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    Local TV reception

    Replace the splitter first. Get good one from Wal-Mart about$7. You may find this does the trick. We did and beautiful picture
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    checking lp gas level?

    Is manual in our big country, move it to point to other tank and site glass will turn from red to clear or no color
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    ATF: Bighorn - yellow step light

    Look at bottom stair riser to bedroom for switch
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    Windows that don't leak cold air...

    Check in basement behind wall in mechanical for cut outs around pipes, we stuffed pipewrap in the areas to keep cold air out, also check air ducts behind the wall to be sure they are all connected. The cold air in duct probably just cold air thermal movement if all ducts are sealed at...
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    Fulltiming Soon!!!!!

    You will love the big country, ours is great. 2 items before you start out, unscrew all undersink water supply lines and wrap connection with Teflon plumbers tape and reattach. Will prevent leaks from road movement vibration. Replace cable tv splitter behind basement wall, easy to find, get good...
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    Fulltiming vs. Warranty

    What is the dealer in jax? We are camping north of the airport while working at navy base for few months. Plan on going to the rv show in a few weeks to check out the gizmos.
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    Fulltiming vs. Warranty

    Love the Heartland Reps, whenever we call they are super helpful and go out of their way to resolve the issue! As opposed to our dealer, Dixie RV of NW FL, who said 'yea I remember talking to you last week, no I didn't enter it into the computer, you are out of warranty now, what are you going...
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    intermittent black tank odor

    Very good comment, the grey water can smell really nasty
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    Allstays App

    No. But have used rvparky free app, which is great
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    New Landmark and new to site!

    check your plumbing connections We bought a new big country, find that no plumbing connections had been installed with plumbers Teflon tape, just bare, the reason for leaks. We also found that when we replaced the splitter with a$7 one from Wal-Mart for the cable the reception became perfect...
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    Ordering a unit - any suggestions in general, options to add/delete?

    Added comment 3 season door, yes Convection oven, yes
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    New Big Country 3451ts owners

    Hello, we purchased our new rv last month from Dixie RV in FL panhandle and absolutely love it. Amazing storage, just found more behind the tv, tv lifts up on hydraulics to reveal huge storage area, amazing. Love the movable island and bleu wood floors. Need to figure out shorter pendulum rod...