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    Camping World RV rech.

    Have you considered that taking a dead dog there would IMPROVE their service?
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    For the love of god where is the shwintek controller

    Pull out (remove) the bottom drawers in your kitchen counters. My controller was under one of them in a previous camper.
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    Full solar

    It also depends when and where you want to use it. I have 1200W on the roof of our Milestone and that meets our needs for just about everything except A/C. But for perspective, I just got back from a week-long trip with my truck camper in the mountains of Colorado. It has 400W on the roof and a...
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    Inverter/Charger deal

    Wow, an insanely good deal. It's like $1800 elsewhere, at least. Thanks for sharing.
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    This is an owner's forum, not a manufacturer's one. If you don't get the response you want it's because you're writing all caps and it's considered rude, not because anybody disagrees with you about the quality. take a few minutes and go through other threads here. About every 10th thread is...
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    Slide out lubrication...

    I used it on a Schwintek a lot but never on a pulley... but these products are all pretty similar. What's important is that they are a "dry lube". Anything sticky or that leaves a residue will collect dust and dirt over time and become an abrasive in the system. You also don't want something...
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    5th Wheel Length to Maximize Park Access

    Stated length limits aside, it depends what parks you want to go to. We live near RMNP and camp at Moraine Campground almost every year and I don't think you'd fit even a 36' rig in any of them. They just aren't deep enough, and the corners are too tight. The longest camper we ever fit in there...
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    3D Model for Step Caps

    You can download it from the Thingiverse link above. If you have a 3D printer at home you can use it to make test parts to verify fitment. But if you plan to make one for permanent use, I do recommend using CraftCloud3D or one of the other online printing services and having it printed in a...
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    Landmark production halt

    Boom and bust. When COVID hit demand for RVs skyrocketed because everybody wanted to vacation "away from other people" and places like Disney were closed anyway. But factories couldn't keep up and had staffing issues on top of it so they produced even worse garbage than usual. Now there's a glut...
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    Route Planner Book-Not App

    You might also like the book "The Next Exit". It's updated yearly and focuses on just doing one thing well - if you're on a major highway, telling you what's off upcoming exits that are easy to transit with an RV. I don't use it any longer, but I appreciated it when I did.
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    Sink Falling Out - Design Flaw!

    Same thing with our Milestone 386BH by the way. We actually love our Milestone. But there's no doubt it's made of tissue paper and unfounded optimism.
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    Fifth Wheel Locks

    It was my "trucker" relative who recommended this one. I think peoples's needs may vary. A trailer sitting in a fenced yard or secure storage facility doesn't face the same risks as if you had to park it somewhere not monitored very well, such as if you're boondocking. This is a disc-detainer...
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    Fifth Wheel Locks

    I use this: It's pricey and not perfect but it's beefy and (relatively) hard to bypass. YMMV
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    Potential new owner!

    You're probably going to hear this a lot from others. But IMO Heartland is a mixed bag. They have some really innovative floor plans and a ton of potential. But bring your toolbox to the picket because something will fall off on the drive home...
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    Solar panel

    I think it's also valuable for storage. A 20-30W panel is useless while camping but if you're storing your camper over winter, they're PERFECT for keeping your batteries charged in the off seasons. There's nothing worse than having a modern camper that you can't get "into" until the slides are...
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    Portable air compressors

    I have the ViaAir as well and it's amazing... but I never use it. It's a big kit that will do ANYTHING. But... it's also a big kit. Last year I picked up this Dewalt portable inflator: I'm not a shill for them or anything...
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    Solar panel

    I have the same panel, and talked about it briefly in a video I did on my solar upgrade to our Milestone. If you look very closely you'll see the panel has more or less useless wiring and sizing (it's really just about good enough to maintain your battery in storage, so there's that). But the...
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    Keyless lock for 2021 Mallard M260

    If you tell them your key code they can even do that for future purchases. I put one on my truck camper and they were able to key it the same as our fifth wheel.
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    Keyless lock for 2021 Mallard M260

    I have the version without the BT support and while I wish I had that feature it was still 100% worth doing. The app is great if it's mostly "you and your spouse" but the second you have 4 kids running in from the pool or clubhouse at all times of the day, the keypad just becomes the de-facto...
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    Lipo Battery Questions ?

    You should also mention what battery you actually have. Most modern LifePO4 batteries have a BMS inside them. If they do, the BMS will control the actual charging cycle automatically, and the specs are more about what you can expect about the maximums, like how long it should take to charge (a...
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    EVENT: Heartland Chapter Rally: NV, Verdi - 06/07/2023 to 06/11/2023

    It must be a typo :) I just checked their Web site and it looks like $55 a night depending on when you go.
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    Lubing black and gray valves with vegetable / or peanut oil

    Wouldn't a water-soluble oil just get dissolved by what's passing out of the tank as you do a dump? I don't really care if a few drops of oil get into my tank and float on what's there. It's not enough to file an environmental impact statement, or every driveway with a few oil stains would be in...
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    Lubing black and gray valves with vegetable / or peanut oil

    Sorry, I thought you meant the O-ring on the cap.
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    Lubing black and gray valves with vegetable / or peanut oil

    I do this but with slide seal lube. I had a can of it anyway and it just has a convenient nozzle/tube like a can of WD-40 does. Other oils can work fine but seem to pick up more dirt over time because they're more sticky. YMMV.
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    12 volt draw on battery

    Other drains include TVs, wireless control systems like the LCI OneControl, some thermostats (if they don't require a battery), etc. Anything you can turn on with some kind of remote or soft button without having to flip a physical power switch will have a draw even when off. If you can't or...
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    Extendable rear bumper w/post

    Can you share a photo? It might be something added by the dealer.
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    Roof to sidewall sealant

    I'm an Eternabond fan as well, especially anywhere you can't "see" what's going on. I buy it in 4" wide rolls. If you keep it in your camper for emergency repairs, wrap it in saran wrap - it sticks to ANYTHING so just sitting in a storage compartment the edges will start sticking to the shelf...
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    MSRP are a little hard to swallow

    We did the same thing as thewanderingeight. We wanted the Milestone 386BH and it was listed in the 63k-74k range everywhere we looked. But one dealer in Kentucky had it at 52k even with the options we cared about. It was about 1800 miles each way to get it, but worth it in the end. The one big...
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    King mattress

    RV King. There are lots of sizes out there, even more than shown below, but no matter what you do fitted sheets won't "fit". It's worse when you realize so many folks are going to thicker mattresses that most common sheet sets now are "deep pocket" so they're even bigger. Just get a set of...
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    Removing screen from side window on slide

    I keep a can of "window and slide lube" (basically just a spray dry lube) in my toolbox in the camper. Every year when I winterize I open all the windows and remove all the screens. I spray all the tracks and slide components then close everything up. Over the years dust and whatnot can get into...
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    Tv size?

    Everybody here has a different camper. Even in a popular series like the Milestone or Big Horn, a popular model from different years or finishes can have different sizes of things like cabinets, trim, etc. Sorry, you're almost certainly going to have to wait and measure it.
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    Winterizing 2022 M26 With Air

    YMMV but my pump is at the low point of the fresh water tank so it can prime itself, with just a few inches of level tubing between them. Draining the fresh water tank allows my pump to drain back as well. You can confirm if yours does the same thing by draining your fresh water tank and then...
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    Winterizing 2022 M26 With Air

    I like to winterize (and de-winterize) at a campground on a full hookup so I can drain any last water from my grey/black tanks. I start by flipping the HWH bypass valves, remove its plug to drain it, then put the plug lightly back in to keep bugs out. Then I turn on all faucets, and go open any...
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    Winterizing 2022 M26 With Air

    I love winterizing with air. I have a Dewalt cordless air compressor that I keep in my truck for tires, inflatables, etc that works great for this and one of those hose-to-schrader valves, the metal one not the plastic. I can do the whole camper in a few minutes and I HATE the smell of RV...
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    BOSS bv6654b

    Manual here. There's a power button - what happens when you hit it?
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    raising a 5th wheel - newbie

    Not if you want to "raise" it. As your other friend pointed out, the levelers just level. They find the first point of contact and level from there. If you want to be higher than that you need your wheels lifted before you start leveling.
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    raising a 5th wheel - newbie

    I just noticed your comment about the friend with a truck. This is much safer to do with the trailer hitched up FYI. You can drive the wheels right onto the pads, chock them, then level from there. No jacking.
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    raising a 5th wheel - newbie

    If it was me, I would get a few 4x4's and a sheet or two of 3/4 ply. Cut the 4x4's to 24" and screw 2x2 squares of plywood to the top of them to make pads. If you have four wheels and six jacks, you need 10 pads. That would be five 4x4's and a sheet and a half of plywood. Put those under your...
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    Onan 5500

    I'm confused. Usually a generator of that size is used to power "everything" - house loads, ACs, and charging the batteries. Is there a reason you wouldn't want it to run to your converter as well? When you say you installed it... can you elaborate?
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    Bracket under rear of trailer

    Looks like something for a storage tray or spare tire carrier. You'd have to call to know for sure. Heartland may not have put them there. They buy a lot of chassis from makers like Lippert that make standard/reusable frame configurations. It may have been intended for a purpose Heartland didn't...