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  1. Shadowchek

    Poll: Landmark Cooktop

    Gas cooktop
  2. Shadowchek

    Why all of a sudden???

    The washer and drier together are a pretty good load so any loose connections would cause the breaker to trip. After it has overheated and tripped a few times it could be weak. If it happens again after tightening the connections just replace the breaker they don't cost too much. beyond that you...
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    How to charge house batteries off of truck

    If your 5ver batteries are really dead you may need to have a more direct connection from your tv battery to your 5ver Batteries to save time. Use some jumper cables. You can get a lot more power through the big wire on jumper cables than you can the one in your regular chord. Greg
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    New Transporter Truck

    For me they have replaced the scratch awl for metal work. Greg
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    Slide Covers

    Nice pictures I guess you wouldn't have a problem with those slide toppers flapping with a foot of snow on top. Greg
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    What type of Tow Vehicle for 2900MK?

    I would have to agree with everything everyone else here said. The 3/4 ton should be plenty of truck for that fiver. A one ton would be nice just because it won't have a squating problem but definately not needed. The Gas truck would be o.k. but a diesel would be a whole lot better. Better gas...
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    Blue LED light on front Cap?

    I changed my side lights on my 69 Camaro to blue years ago to be Kewl. It wasn't long before I was in court trying to defend them but they told me they were for emergency vehicles only. So I paid my fine changed them back to original had them inspected and that ended that little adventure. Oh...
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    Should I get 4X4 or 4X2?

    There have been times that I could back in 2wd but slid a little making it hard to back in straight. I put in in 4wd and I back in nice and under control. I wouldn't consider a 2wd drive myself. As far as the resale value goes there aren't very many people looking for a 2wd. Also sitting up a...
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    Best way to get stickers off ?

    That is what I use and it works good. Whatever you use should have some oil in it so that what you get to break loose won't restick. Greg
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    HD Truck Bias? Down with the "1/2 Ton" trucks?

    I pulled a 24' Dutchmen fifth wheel with a 98 dodge 4wd 5.9L the weight on the 5ver was 6800 and it worked. It always made me a bit nervous going down hill and I spent a lot more time than I liked in second gear. If the road went up hill at all I would be in second gear. I also found that my...
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    Air Conditioning problems?

    In the begining I had a pretty good sized to do list. It was basically improvements that I would have to do on any new unit I purchased. Now that I have whittled that list down We love our Bighorn even more. Greg :D
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    Bighorn or Everest by Keystone

    We looked hard at an everest and a Keystone challenger. We found the Bighorn to have more storage and The biggest difference I could find was the drawers. On the Keystone products they had the cheep single runner down the middle with a plastic piece holding on to the runner. We saw a used 2006...
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    "UPDATE PLEASE READ" No Elec. Hot Water

    Wire nuts (twist on connectors) are exellent connectors much better than the crimp connections. I use them all of the time in environments that have a lot of vibration with no problems. Especially with you having taped them. The water heater takes a lot of power so it needs very good connections...
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    Air Conditioning problems?

    No actually it would cause a lot of turbulence with the air fighting to figure out which way to go putting more pressure on your blower slowing it down slightly decreasing over all air flow in addition to it not coming out right at the end registers. If you put a curved deflector at the rear of...
  15. Shadowchek

    How many ladies out there driving while pulling their 5th wheel?

    When I first read this thread I thought where is Marybeth our Rally neighbor. I figured you would be right in on this one. Glad to see you chime in and see you are doing well. Greg
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    Furnace Filter

    Most furnaces That do not have air conditioning incorporated in them do not have filters. They are nice to have but not necessary. The way your Rv Furnace is set up there really isn't a good way to install one. The reason you have one on your home system is to keep the evaporator, ( cooling coil...
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    Sacramento RV Show

    The first Heartland unit we saw was a Landmark. We sat back in the recliners and I said Can you find anything wrong with this outside of the price and length. The answer was no it was perfect outside of those 2 small details for us. Then we saw the Sundances and really liked those. Then we saw...
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    8.1L truck

    I think I would change that rear end before I went to a gasser unless of course there are other issues with that truck. Greg
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    Uneven heat in rear of camper

    If you do some searches on this forum you will find potential problems and cures for this that have been done on other heartland units. I did a pretty extensive mod I posted on here also. Greg
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    3250TS speced out :)

    I looked at a lot of 5th wheels in that size range and liked the 3250 the best. Keystone Everest makes one just like it but there were little things I didn't like as well like no counter by the stove and a couple of other things. It is Nice big and open. The desk is a little small but...
  21. Shadowchek

    3250TS speced out :)

    I think you will be happy with your choice. The kitchen isn't as nice but all the windows are fantastic and a very open plan. We came so close to buying one if it would have been a Bh we would probably own it. It really isn't that much of a big deal because the BC's are very nice. You are taking...
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    Got a tape measure? 3760 owners!

    Mine is in the corner
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    Got a tape measure? 3760 owners!

    If yours is the same size as mine 19's will fit and a a couple of 20" with bottom speakers. Most 20 's won't work though and I would say the 22 just won't fit.
  24. Shadowchek

    Why a 5er

    I have pulled both animals and The fifth wheel is the best going down the road. I also like two story effect you get with the raised bedroom. I also like the basement storage in the fiver. That being said pulling through tight twisty areas in campgrounds the TT is much better in following the...
  25. Shadowchek

    Vote Yea or Nea....Slider Hitch!!

    There is one place I go that I have to make a really tight u turn and have come within about a half inch of hitting the cab. Any tighter and I would hit. I can make a u turn as tight as my truck will turn withought hiting my cab. I just can't continue much past that continuing into a sort of C...
  26. Shadowchek

    already worried and havent taken deliver yet

    We looked at the keystone Laredo, Challenger and Everest. We really liked the way they looked. Then I seen a challenger and an Everest both in exellent cosmetic condition a couple of years old with drawer problems. the drawer glides were one glide going down the middle and some of them were...
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    Slight propane smell

    As Cookie stated it is the smelling agent that you smell. The smelling agent is heavier than the propane so it settles to the bottom of the tank so as a result smells stronger when running low. The smelling agent will get on your hands, hoses,tanks,walls anything it comes in contact with. You...
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    question from a new 3055 RL owner

    That's what you do Larry. You lower your legs some before you pull your pins. When you retract them just watch that you don't retract them too far. You can take a permanent ink marker and mark a spot on your leg ( the one on your bighorn) as a reference point for the future. Greg
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    Bedroom TV cabinet

    19 inch are a safe bet. A few 20's will work also. I spent a lot of time going from store to store with a tape measure. I ended up with a 19 that has a built in dvd player and It is a great bedroom tv size. Greg
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    Truck Upgrade Help

    I wouldn't touch a cyclone without at least a one ton probably a dually at that. That may just be me though. Greg
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    When installing the best security system money can buy...

    If They would like to pass a law to ban guns why can't we attempt to pass a law that requires everyone to have a gun in there house and be trained how to use it. That way thieves rapist and murderers know when they enter a house that the occupants are armed. Maybe they would think twice or three...
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    "2009" Central California Fall Rally

    Hi Art and Teresa. Shelly and I will be there. We might come a day early still working that out. Greg
  33. Shadowchek

    Replacement Flooring

    Vey Nice job I am jealous. It will have to wait untill something happens to the lino though beacause we are doing some upgrades the stick right now. Greg
  34. Shadowchek

    New or Used

    I may stand corrected on that. That is what I had heard from an owner of an sob and since I don't have them myself I jumped right on board telling myself see it really isn't a big deal. Sorry if I was wrong about that. Greg :cool:
  35. Shadowchek


    Tow Haul :confused: Us antique 7.3 Psd Owners don't know what that is :cool:. For those of us with 4 speed tranny's :eek: I turn off the OD when towing. I heard it is easier on the transmission and I want it to be around for a while. Happy with my 7.3 Though. :D Greg
  36. Shadowchek

    New or Used

    Like lefty says it depends on the upgrades some cost about the same and some of them forget about it. Most of them come with the majority of options you might want. The dual payne windows were something we wanted and didn't get but that turned out to be not that big of a deal. The dual payne...
  37. Shadowchek

    New or Used

    I seen a new 08 3055 here locally for over $x less than what you were quoted. If you look around you can save a lot of dough. Lately it seems if you find a good deal on new it isn't much different than used. If you are financing it you get a better rate on new so for us it was about the same...
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    2007 Bighorn Surround Sound

    If you search this forum you will see that there have been a lot of problems with the coby system. The coby system is basically something to get you started the wires are good plenty of ins and outs on the tv but the coby just isn't very good. I upgraded to a samsung. Replaced all of the...
  39. Shadowchek

    Apollo Oven Scratches

    I am giving them a chance to do the right thing on several issues if they start giving me trouble I will start to raise my voice then go from there. All my original issues and a few others that have cropped up wil be taken care of or they will baby sit My Bighorn and hear from me untill they fix...
  40. Shadowchek

    Apollo Oven Scratches

    Thank you for the info. The problem is that it is plastic The other problem is that it is new and I shouldn't have to do anything. Down the road I may have to live with or deal with scratches that we cause but I don't want to start out that way. I will be taking it in tomorrow and see...