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  1. JohnD

    2014 Heartland Prowler

    Take a photo of them and post it here...
  2. JohnD

    2022 Trail Runner 31DB Leaning While Towing

    Sounds like you need to transfer some of your cargo to the other side of the trailer...
  3. JohnD

    Heartland Owner's Club to Continue in 2022 and Beyond

    I've been at several rallies that you attended...and Jim was at a couple of them that I can think of...
  4. JohnD

    Heartland Owner's Club to Continue in 2022 and Beyond

    I've been wondering who is going to take over in Jim's shoes... :unsure:
  5. JohnD

    Announcement - Retirement of Club President

    Jim... You are the best and I'm not sure there is anyone that can fill your shoes in the HOC! Good luck with your new gig and if you and Nancy ever get down to Yuma, AZ...I'll show you where to get some real Mexican food! Hope to see you someday soon!
  6. JohnD

    In Memory of Frank Baker

    Frank was the best...
  7. JohnD

    Dual drains on 2021 Sundance?

    Sounds like you have front and rear sewer tanks. The 'Y' connection that Dan posted about is exactly what you need. You will probably need to buy more sewer hose along with that 'Y' connection. I had a Heartland Trail Runner TT a few years back and had the same thing... I carried 40-feet of...
  8. JohnD

    RV Industry Sales and Order Backlog

    One other big trend now that the new 'lifestyle' seems to be selling their homes and moving the whole family in to RV's, many campgrounds and RV parks are now becoming trailer parks (ie - permanent living parks)...and are no longer a campground.
  9. JohnD

    Rv gps

    I did end up getting the larger Rand McNally 7-inch screen RV GPS Android Tablet device...and it is awesome! Does anything that any phone app will do plus more! It works just like any GPS when just travelling, but when you connect to the Wifi in your cell just can't be beat! $350...
  10. JohnD

    RV heartland extended warranties

    Go with starting your own savings account to fund any repairs. Chances are you'll come out ahead in the long run. Don't ask me how I know this.
  11. JohnD

    Campground availability forecast for July 2021

    Come down here to Yuma, AZ during the summer when it is hot and you'll have your choice of RV spots! And there is lots to do in the summer here... :cool:
  12. JohnD

    General, can you leave slide out all the time?

    My slides were always out when my RV's were parked next to my house... Never had any issue whatsoever.
  13. JohnD

    Forum logo - a work in progress

    Cool beans! :cool:
  14. JohnD

    Hi from Quartzsite 2020.

    Look in Phoenix for a truck bed topper... You might have better luck there for used ones. I've been looking for one around Yuma and can't find any used ones to fit my Chevy, and can't order them new right now because of the Covid.
  15. JohnD

    Electric only option on GC6AA-10E?

    If you haven't already... Please come join us over at the Heartland Prowler Facebook Page!
  16. JohnD

    Bighorn - Master Toilet Clogged

    If you keep getting clogs...then you must not be doing something right! Use more water...
  17. JohnD

    Looking for extended warranty

    When it comes to RV extended warranties... Some people win...most people loose! You apparently were on of the very lucky ones... :confused:
  18. JohnD

    Hi from Quartzsite 2020.

    Southwest Exchange on the South Frontage Rd. along I-8 in the Foothills near Fortuna Rd. We also fill propane.
  19. JohnD

    Hi from Quartzsite 2020.

    I live in Yuma and work in an RV parts store here... Come down 95 and visit if you need anything! (My first Heartland was a Trail Runner)
  20. JohnD

    Looking for extended warranty

    Don't waste your money... Better off to open a savings account and call that your RV extended warranty.
  21. JohnD

    Region Director Role Retirement - July 31, 2021

    Time for a new era in the Heartland Owners Club...
  22. JohnD

    Throwing the breaker

    Always make sure you have water in the water heater before you turn on the switch for electric. That is probably what happened...
  23. JohnD

    Melted Dometic AC covers

    Here in the southwestern Arizona desert, where we had three weeks of daily 115+ degree temps recently, the sun will melt vent lids and dry rot AC shrouds quickly. I work in an RV parts store in Yuma and every day we have people with brand new to maybe two to three year old RV's with dry-rotted...
  24. JohnD

    Views From Your Campsite

    Sunrise in Yuma, AZ last week just off our front porch......
  25. JohnD

    New Prowler for us!

    Yes...I would flush out the entire system.
  26. JohnD

    New Prowler for us!

    Very nice! We also have a Facebook page for Prowler owners and friends... Please feel free to come on over and join us in the conversations!
  27. JohnD

    Almost Over

    I know how you feel, John... It was a bittersweet moment watching someone else driving away with my Prowler 5th-wheeler in tow... But, life changes and life moves on! Time for a new adventure! :cool: We may get a new RV sometime in the future...or might just drive around and stay in hotels...
  28. JohnD

    Living room ac stops starts right back up

    However, switching his AC from 'AUTO' to 'HI' or 'LOW' did solve his problem... :confused: :cool:
  29. JohnD

    Living room ac stops starts right back up

    It will do that because 'AUTO' fan mode is for the furnace...not the AC. Run the AC unit on 'HI' or 'LOW' fan settings and it should work normally.
  30. JohnD

    1992 17' Prowler restoration

    There is a Facebook page called 'Prowler Howlers' for owners of older, vintage Prowlers. And I operate one called 'Heartland Prowler RV Owners And Friends' Facebook page. There is a link to mine in my sig line below...come on over and check us out!
  31. JohnD

    2020 Terry?

    I thought I saw one at RV World here in Yuma, Arizona a couple of weeks ago...
  32. JohnD

    Revelation (sort of)

    Are you getting a new RV? :confused:
  33. JohnD

    Question on Selling an RV

    Yes! Had my Prowler listed on 15 different Facebook Marketplaces for over a month and not one single real inquiry. I did, however, get several offers from Nigeria, the Soviet Union and the middle east offering to send me a personal check once their peeps traveled the seven seas to get here...
  34. JohnD

    2015 Duramax dually

    Mine just turned over 80,000 miles on Saturday just a month short of six years from when I bought it.
  35. JohnD

    Back Up Water

    I sure do miss those Michigan thunderstorms...born and raised there...spent 33 of my 60 years there! As for keeping water in the fresh water tank...learned my lesson about that a few years back and always had a full tank of water! At least five times I was the only one in the park that could...
  36. JohnD

    ZEEMAX Trailer Express Tires

    My rule of thumb is this... If a tire has a goofy name like ZEEMAX, TowMax (AKA - BlowMax), Tire King, Tow King or something similar, or is a strange brand name you've never ever heard of... DON'T BUY THEM! Stick with Goodyear Endurance, Hercules SP2's, Maxxis 8008's...and you you won't...
  37. JohnD

    Furrion DVD player.

    If the radio/audio part of the stereo works, then you are in luck! Just keep a real DVD/BluRay player and hook it up to the TV, then run a cord from the headphone jack of your TV to the 'AUX' in of the built-in stereo...and you will be up and running!
  38. JohnD

    Hot water heater

    Do you mean Atwood water heater? You may have two switches...maybe one. One will probably be on the panel inside...the other (if it has this one) will be outside behind the water heater door on the lower left hand side. The outside one I like to use as the safety other words, that...
  39. JohnD

    Drop down grate/bike rack

    Wait until you've had to do it a few times... :confused: