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    Selling My 2016 5'ver

    Didn't want to hear
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    Selling My 2016 5'ver

    My wife and have decided to sell our 5'ver which is a 2016 Heartland FB3870 in search for a Class A. We visited a location in Phoenix that accepted trades as well as consignment RV's , but I felt like they wanted to low ball my trade and not budge on the class A. This is a Class A that they own...
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    AWM990 turns on & off repeatedly

    Thank you,I'll try that.
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    Extended stay resorts

    I'll check their site out. Thanks,Terry
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    Extended stay resorts

    My wife and I are approaching retirement and we are interested in doing some extended stays across the country starting along the Oregon / Washington coast line for approximately 2-3 months. I am curious as to what web sites the peeps on this forum are using. I don't necessarily want to pay...
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    New to Travel Trailers, need a Generator.

    I recently got rid of a Honda EU3000IS thinking that it could handle our needs but quite frankly it couldn't handle just one of the AC units with an additional small load not really sure of the wattage at this time. The other issue we ran into is that as we get older lifting heavy objects in...
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    AWM990 turns on & off repeatedly

    I currently own a 2016 Bighorn 3870FB , and I have never been completely satisfied with the unit. In any case the other evening the wife and I were sitting down to to watch a DVD and when she turned the unit it on all of the lights started to turn on and off repeatedly with the subwoofer...
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    The New Solar Install on Our Bighorn

    Really enjoyed you video,but in watching I couldn't help but wonder as to how you got all of those bikes to the location,
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    Slide Topper Recommendations

    I to am interested in slide toppers and through research Lippert was mentioned as being a good product and I'm just wondering why there is no mention of that manufacturer.