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    Confused by heating; AC units are on at same time as furnace and not putting out heat. Model 33RETS

    My wife had them both running at the same time one day... AC set for 70, heat set for 68... too close and the ceiling ac vent was blowing on the thermostat which told the furnace to run... If your electricity is included in your lot rent, I find comfortable settings with portable heaters on the...
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    Freshwater Tank keeps filling

    It could be the water pump.. but it could also be the 4-WAY VALVE in the UDC... like mine was. The valve gets a piece of dirt, grit, crapola, whatever you wanna call it, inside the valve body... and when you turn the valve it gets stuck between the ball and the seal. When it does, it gouges into...
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    What is this switch for 4214thg

    This unmarked switch is in the water/cable hookup cabinet. Does anyone know what it's for? Thanks. Edit: Great, it didn't upload the pic.... Sent from my SM-F926U using Tapatalk
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    Water Heater Troubleshooting & Repair Guide

    AUX switch? Where is that? My '21 dometic quit the other day, only it is lukewarm (98°) on BOTH Electric and LPG. The tank only gets to 112°.
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    Tiny styrofoam balls

    They suck at clean up. There was so much saw dust, debris, garbage, cutoff zip tie ends, etc. in the cabinetry, I had to get my shop vac in there. Sent from my SM-F926U using Tapatalk
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    shot gun

    Even older yet but... Texas is a constitutional carry state now. Castle Law extends to your vehicles here. Meaning, Carjacking/burglary while occupied is same as home invasion. Sent from my SM-F926U using Tapatalk
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    Using a lot of gas... is this normal?

    If you have the lippert One Control digital control monitor , you turn off the gas water heater with 1 toggle on the DEVICES screen and turn on elec water heat on/off toggle on the HOME screen. Sent from my SM-F926U using Tapatalk