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  1. Gregnbonnieinvermont

    New rig

    Good evening, Well we finally decided to take the plunge. We just picked up today a 2003 GMC 2500 HD Sierra 4x4 with a 6.0 gasser. We are towing a 2007 Trailrunner 2700 BHS with super slide. I have been towing this camper with a 2000 Silverado 1500 4x4 with a 4.8L. Didn't do that bad but last...
  2. Gregnbonnieinvermont

    Fridge recall

    We too got our notice on our Trailrunner. I checked earlier but was looking for the model number in the wong place. I was looking in the back where the burner is. Oops, well earlier this year the dealer had to replace the pc board and now this recall. I will have to wait until tomorrow so I can...
  3. Gregnbonnieinvermont

    Nanco Tires

    Update: We went to the dealer yesterday and got the final word and the tire wasn't defective, I hid a sharp stone either on the road or when I was backing into our site and caused it to rip. He stated that the tire was still good for a spare but shouldn't run it for long. When we get some extra...
  4. Gregnbonnieinvermont

    Nanco Tires

    Good evening, I am wondering if anyone has had problems with these tires. I have had our Trailrunner for just about a year and a half and one of the tires started breaking apart in the center of the tread. I spoke with our dealer and they have not heard of any recalls on these tires. I will...
  5. Gregnbonnieinvermont

    Proper cleaning of the awning

    Thanks for the replies, I was thinking about the detergent and bleach, I will keep in mind the simple green as well considering we have both here. Thanks again for your help. Greg
  6. Gregnbonnieinvermont

    Proper cleaning of the awning

    Hey there fellow Heartlander's, Could someone please help me in the proper procedure of cleaning our awning. I have already washed and waxxed the Trailrunner, cleaned and conditioned the rubber roof and now I have left is the awning. I was just curious how you folks do it so I can do it the...
  7. Gregnbonnieinvermont

    Dealers make it look easy

    I don't know our dealer makes it look so easy when they dewinterize the campers on the lot. ;) I pulled our Trailrunner down to the driveway Tuesday night and decided to start my dewinterizing process on Wednesday after work. I will say, it is our pride and joy(after our kids and grandughter)...
  8. Gregnbonnieinvermont

    Ecstatic New North Trail Owner

    Congrats from here in Vermont too Gene and Amy. DW and I were similar in your shoes, we didn't have a pop up but we did have a little 15 footer self contained. Now we have a Trailrunner 27' with slide and we love it. Only regret, wished we had bought it sooner. Good luck and Happy camping with...
  9. Gregnbonnieinvermont

    Septic storage drawer

    I believe I was at my dealer last week or so and I think I saw a Landmark with a pull out drawer on the bottom of the camper to store your septic hose in. I was curious if this would fit on the bottom of our Trailrunner and if so, how much would it cost to get one. I thought it was a great idea...
  10. Gregnbonnieinvermont

    New England area rally

    We are interested also, we live in Central VT. DW and I have been talking how great it would be to go to one of these and meet other owners, count us in.. Greg and Bonnie
  11. Gregnbonnieinvermont

    Brand new North Trail 26rks!!

    Well I don't own a Northtrail but we do own the Trailrunner and after a year, no major issues. We love the Trailrunner. The people here are full of good advice. Good Luck and Happy Camping.. Greg
  12. Gregnbonnieinvermont

    Squeaky slide--is problem?

    Our 2007 Trail Runner has the same groans on our superslide. I guess this summer I will look to see if I can do a simplee lube fix. I thought ours was the only one. Greg
  13. Gregnbonnieinvermont

    Woke up the Beast

    Rub it in guys, I have temps in the 20's right now and snow forecasted twice this week. I am trying to plan outings in may and june, would like to get out as soon as campgrounds open up. But right now, just keeping warm. My bestus bud came up for dinner last night and all the rain they had...
  14. Gregnbonnieinvermont


    Well ok, here is our camping buddy. His name is Zukerl pronounced Zuka, German for sweetie Greg and Bonnie in Vermont
  15. Gregnbonnieinvermont

    ladder mounting location?

    I also agree, the tech service here is great. Helped me when I needed them. Greg
  16. Gregnbonnieinvermont

    Snow in March...In TEXAS??!!

    I am putting up orders for snow. My snowbanks are still 6' plus high and my lawn is full of it. Last 2 days were nice temps but another storm is coming in and they are expecting temps to plummit and more snow predicted. So like I said earlier, how much can I send ya. :) Greg
  17. Gregnbonnieinvermont

    Is it just me??

    We are in Central Vermont in Graniteville also known as Barre Town. We camp in Kampersville alot and plan on alot more this summer. Our pic was our vaca this summer at Kampersville. Will have to check out Country Village. We are also going to try Lone Pines this year. Greg
  18. Gregnbonnieinvermont

    Is it just me??

    When we first looked at new TT last year, I did go to RV.NET (and still do) for advice and found alot. Most of what I have found was the ones people owned was the best ones. I had a person I worked with tell me that if you want quality, look at the older TT that are still on the road today. I...
  19. Gregnbonnieinvermont

    Break Question

    On my 2000 silverado, I have an older tekonsha brake controller. What I noticed is that the dealer tried to readjust them and thought they worked great. They did for awhile. I live upon a steep hill and what I realized is that going down that hill, I needed more help from the TT. After that I...
  20. Gregnbonnieinvermont

    Happy to be here...

    After creating our own website for the snowmobile club I was in, I understand fully why the moderator has it set up to check out the posts first. I unchecked that box on our website(guestbook) and you wouldn't believe the amount of spammers that were out there filling the guestbook with junk. It...
  21. Gregnbonnieinvermont


    We received our apparrel as well. We ordered the all season jacket and it is great for winter here. I am planning on ordering the lighter jackets. We got the Trailrunner logo with our names on it. DW wears hers all the time. I can't wait until the new jackets arrive as well. Christmas gifts to...
  22. Gregnbonnieinvermont

    How would rising gas prices effect your camping?

    As a matter of fact, we are planning on camping more this year than we did last year. We are lucky here, I have alot of different campgrounds around here to goto. Most are within 2 hour drive radius. This includes Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine. Greg
  23. Gregnbonnieinvermont

    Woooo Hooooo My Dealer & Heartland Come Thru Again.

    I agree with John, I believe that after talking with service myself, they tried to pull hard for me but I wasn't threatning them in any way. Maybe other manufacturers are this way as well, none that I have heard about yet, but I am not interested in finding out anytime soon either. Greg
  24. Gregnbonnieinvermont

    Digital Thermostat

    Thanks Ray, Next time I am in Walmart, I will check them out. I like the looks of the digitals I have seen in others and also I think it will give us more consistent air or heat. I know when we went to Maine, temp dropped way down before the furnace kicked on. I like the idea of adding the...
  25. Gregnbonnieinvermont

    Digital Thermostat

    Good evening Scott, In our 2007 Trailrunner 2700 BHS I want to upgrade to a digital thermostat instead of the analog. I have heard of others doing this but going to Walmarts and picking up one for $20 and some modifications done. I would like to know if this will harm anything or do I have to...
  26. Gregnbonnieinvermont

    Merry Christmas

    I agree whole heartledly with John, Jim has given us countless hours of dedication and Scott knowledge and most of all help when we needed it. As they have said, Merry Christmas to everyone and have a Happy New year. Greg and Bonnie from Vermont
  27. Gregnbonnieinvermont

    Heartland RVs QC Program - A Review

    I am going to say that in the 1st year we have had our Trailrunner, the quality of this trailer is great. I have been in some others that were cheaper made(not by heartland) and was very disappointed in the craftsmanship and quality. When I had a problem with the flooring, we could have redone...
  28. Gregnbonnieinvermont

    Brought our North Trail 28BHS home.

    I like the pics. I wish our trailrunner had those type of rims. I am glad that this TT works for you. When we bought our Trailrunner, we felt the same. I would buy another in a heartbeat. DW and I love the quality, comfort and so far the dependability. Good luck and Happy Camping
  29. Gregnbonnieinvermont

    Kudo's to the Service

    I just got the call today, our Trailrunner is all set and ready to come home. I am picking it up in the morning. I can't wait until spring so we can get it back out again to go camping. I envy the ones who can go camping year round. Jim, I really do appreciate the help you gave me. I hope my...
  30. Gregnbonnieinvermont

    Kudo's to the Service

    Well I can say that I am very pleased with Josh from parts on obtaining numbers for my replacement linoleum. I did do a internet search and found Patrick Industries from Elkhart who are the main supplier for their linoleum. It came on Monday and is at the flooring dealer for repair. I hope that...
  31. Gregnbonnieinvermont

    Replacement flooring

    Update Just wanted to let everyone know that I was able to contact Patrick Industries and I believe that I can buy the replacement linoleum. I am waiting on a call back but I do believe that the problem has been solved. I realize next time I have a warranty issue, I will be taking it to the...
  32. Gregnbonnieinvermont

    Replacement flooring

    Well the hunt is on. After about a month I finally have an answer from Josh from Heartland. I know alot of people have told me to just replace the flooring with something different but DW wants it to look like how it was when we bought it. Thanks to Jim, I finally contacted the right people and...
  33. Gregnbonnieinvermont

    Who owns Heartland??

    We have a Heartland trailrunner 2700 BHS and are very pleased with the quality. The outlet in ours is next to the switch for the water heater in front of the sink but is very easy to get to. My coffee maker works good there on the counter. In our old camper, I used to have it outside. I know...
  34. Gregnbonnieinvermont

    2007 East Coast Heartland Owners Rally

    I am sitting here thinking how fun this would be. We are in Vermont and DW and I have talked about attending next year. This year vaca time with our next outing will be all used up. We will definitley consider attending next year. When does one know when it would be. I need to submit vaca time...
  35. Gregnbonnieinvermont

    Trailrunners no longer being made?

    Flooring problems Good afternoon, I was speaking with Josh today from parts and he is working on replacing a piece of linoleum that was tore in my 2007 Heartland Trailrunner. We have been trying to rectify this since August and they still can't find the linoleum that was put into my Trail...
  36. Gregnbonnieinvermont

    Light switches

    DW and I have a 2007 Trailrunner 2700 BHS. With this in mind, we have a 9 year old son and a 7 year old neice that go with us. Heartland made bunks but then in the bathroom, they have light switches that are attached to the lights that are on the ceiling. A little foolish if you ask me. I wired...
  37. Gregnbonnieinvermont

    Touch up Paint

    I appreciate if you could check out the metal fabricator place to see, otherwise I will probably will take it to a auto body place to see what they can match up. I will call customer service tomorrow if my dealer can't get the lino. Thanks for the quick reply Scott. Have a great afternoon. Greg
  38. Gregnbonnieinvermont

    Touch up Paint

    Good morning, My 14 year old step son backed into our new Trailrunner with the rider and put a few scratches in it.( I wanted to put a few scratches in him but I was good) anyways, I asked the dealer and they claimed that you didn't make a touch up kit and a new panel was around $300 then...
  39. Gregnbonnieinvermont

    Light Switches

    Update: Saturday I installed a switch that our dealer gave us. Took me a little while to run the wires but I have to admit, it sure looks good.. Happy Camping to you all and thanks for the feedback.
  40. Gregnbonnieinvermont

    Boy did I screw up..

    I can't believe I did this. Well it all started when our dinette booth was falling apart. Was under warranty but DW thought I could do a better job than the dealer would so I gave it a shot. I glued the bench back together and hammered it back they way they had it. Then I took L brackets and...