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  1. MTPockets

    Selling My 2016 5'ver

    You'll take a beating unless you're one if the very lucky few.
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    EVENT: North American Heartland Rally: IN, Goshen - 6/12/2023 to 6/18/2023

    I live in Ft. Wayne, If you're going to use this route coming in on 30 West, take the I-469 North exit. Then 469 to I-69 South, then 33 to Goshen. It's shortest and easiest... maybe that's what David meant, but maybe a bit more clear.
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    where can i find the square footage of my 2006 Bighorn 3055RL with the slides out

    We used to own a 2012, I believe it was 345 sq ft. Slides out.
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    Insurance cost what do you pay.

    Correct... also limits of liability & medical.
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    Offensive smell coming from Rear kitchen area when running bathroom exhaust fan

    I read many posts about the studor valve. In our case, it was the gap where the holding tank vent pipes exit the roof. I removed the vent pipe cover then sealed that gap. No more odor. Apparently when the exhaust fan ran, it would pull odor from the gap in the ceiling.
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    Serious build quality issues

    I think you're correct about used being better than new. Our 2012 Bighorn was in fact much better when we sold it in 2017, than it was when new... tires, suspension, finish, furniture, water system.... that buyer got a heluvu great deal! I believe the trick buying used is, was the unit...
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    Where to find an electric switch

    You'll get one at WW Grainger for sure; likely a better quality.
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    Towing Question

    You should heed the limits shown on your door post label. Safety is top priority for you and your family.
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    RV Insurance

    P.S.... FYI ...... insurance rates vary by State & where you live. Also, rates depend on coverage amounts selected. If you are a full time live aboard/traveller, you need to designate that fact as it will impact any claim made as well as your rate.
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    Wheel bearing lubrication

    More FYI..... (copied from lube engineering) Grease can be thought of in terms of paint in that there are a variety of formulations that are used in various applications. You could apply latex paint to the hull of your boat and it would look very nice, however, it would not last very long once...
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    Wheel bearing lubrication

    Nothing wrong with it... its most likely still Lithium based grease with molybdenum additive (moly), which is a solid material. Molybdenum by itself would look like black talcum powder, so it needs a carrier/base; i.e. most commonly lithium.
  12. MTPockets

    Wheel bearing lubrication

    My entire 49 year career, smong other things, incuded training factory maintenance people about lubricants and proper lubrication practices; For bearings.... the biggest feedback I got, repeatedly, was that too many maintenance people seemed to refuse actual, proper bearing maintenance...
  13. MTPockets

    Never again. Heartland slide out problem

    I think all brands have some slide problems. I have friends who own a Grand Design Momentum that has had ongoing slide problems since new. He is full time and has been back to Elkhart three years in a row. He's there now in their shop under warranty for last two weeks hopeing they fix it...
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    Tv size?

    I would think any size you want that will fit...
  15. MTPockets

    5gallon pressure tank

    We always used one like this. Mounted on the floor next to the pump. Ours was a 2 1/2 gallon in Stainless Steel... always worked great.
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    Help identifying plumbing part?

    Looks to me that someone needed to join two hose ends and used what was on hand at the time...
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    Switching Winegard Rooftop Antenna to Dish

    The Tailgator worked great for us! Very simple to use; just sit it on ground or table pointing generally South ( doesn't need to be precise) and system does the rest. Much better than roof mount as you can sit it where you gey a clear view of sky and not worry about being blocked by tree at...
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    master bedroom mattress options

    So many options.... we bought a 3" topper at Sam's club thinking if that didn't work we would buy some type of new mattress... the topper worked great.
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    Need to remove couch in slide out

    Are you sure it's attached? Mine wasn't.
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    above ground 250 gallon holding tank install recommendations

    Most likely local city/county health department will have certain location & installation & permit requirements.
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    Wintering in Phoenix AZ area

    For the Phoenix area, We preferred Apache Junction... lots of choices and away from the heavy traffic and near Superstition Mountain.
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    Tank odors

    Do you have a washing machine hook up? If there is a space for a washing machine, whether or not you actually have the machine, there is a vent thru the ceiling that needs to be sealed around thd pipe like thd you did around the roof vent.
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    Toilet Paper Holder

    Free standing holder - just sit it on the floor.
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    MCD Shades up or down for travling

    Always up. If it was hot, after arriving at destination open door & a couple windows for a bit and turn on both A/C's... always worked fine for us.
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    Water heater anode rod

    Mine was was 1 1/16, changed it yearly
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    Detergent Pods at Campground Laundromats

    I'm sure that comment was tongue in cheek... besides, it's about reading directions. Toddlers would expect the parent to do the reading, which apparently they don't. So, they're likely the same ones who put the pod in the dispenser.
  27. MTPockets


    90"----I believe that's longer than anything standard.
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    Detergent Pods at Campground Laundromats

    We stayed a week at Mountain Valley RV in Heber City, UT. They also had the signs that said No Pods, and doing so would get you ejected from their RV park.... my opinion is they are operating under some sort of misinformation.
  29. MTPockets

    T moulding wood grain 1/2 wide

    I needed some cabinet molding to match. I finally took a piece to a paint store whi matched it perfectly. I used wood molding and it turned out perfect.
  30. MTPockets

    YETI Pump Line, always on or only when below freezing?

    The only time it's on is when you turn it on..
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    Replace the couch in the slide

    FYI if anyone ever needs to bolt down a new chair, etc in the slide. I used a couple Stainless Steel Elevator Bolts. These have a flat head that don't stick out after installed, and worked great for me to secure a couple LazyBoy recliners to replace the sofa. With the slide open, mark the...
  32. MTPockets

    Seal or wax

    Definitely use one of the so-called ceramic sealers. They have nothing to do with ceramic, but are polymer sealants. I used one called Rejex. First year Applied twice, then one time per year. My finish looked as good or better after five years. We were always outside as we were full time...
  33. MTPockets

    Security for unattended RD210 in permanent site

    My opinion, the more locks, the greater chance of expensve damage. I would just put it on blocks and remove the wheels. Beyond that, don't leave any valuables insde.
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    So This Happened Today, is it trash?

    It's certainly repairable by professional shop. It looks a lot worse than it is; get more than one estimate.
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    Battery drain while in storage

    Disconnect battery cables - AGM battery will hold charge for many weeks.
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    Shop residential furniture. Take your maximum measurements to furniture stores and get what fits your style.
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    Humana Advantage Plans

    I'm in the group that feels traditional Medicare with a supplement is the way to go. Once you change to any of the Advantage plans, you can never go back to Medicare. Advantage plans all have certain additional coverages, but nothing is free, so you'll pay for them in the end.