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    Thor Subsidiary Heartland Buying Cruiser and DRV

    Re: Thor's Heartland Decision to buy DRV So will Jim B's next demo coach be a Landmark or a Mobile / Elite Suites ?
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    My tire decision...

    We put the Sailun S637 "G" Rated tires on our previous 5th Wheel. They were great tires, made several coast to coast trips with no tire issues at all.
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    Is Heartland Moving Away From Towmax??

    We ran the Sailun S637 on our last 5th Wheel for 30k trouble free miles. They are a heavyweight, well constructed tire. Ours ran well in all conditions and wore very well. I would not hesitate to buy the Sailun tire again.
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    Sailun S637 G rated

    Re: Sailing S637 G rated I ran the Sailun S637 "G" Rated 16" tire on our last 5th Wheel for about 30k trouble free miles. Great quality tire, very heavyweight construction. Would buy them again without hesitation.
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    Sailun S637 on Greystone

    We ran the Sailun S637 our 5th Wheel for over 30,000 trouble free miles. The Sailun S637 is a great tire, well made, very heavy construction and wears well. I bought ours from Simpletire ,good price, fast delivery, great people to deal with.
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    Tire on 2015 Big Country

    I ran Sailun Tires for many years and many miles, no issues at all, they are a great tire
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    4 or 6-point leveling-Which?

    We have a 40 Ft SOB 5th Wheel and added the Reico Titan 4 Point Leveling system to it. We have been very happy with the system. If just overnighting or only staying a couple of days, we only use the new 4 Point Jacks. If staying longer, we lower the factory installed rear stabilizer for...
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    We have about 30,000 miles on our Saliun S 637 "G" Rated tires on our SOB 5th Wheel. They have held up well and are wearing great. Would buy them again without hesitation.
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    Dryer vent install in Gateway 3650bh

    Good luck with your project
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    "CURT" Fifth Wheel Hitches ?

    We bought a Curt Q24 from Amazon a couple of months ago, replaced a 10 yea old 16K Husky hitch. Amazon had the best price we could find and they had free shipping. Went with the Q24 instead of the Q20 since the price difference was only about $20. Towed about 2000 miles so far, love our new...
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    Anchor Down RV Resort - Now Open

    We are going to stay at Anchor Down Resort for 5 nights in April after we leave Washington DC heading toward Pensacola FL.
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    Crack in fiberglass wall

    These type of issues scare the heck out of me. I know stuff happens to any product made by humans, but since we fulltime having a major warranty repair that takes weeks or even months that prevents us from using / living in our "home on wheels" would not work for us !!!
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    Took Delivery On My New Ram 3500 Today

    Nice Ride, Congratulation's
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    New GM for Landmark

    Looking forward to Tom's input, updates and changes to the Landmark Product line. We currently Fulltime and will be replacing our current 5th Wheel in the next couple of years so we will keep a eye on the Landmark product line.
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    First Time Satellite Setup

    Sorry, spelled it wrong Here is just one retailer Also I use the I Phone App called "Dish Pointer"
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    First Time Satellite Setup

    We have been using a manual Tripod with our Dish HD for years. Setup time is typically about 5 minutes. We use the Dish Pointer App to find a clear view on our I Phone and a Accutek III Meter to peak / tune all 3 Satellite's. The Accutek III meter powers the dish and reads signal strength for...
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    Dish TV or Direct?

    We have Dish and still use a manual tripod with our HD Dish. After setting up a few times I have gotten pretty good at it, it usually takes me about 5 minutes to get the Tripod / Dish out, setup and aim it. We do not have the Hopper but do have the Dish Network Dual Channel Dish Receiver which...
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    New Landmark Floorplan - "Newport"

    Re: Closet Detail for New Landmark Floorplan - "Newport" We are fulltimers and will be looking for a replacement of our current 5th Wheel in the future. This floorplan looks like a winner, really like the option of eliminating the 1/2 Bath for a office space since we are still working and...
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    Bighorn Hydraulic Slides and front legs

    Could also be combination of colder weather and a weak battery, the hydraulic fluid gets thicker when it is cold thus puts more load on the pump which draws more current on the 12 Volt system.
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    Lighter interior wood - THANK YOU Heartland!

    When I saw the dark wood at the Super Show in Tampa last year, I left the Heartland display and kept moving. The lighter wood option will put Heartland back on our list for our next 5th Wheel, not a fan for Darker and Darker colors.
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    Heartland Big Horn vs Jayco Pinnacle

    Re: Heartland Big vs Jayco Pinnacle I will post the other viewpoint. We looked at the Big Country. Big Horn and the Jayco Pinnacle real hard. We thought all were very good units and I think we would have been happy with any of them, but in the end wound up with the Jayco Pinnacle 35LKTS. We...
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    X2 We have been running the Sailun G637 for about a year and a half with about 15,000 miles on them, wearing great, no problems, would buy again.
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    Goodyear G614

    X2 on the Sailun's we have about 15k on ours, no issues or problems, good solid tires
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    New Heartland coaches

    We had Heartland on our finalist list but wound up with SOB, but we will be replacing our current 5er sometime in the future. After seeing the darker woods in many of the Heartland units at a recent show, it really turned us off.
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    I'm in the "Tow Max Not" club.

    We have had our Sailun S637 "G" Rated tires for about a year and a half, great tires, no problems with wear after about 12K miles
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    Bighorn Down, 2 G614's gone

    Our Sailun S637 has been a great tire so far, getting lots of positive reviews from users of several forums.
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    Bighorn Down, 2 G614's gone

    We bought Sailun S637 Tires for our 5th Wheel, very similar construction to the G614.They are "G" Rated 14 Ply tires that run 110 lbs of air.Been running them for about a year and 1/2 now, no problems and they are wearing great after about 10k miles.The Sailun's are getting a pretty good...
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    EVENT: Heartland Chapter Rally: TX, Montgomery - 4/5/2013 to 4/7/2013

    Thanks, I keep up with the Heartland Forum, lots of great people and info here. Maybe next 5er will be a Heartland :) Robert
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    EVENT: Heartland Chapter Rally: TX, Montgomery - 4/5/2013 to 4/7/2013

    I wondered why there was so many Heartland RV's here this weekend, :)
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    Theater seating

    We bought our Lane Theater Seating from local furniture store, it is a wall hugger and very nice unit, price about $800
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    Dually Daily Driver??

    We have a 2012 GMC 3500 Dually that we use as a daily driver. My wife uses it daily, she was a little nervious at first but after a few shopping, Dr and such trips, she is getting used to the bigger truck and doing great. We moved up from a 2500HD SRW to the 3500 DRW, tows much smoother and a...
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    Ready for Florida

    Looks like there is no support under the axle with the wheel off. If so, all that sides trailer weight is on one wheel, axle and spring assembly?
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    We have a Maytag Washer and Sears Dryer stacked. We did the install, we put a pan with drain under the washer, the dryer is vented. Washer takes about 1 hour, dryer typically takes about the same time as the washer. Both the Maytag Washer and Sears Dryer units are made by Whirlpool Been...
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    Ready for Florida

    Hot Bearing = Not Good Welcome to Florida !!! We are heading to Disney's Fort Wilderness on Sunday for a week to see all the Christmas stuff
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    2012 GM Diesel

    Congradulations, you will love the diesel !!! We came from a GMC 6.0L to our first Diesel a 2007 2500HD Duramax Chevy Diesel and now have a 2012 GMC 3500 DRW Duramax Diesel, great truck We like the enhancements on the new GM Diesel, love the exhaust brake and factory brake controller on ours...
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    Apollo Halftime Oven (Replacement and parts)

    Looking forward to update, pictures and how well it fits in the original opening and how well works after the install
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    What is the best Satellite system & Service?

    Re: What is the best system We fulltime, have Dish Network HD and use a tripod. With a little pratice and a decent meter the tripod setup takes about 5 minutes and is more flexable since you can move it around. One plus with Dish Network is they have a reciever is a dual tuner unit meaning we...
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    5th Wheel Leveling Systems - a discussion

    Re: 5th Wheel Leveiling systems other than LevelUp The Lippert site says 5th Wheels over 20K GVWR or 35 Feet in Length for the 6 Point system 5th Wheels under 20k GVWR or 35 Feet in Length for the 4 Point system
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    Saliun tires

    Re: Sailun Tires We have been running Sailun tires for about a year now. They are not a Cheap tire, acutally they weigh more than the GY G614. They are a very heavy well made tire. They have a great track record in trailer service. Sailun makes commercial trailer and semi truck tires, many...