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  1. JohnDar

    how to search for LP gas leak

    You can buy an inexpensive handheld gas detector device on Amazon to check the gas fittings for leaks rather than slopping soapy water on them. The one I used when we had a rig is what found the not fully tightened furnace fitting following dealer service on it. We, too, would get a wiff of...
  2. JohnDar

    Water Filter

    The only reason I put water in the fresh tank was to flush the toilet during power outages in the campground. The city water from the CG well was good quality made better via my filter system. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. JohnDar

    Oven Fire

    When we had our 3670, the OEM detector above the steps would go off when we used the toaster. Removed it and installed better units on the bedroom and living room ceilings. Added a CO detector under the island. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. JohnDar

    Oven Fire

    I can’t address the oven, but as for the smoke detector, what’s the manufactured date and when did you last change the battery? Unless it’s one of the more recent models with a built in LiH battery, they need to be changed at least annually. Unless the oven fire generated a fair amount of...
  5. JohnDar

    Musty odor in bathroom

    Is there a Studor valve under the vanity sink? Could be stuck open and when the water from the shower stirs up the tank, you’re getting odor coming out of it. On another note, sometimes a “musty” odor indicates wet wood somewhere. Check your drain and water lines for leaks, too. Sent from my...
  6. JohnDar

    Electrical water heater not working.

    If you haven’t already, remove the element and see if it’s caked with mineral deposits. If it is, you can soak it up to the threads in white vinegar to clean it off. And check at its terminals for continuity. I think there is an instruction in the Tools section for checking the thermostats...
  7. JohnDar

    Lose of 12 volts to Propane Gas Detector.

    The gas detector is normally wired direct to a 12V source so it’s always active. Because it activates does not stop it from working again once they’ve been cleared with fresh air. You can actually test them with the gas (no flame) from a butane lighter. Check the manufactured date on the back...
  8. JohnDar

    Location of 12 Volt Fuse Panel (Awning One failing to Work)

    Good chance the 12V fuse panel is inside a cabinet somewhere (there has to be one). As for the motor, on past units it was simply an automotive electric window motor. No relay, just direct drive with the switch reversing the current flow for direction. Motor is at one end of the roller tube...
  9. JohnDar

    Where are all the Landmarks, Big Horns and Big Country's??

    Maybe it’s the pricing of different brands. Been to a few RV shows and once you get past the “lipstick”, they’re still pretty much the same animal under the skin. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. JohnDar

    Drawer adjustments

    Two possibilities: 1) the drawer box is not square, or 2) one of the drawer slides is not mounted/aligned properly. Use a speed square inside the box to check all corners are 90 degrees. And compare the slide positions on both sides of the drawer and the frame. They’re not exactly made by...
  11. JohnDar

    kitchen sink replacement

    To cut the Hanex countertop, a jigsw with a fine tooth blade should work. Your new sink should have a cut-out template with it. Secure that to the top of the existing countertop to properly cut the opening. If you're cutting more than just the radiused corners, drill a pilot hole for the saw...
  12. JohnDar

    Selling My 2016 5'ver

    In 2020, we “sold” our 2009 BH to the General RV we bought it from. Granted, it was 11 years old but in good shape, but their offer was a bit under what was still owed on it, so I had to make up the difference. RV Trader may list dealers that are looking for used RV’s. That’s how I found out...
  13. JohnDar

    Need bedroom door jam 3670rl Bighorn 2017

    Might be easier to remove what’s left of the chewed one and take it to a cabinet maker or lumber yard with a mill work shop and have them make you a new one. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. JohnDar

    Black tank flush

    If you can access it, replace it with a brass one. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. JohnDar

    Where's all my water going?!

    Thing about vinyl, especially thin, flexible vinyl is that it loses it’s flexibility with age. Even becomes sticky. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  16. JohnDar

    What battery is installed?

    If you research battery groups, you will find there are variations in the dimensions within a group. Yours is a Group 24 based on the sticker. It’s the cheapest battery for a dealer to install. The standard battery box on a RV will take a Group 27, maybe even a 31. Best to measure the box and...
  17. JohnDar

    Bighorn landing gear problem

    If the motor runs and the connecting rod turns but the leg doesn’t move, it sounds like the shear pin is missing. A small screw and nut is a temporary fix. You said the rig is on the hitch and the gears look intact. Can you move the leg up manually and pin it? If the connecting rod isn’t...
  18. JohnDar

    Bighorn landing gear problem

    On older hydraulic pumps, there was a 1/4” socket on the end of the pump motor that you could use an electric drill to operate the pump by inserting a bit into it. Might need an extension to reach it. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  19. JohnDar

    Converter 2009 Bighorn 3670rl

    Having previously owned a 2009 BH3670, I can attest to the fact that the converter is probably up against the rear basement wall, above the black tank, in a pile of construction debris. That doesn’t do the cooling fan any good. Find it, move it out from under the black tank anti-siphon valve (in...
  20. JohnDar

    Sink Falling Out - Design Flaw!

    The clip installation was hit or miss even with the 2009 BH we had. Same issue with it starting to fall out after about a year. DIY repaired it myself. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  21. JohnDar

    Tv mounting in bedroom

    If you can locate two studs on the wall, use a board to span them and mount the TV to that. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  22. JohnDar

    Battery replacement

    The size of the battery box will limit what size battery you can install. As we discussed, have them measure both the battery and the box to see what you can replace the old battery with. I know a Group 27 will fit in it since that’s what I replaced the Group 24 with that came with the 3670 we...
  23. JohnDar

    Extend/retract button by trailer hitch

    On the original BH electric Ventura jacks there was a single motor that operated both front jacks via a connecting rod that ran across the front of the rig inside the compartment. A DIY upgrade was to replace them with independently operated ones, again from Ventura. The original Ground Control...
  24. JohnDar

    Black substance leaking from Bedroom slide

    If you can soak up or collect the liquid on a piece of paper towel, or even just feel the spot on the carpet, rub the spot between your thumb and index finger. If it’s oil based, it should feel slippery. Water based will not be slippery. But if you can expose the slide drive motor, that would...
  25. JohnDar

    Where is the circuit panel located?

    Normally there are two. The larger is the 120V breakers and the smaller is the 12V fuses. Might be hidden inside a closet or cabinet if not on the wall. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  26. JohnDar

    2021 M260 city water connection?

    Looking at a video, your tank fill is on the passenger side wall over the tires, Big white cap. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  27. JohnDar

    Cable hookups

    With no power applied, you can short one end of a line and use a VOM on the other to check for continuity. That will help identify what’s going where. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  28. JohnDar

    Dangerous Prescription Drugs from Mexico

    If you’re a military retiree, you can get your scripts mailed to you in 90 day’s quantities for $12 a pop. No need to go to Mexico. Last time I was there was 2013 (Cancun & Cozumel). Nothing like Federale gun jeeps on every corner leading to the highway to the Mayan ruins. Sent from my iPhone...
  29. JohnDar

    Light switches

    On some 5th wheels, it was on the riser for the first step into the bedroom. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  30. JohnDar

    Altered GVWR

    Or if the loaded tailer exceeds its GVWR, remove some stuff. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  31. JohnDar

    Altered GVWR

    The GVWR is the maximum weight capacity for a fully loaded trailer with all your stuff in it. The dry weight is how it left the factory. So, put your gear in it and take it to a CAT scale to see what you’re pulling. If it exceeds your truck’s rating, take some stuff out. And don’t haul with full...
  32. JohnDar

    Cannot find water pump.

    Running the pump and listening for it (they’re not quiet) is the stock answer for locating it. As for the converter, they’re usually behind the basement walls in a 5th wheel (as is the water pump), in the vicinity of the breaker panel. With TT’s they can be under a bed or in a cabinet. Sent...
  33. JohnDar

    Interior wall painting

    Sounds like a plan! Let me know if you need any maintenance help and I’ll bring tools[emoji23] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  34. JohnDar

    Help slide out won’t retract

    Or the battery is weak. Did the other slides retract OK? Are you still on shore power? If not, try connecting the umbilical to your truck and try it. Unless you’ve been using the pump valves to isolate different slides, most likely they’re open and not the problem. If the mini-breaker popped, I...
  35. JohnDar

    Interior wall painting

    Bobby, we never painted our rig, but for the sticks&bricks, I always use Behr paints. Glad you’re not painting the oak. That’s a sacrilege to do that[emoji23] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  36. JohnDar

    New Sewer Hose Storage

    When we had our rig, the RhinoFlex hose was my choice. I had a 15 and 10 ft. section of it. Sturdy and collapsible, it stayed in the shape you put it. Easily collapsed to fit in the storage compartment that used to be on the sides of the larger 5th wheels Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  37. JohnDar

    Water Heater Troubleshooting & Repair Guide

    The label on the water heater tank should tell you its capacity. Larger rigs typically have a 12gallon unit. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  38. JohnDar

    Landmark 365 bedroom mirror frame

    If the separated ends are broken cleanly and no missing chunks, you might be able to glue it back together, using Titebond III wood glue. That’s assuming it actually is wood and not some imitation. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  39. JohnDar

    Toilet water bubbles/splashes up when toilet bowl is full when you flush

    One of the drawbacks of using the backflush to the black tank was that you had to fill the pipe to the galley gray tank before anything actually gets into the black tank. On the 3670 we had, that was a fair volume of water due to the distance. I used the tank flusher while draining the tank and...
  40. JohnDar

    Toilet water bubbles/splashes up when toilet bowl is full when you flush

    Sounds like you need more fiber if you’re blocking the plumbing like that. Musta hurt like the dickens[emoji23] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk