle on the bypass line turned across the line, ie: at 90* to the line, if you have watter from the hot fawcet you are OK. If not turn the other valve handles until you do.
  36. grizzlygiant

    Noisy air conditioner

    It has been our experience with all the roof-top ac units we have had over the years that they sound like a helicopter trying to take off from the roof. Same story with the furnace. I wonder why there has been no improvement after all these years????
  37. grizzlygiant

    New to this site...

    We live in our Sundance full time and have spent winter days down to zero. We do not have dual pane glass and it is my opinion that it is not worth the $$ or the weight. The dual pane glass is NOT the same as on your house; the air space is tiny in comparison. We do put a skirt around the...
  38. grizzlygiant

    Cabinet Hinges

    I'm not sure exactly what you are talking about but it sounds like a drop of GORILLA GLUE or = may solve the problem.
  39. grizzlygiant

    TV Booster Question

    I was having trouble with my amplifier so I took it out of the circuit and have the antenna direct to the TV. Works great for me (but I seldom am stop in the boondocks).
  40. grizzlygiant

    Does Sundance 3100ES come with a water pressure regulator?

    Bob & Patty, Lowes (here in Coeur d'Alene, ID) has this regulator in stock.