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  1. porthole

    Hensley TrailerSaver TS-3 squeaks

    SInce my last update of June 2018 I replaced the Cyclone with a DRV, 7-8,000 pounds heavier and a higher pin weight (4,000+). After 5 years the TS-3 is worn to the point that the clunking and banging got to be too much and the wear areas are all worn pretty good. My grease mods worked well with...
  2. porthole

    Ford 6.7 DEF reductant heater increased warranty coverage

    Look into whether it is a Ford goodwill thing that the 16's are covered or has the NHTSA issued or expanded the scope of the recall. Here is the text from the 3.2L reductant heater recall. OWNER REFUNDS • Ford Motor Company is offering a refund for owner-paid repairs covered by this program if...
  3. porthole

    Installing a Onan 4000 to a 50 amp Service

    The normal Onan 'green' generator installed by most manufacturers as well as Heartland is not a 120/240 generator. The two windings are in phase and output is limited to 120 x 2. You cannot get 240 out of the generator.
  4. porthole

    Installing 4000 Onan in a Torque T26

    The opening underneath the generator is pretty much 'framed in'. The corroplast is completely removed within that frame. The air cooled Onan's intake and exhaust air from the bottom.
  5. porthole

    Using the RV Generator to power your home

    Sounds like it worked quite well. When I bought my first snow blower after a terrible winter it sat unused for 4 years, I thought it was a great return on my investment.
  6. porthole

    Using the RV Generator to power your home

    Hey Jim, Did you come up with a plan for the Texas house? At our new house in lower Delaware I opted for a main panel interlock and a 50/240 receptacle on the outside of the house. I wanted to add one of those generator hookups that install at the the base of the meter. It took several weeks...
  7. porthole

    Generator fuel tank draining

    I am not going to suggest you do this, just what I would do. Open the cap, take a sniff. Bad fuel has a distinct odor. If I still had a gasoline gen I would add a can or 2 of Sea foam and then run the generator with a load until the tank ran dry. I've gone as long as 3 seasons when we had a...
  8. porthole

    Privacy shade for interrior garage door

    I had picked up some of the material used to make the seats during one of my factory visits. I used that to have a curtain made for the garage. And I have no idea why this link displays a link different then my post from my original thread...
  9. porthole

    Can you winch a motorcycle into a Toy Hauler?

    The winch was in the forward left corner, drum parallel to the frame rails. Cable went straight out towards center of rig, pulley for directional change towards the rear than up to that pulley on the condor.
  10. porthole

    Manual Transfer Switch Upgrade (Blue Sea Systems #8363)

    I tried Cookie, I really wanted to road test the DRW with air ride , but there just wasn’t any around. So I didn’t have to settle :-)
  11. porthole

    Manual Transfer Switch Upgrade (Blue Sea Systems #8363)

    Promote? I didn’t think so. But I am a user of Blue Sea products, and there are two things that stand out with their products, they are not the cheapest option and everything I have bought is top notch, high quality product. For electrical needs Blue Sea and Ancor are about the best you can buy...
  12. porthole

    Manual Transfer Switch Upgrade (Blue Sea Systems #8363)

    Some 5th wheels and Class A’s can be ordered with 240 receptacle to use with dryers, for those that think a 120 volt dryer is insufficient.
  13. porthole

    Manual Transfer Switch Upgrade (Blue Sea Systems #8363)

    Unless you ordered an Onan commercial generator (which are typically painted white) you do not have a 240 genset, two 120 volt outputs.
  14. porthole

    Manual Transfer Switch Upgrade (Blue Sea Systems #8363)

    Key advantage to that switch is a break before make connection, no way to backfeed.
  15. porthole

    2018 Heartland Bighorn crack in body

    Off door side main slide, forward top corner?
  16. porthole

    Manual Transfer Switch Upgrade (Blue Sea Systems #8363)

    I've had similar switches on boats - never had a failure.
  17. porthole

    MORryde Pinbox

    The tri glide turned out to be a disaster - and lippert has been replacing for customers because they know they are a bad design.
  18. porthole

    Inverter or generator?

    Generator dry weight is 420 Tank was not weighed but I would guess 30 pounds or so Roughly 25 gallons of diesel at 175 pounds Ancillary parts, probably another 20 pounds My tank was custom made, 6' long and is mounted under the basement as far forward as possible. Since building mine there is...
  19. porthole

    1/4 Inch Hydraulic Line Splice/End Connector Emergency Repair Device

    Bill - i got my E-repair fittings for the trialer - good tip !
  20. porthole

    Winch installation

    Mark, I tried my old converter I had laying around (actually kept it handy as a car battery charger). Works great, no problem lifting the 300 pound hitch out of the truck. Hardley slows down. I think the converter I have is at least a 50 amp as I had it for the Cyclone backup.
  21. porthole

    Adding a dishwasher

    Does the dishwasher have an electronic lock to keep the door closed? We have a fisher paykel drawer dishwasher, works great. But the instructions did not include how to lock the drawer for travel. From Indiana to our dealer the drawer opened and closed into the opposite side cabinet door handle.
  22. porthole

    Inverter or generator?

    We have a 8KW diesel generator with a custom built 28 gallon tank. Run time really isn't an issue. The diesel burns on average .4-.8 gph depending on load. Our use has found it to be on the lower side
  23. porthole

    Follow up on hail damage to roof.

    Check with your insurance company - they may pay for the flex armor type of roof covering
  24. porthole

    Inverter or generator?

    H'mmm. This gets me thinking some more. There are days I have turned on the generator an hour out and ran the AC's. Not the best way to cool down the RV with all the slides in - discharges and returns mostly covered, Last week we made a stop at the local Costco, 95 miles from home. We put...
  25. porthole

    Fasteners for mounting solar panels

    Boy did those brackets get pricey. When I ordered my panels those were just coming out and my vendor sent me 9 sets after the panels were sent at no charge.
  26. porthole

    Ford & Long 5thwheel camera run

    The yaw sensor came with the truck.
  27. porthole

    1/4 Inch Hydraulic Line Splice/End Connector Emergency Repair Device

    Good find. I worked at Caterpillar's Towmotor division for a spell (forklifts) and we used these all the time. Never thought to carry some for the RV lines.
  28. porthole

    Inverter or generator?

    In the scheme of things, the wire size would be the last place to skimp, I'm surprised the vendor would suggest 1/0 at all. That inverter has the potential to pull 400 amps and it charges at 125 amps. What size AC are you running with it a 13K or 15K? DO you have a soft/ easy start on the AC...
  29. porthole

    cracked rims

    Tredit and HiSpec must use the same overseas supplier. I have had 3 cracked rims and know several others that have had the same issue. Lifetime warranties help.
  30. porthole

    RESOLVED: Circuit Breaker Orientation (Wiring)

    I'm surprised I just found this thread. But it does make sense if the terminals are different colors and labels such as battery on the copper post. In your picture - if the B+ was on the silver side and you had a direct short that bar would break the connection and possibly deform and hit the...
  31. porthole

    Lippert V000161934 replacement rear door

    Is it a Lippert or Challenger door?
  32. porthole

    Awning cap rotated to wrong place

    Did you check the other end? On our awning I can only install the screen on one side.
  33. porthole

    EVENT: Heartland Chapter Rally: NJ, Blairstown - 8/27/2021 to 8/29/2021

    Will one of the 10 offical chips be in play?
  34. porthole

    EVENT: Heartland Chapter Rally: PA, Denver - 7/16/2021 to 7/18/2021

    Had a great time - thanks Karen and Dale!