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  1. MP_CS

    LED under-trailer lighting

    I installed blue rope lights with the same type of plastic cable clamps using the factory coroplast self tapping screws as you did. Its been going on 4yrs now and they still work and are in position.
  2. MP_CS

    Getting hot!

    I seem to remember about a recall for a cooling fan issue but dont know what the specifics were othe than it was on older ones.
  3. MP_CS

    Water heater anode rod

    I agree, doesn’t look like a tapered thread to me either.
  4. MP_CS

    SOLVED: Mystery Switch (exterior step light)

    Re: Mystery Switch Pull the switch out and see if its even connected to anything. Wouldn’t surprise me if it wasn’t. 😂
  5. MP_CS

    Another Dometic failure!

    No Problem
  6. MP_CS

    Another Dometic failure!

    If i were u i would stick with the coleman then. Ive had my brisk 2 replaced three times now, hopefully they’ve finally fixed the underlying cause but i dont think if i were in you’re position I’d take a chance.
  7. MP_CS

    Another Dometic failure!

    Yes it is, hopefully this one will last more than a few months.
  8. MP_CS

    Ram 5500 w/ 4.88 gears

    Would you stop for fuel please, you’re making me nervous .😬 Lol
  9. MP_CS

    Shwintek motor identification

    Lippert gave me the part #236575 300:1 ratio motors. I purchased two new ones on Ebay and will then keep the one good one i have left over for a spare. I attached a photo of the old ones in case anyone else has the same ones.
  10. MP_CS

    Shwintek motor identification

    Lippert might be my best bet then. I just want to make sure i get the correct one. If a replacement can be had for $100 or under i will likely replace both as i dont really want to run into this problem with the opposite side, that’s usually my luck. I can clearly see that the bad motor is...
  11. MP_CS

    Shwintek motor identification

    Hello everyone, got the Sundance out of storage yesterday. Everything worked as it should except for the bedroom slide. One side wouldn’t come out of the wardrobe slide. After troubleshooting I determined the motor on the right side was shot. I removed motor and it was all corroded and rusty. My...
  12. MP_CS

    EVENT: Heartland Chapter Rally: PA, Catawissa - 5/4/2018 to 5/6/2018

    LT Evans eatery and drafthouse in Danville is great.
  13. MP_CS

    ? for Seneca Falls/Geneva folks here in NY

    Ahh yes, i was speaking of 14... 414 from watkins glenn goes through Hector and Ovid on the other side of the lake. I have been that way numerous times to Waterloo. You shouldnt have any problems, tightest spot will probably be turing off main street in Watkins glenn.
  14. MP_CS

    ? for Seneca Falls/Geneva folks here in NY

    Wide open from Watkins glenn all the way to Geneva. Travel it often. There’s multiple spots you could meet others. Tour buses travel it everyday
  15. MP_CS

    Reception interference on TV when using 12v.....

    Our Sundance does the same except the furnace doesn’t affect it. Following!
  16. MP_CS

    Production dates for the Bighorn 3950 FL ?

    Re: Bh 3950 fl Yes! I’m not a fan of the half bath. Storage is vital.
  17. MP_CS

    Any Active or Retired or Volunteer or Reserve Fire or Police or E.M.T.s

    Active volunteer firefighter. Have been a lieutenant, captain, assistant chief and back to lieutenant when we had the baby last year, been at it for 20yrs. Not nearly as active as i was but priority’s change. Still love it though when i can.
  18. MP_CS

    New Heartland Owner Here

    We’ve had a Sundance XLT for a few years now and loved it, We are in the process of buying a new some other brand one but only because the floorplan no longer fits our needs and theres nothing in a Heartland that fits. I would absolutely buy another though if they had the right floorplan.
  19. MP_CS

    Fifth Wheel pin stabilizer?

    On my Sundance XLT that has no auto level the JT strongarms and x chocks make a remarkable difference. I used nothing for a few years until a friend got a new fiver with strongarms and i could see the difference. It was money well spent IMO, and i will spend it again when we pick up our new...
  20. MP_CS

    Fifth Wheel pin stabilizer?

    Get a set of JT strongarms instead I installed a set from last year and think they made a remarkable difference combined with my x-chocks. Higly recommend.
  21. MP_CS

    Exterior Protection System Yes or No

    Our dealer tried to sell us on one of those coatings also. If I’m remembering right it was a grand or more. We opted to not have it applied. Friends bought a TT around a year later and purchased the coating package. I’ve always questioned if they ever applied it, we’ve been camping next to them...
  22. MP_CS

    Probably leaving the Heartland family

    Thats still something we are going to try and make for sure.
  23. MP_CS

    Probably leaving the Heartland family

    We’ve picked our replacement fifth wheel and unfortunately its not a Heartland. We chose a GD reflection, after looking at both finalists its the perfect fit and very nicely built. I have nothing bad to say about Heartland or our sundance it has served us well. Thanks to everyone on this forum...
  24. MP_CS

    New Mallard m33 fridge sucks!

    I keep my fiver plugged in while at home so I never shut my fridge off, it runs off propane when traveling and usually gets plugged in while using camper, just make sure and keep the drain hole free of ice buildup.
  25. MP_CS

    2018 PA Rally Date

    The yuengling brewery is really cool definitely worth a tour.
  26. MP_CS

    Elkridge e22

    That would indicate to me that the hot water heater isn’t bypassed and all you’re antifreeze is being directed to the tank and just running out the drain plug. There should be three valves at the back of the heater that need switched as indicated in the other posts.
  27. MP_CS

    Travel Trailer Covers

    I was told by my dealer that if you plan on storing your RV outside not under roof that you should just inspect the roof and repair any questionable spots in the fall and nothing else. They said NOT to use an rv cover that they do more harm than good.
  28. MP_CS

    F350 Heated seats aftermarket

    I'm guessing a 2010 would've been a "hard" switched heater and your new 2017 is integrated into the Sync 3 system so maybe thats the issue. Just a thought though.
  29. MP_CS

    New 5th wheel garage

    Sweet, i pay over a hundred bucks a month to store mine. In a few years I’m going to take that money and build a pole barn to pit it in. Something very similar to what you’re doinf less the heat.
  30. MP_CS

    Probably leaving the Heartland family

    This forum is an absolute gem and will still be lurking around I’ve gotten so much good advice here but after having our daughter we are searching for a bunkhouse floorplan and We’ve looked at every bunkhouse fifth wheel in our budget in the Heartland arsenal and neither my wife or I really like...
  31. MP_CS

    Slide wall crack developing above window

    Do you photo your slides every trip, boy i thought i was bad 😂
  32. MP_CS

    jbeletti's 2017 F450 Platinum Ultimate

    Re: Considering 2018 F450 Lariat Ultimate Jim, I have X plan through my employer and have no plans on purchasing anything this year so my two pins are available.
  33. MP_CS

    Water in the Front End Cap?

    X2.... The front cap on my sundance was leaking also, through advice on this forum i tracked it down to the top marker lights. Used some black silicone caulk around them and haven’t had a problem since.
  34. MP_CS

    More RVs being made, industry wide

    How bout it. Years ago you just showed up at your favorite campground, now ive gotta book weeks in advance and hope the weather works out.
  35. MP_CS

    Goodyear endurance tires

    I put them on my sundance this spring, towed the fiver around all summer with zero issues.
  36. MP_CS

    Anybody using Etrailers AMP style step on TV?

    Luckily GM engineering hit a homerun with the bumper steps in the newer trucks or I'd be buying the tailgate step also. Im 5'11" and with these new big trucks i cant even reach in the back! You'd think things like retractable steps would come standard on 3/4 ton and bigger trucks. If this...
  37. MP_CS

    Anybody using Etrailers AMP style step on TV?

    Awesome job! I love tinkering on stuff like that, unfortunately my 8 month old baby girl has me doing other things these days, haha ☺️. Cant wait until i can get some more shop time to do them again.
  38. MP_CS

    Fuel $$$

    Haha, right. I dont have a spacebook account nor will i ever if i have my way. Far as I'm concerned its the devil. Lol
  39. MP_CS

    Anybody using Etrailers AMP style step on TV?

    Thats exactly what i orderrd. After watching some YouTube vids and reading some reviews i opted for the bestop step instead of Amp but both were very similar.
  40. MP_CS

    Anybody using Etrailers AMP style step on TV?

    I just ordered the step from etrailer. Guess I'll find out first hand how its going to be, lol.