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    flood/security light broken need replacement for 2014 Cycone.

    Howdy! Heartland finally called me back today. I spoke with the parts personal. They advised me the light is a Hawk Scare Light part # 81760. They advised the part had been discontinued and that I may be able to find one on the internet. I did a search and found the same thing most and everyone...
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    flood/security light broken need replacement for 2014 Cycone.

    Howdy! I have a 2014 Cyclone 4000 that one of the rear flood lights above the rear door is broken. I have tried to no avail the contact Heartland. They don’t answer the phone and they don’t return calls. Anyone know where I could purchase one of these replacement lights? I’ve pretty much given...
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    Fresh water tank over filling.

    Howdy! Thanks for the help. I installed a inline check valve today as advise. Water pump is working fine and no back flow now into the fresh water tank. I appreciate the advise. ” Happy Trails “ Chiefneon
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    Fresh water tank over filling.

    Howdy! We have a 2014 Cycone 4000 that we fulltime in. Recently drained the fresh water tank. After emptying the tank I noticed that I still had some water water coming out of the drain valve. I’ve looked at several previous post on this forum related to stuck check valves over filling the...
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    flatbed, is it a possibility

    Howdy! If your flatbed already has a goose neck ball you might want to consider a Reece Goose Box. I tow a Cyclone 4000 with a GooseBox now a a couple of years without problems. I like that I no longer have to deal with a 5er hitch and have a clean bed to use when wanted...
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    What service are you using for streaming YouTube & Netflix

    Howdy! We have three services as fulltimers. ATT, Verizon and Sprint/Tmoblie. All three are unlimite. The best deal now that we have is the Sprint unlimited hotspot which we get from FMCA which cost us $49.99 a month and it’s TrueType unlimited. We use between 500 to 700gbs a month stream on...
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    New Portable Pellet Smoker

    Howdy! I’ve got a Treager portable pellet smoker I purchased from Costco a few years ago that we carry. First I’ve heard of this one, let us know how it works out. ”Happy Trails” Chiefneon
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    Good Sam Roadside Service and Tow Company Vendors

    Howdy! I had Good Sam ERS years ago. I dropped them when they refused to pay for a tow sighting I had not contacted them for authorization. I was broke down in the Canadian Yukon no phone service for miles. A RMCP showed up and he even had to call on his radio for tow service. I told them I had...
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    Cyclone exterior crack

    Howdy! I would second and highly recommend going the Affinity RV Repair listed below. It was well worth the drive to Elkhart to their repair facility for them to do the work on our slide and delamition repair. If I had any serious problems I would use them even if I had to pay for it. “Happy...
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    Hitches are Heavy - How to Routinely Install/Remove????

    Howdy! I haven't seen anyone mention using a Reece GooseBox. When I purchased a new truck a couple of years ago I decided to make use of the gooseneck it came with.I replaced my 5er pin box with a 20,000lb Reece Goosebox. It is the only gooseneck option that does not void your warranty. The...
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    Wheel warranty

    Howdy! Diffently call Tredit. They replaced the rims on my last RV twice even though it was out of warranty. “Happy Trails” Chiefneon
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    Howdy! We had this problem occur before. I tried several types of traps even the DIY five gallon water bucket type. The best traps I’ve found that works are the ones below. I get them from Tractor Supply. You need to get them before they multiply and that doesn’t take long...
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    Views From Your Campsite

    Howdy! If I had to pick one of our favorites after thirteen years of fulltiming it would be La Scie, Newfoundland. “Happy Trails” Chiefneon
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    Portable airconditioner

    Howdy! We were in Florida a couple of years ago and our two AC’s could not keep up. I went to Sam Club and purchased a portable AC to help out and it did good cooling our unit down. You do have to vent to exhaust out and I used a window to do that. We moved every few weeks and the portable AC...
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    Low water pressure from Kitchen Sink

    Howdy! I had the same problem from the gitgo when we purchase our Cyclone. The dealership Camping World did little to fix the problem. I finally fix it myself by replacing the faucet for one a Lowe’s. “Happy Trails” Chiefneon
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    Howdy! We liked staying at Buffalo Crossing RV park in West Yellowstone. Near the West entrance to the park. Walking distance to most everything in te town of West Yellowstone. ” Happy Trails “ Chiefneon
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    Looking for 5th wheels 34-38 feet long

    Howdy! We are fulltiming in a Heartland Cyclone 44’. Like you if I was going to replace it now I would be looking at something under 40’ and closer to 38’. My number one choice would be ArticFox 5er by Northwood Manufacturing. “Happy Trails” Chiefneon
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    Reese goose box anyone

    Howdy! I purchased a new Chevrolet 3500 LTZ DRW 2L custom hauler last year. Decided to make use of the goose neck ball instead of using another 5er hitch. Purchased a 20,000 lb Reece Goose Box and installed it on our 2014 Cyclone 4000. We’re fulltimer’s and it has been a excellent hitch. Pull...
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    Will the warranty cover that

    Howdy! Heartland warranty’s don’t last long enough to worry about. “Happy Trails” Chiefneon
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    Pin box upgrades

    Howdy! I purchased a new truck a year ago a Chevrolet 3500 DRW LTZ 2L Custom Hauler. I decided not to go with the conventional 5er hitch this time. After much research I found that the Reece Goose Box was the only goose neck hitch approved by Lippert. I replaced the pin box on our 2014 Cycone...
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    Squeaky fire place

    Howdy! Our fireplace sounds like rocks rolling around in a can at times. Had it replaced under warranty and this one is doing the same thing. Of course we are out of warranty now but it still works. ” Happy Trails “ Chiefneon
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    No Kink Fresh Water Hose

    Howdy! I’ve even using Zero G hoses for a few years now and like it. Easy to handle in cool weather don’t know bout freezing weather. I use a heated hose if we stay in freezing temperatures for a extended period of time. You can find them at Lowe’s and Walmart...
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    Slide out makes bumping noise when I try to pull it in

    Howdy! We recently had problems with our bedroom slide out doing the same thing. We got beat up pretty bad last year on our trip to Alaska. We had this same slide worked on three time and never seemed to get it right. We had times we though we would not get it back in. We had Affinity RV Group...
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    replacement rear toy hauler flood lights.

    Howdy! I have a 2014 Cyclone 4000 that has the same problem. Guess I need to call Heartland regarding replacements. ” Happy Trails “ Chiefneon
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    Howdy! We just have some delamination repair done on our 2014 Cyclone 4000 in Goshen, IN at Affinity RV Group. They removed our bedroom slide and then cut out a large section near it. Repair the area and glassed it in and repainted. The cost was about $2500.00. They did a great job and would...
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    Full Body Paint pictures

    Howdy! We ordered our 2014 Cyclone 4000 with full body paint in blue. We found our that Heartland sends the RV out to be painted and then places the Cyclone decals on it over the paint. The main reason we ordered it with full body paint is not to have and decals. Buyer beware! ” Happy Trails...
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    Beginning the search for new RV

    Howdy! We used PPLMotorhome to sale our 5er and was very pleased with the process. We left the RV with them and it sold in a few weeks. The money was wire transferred into out account as we are fulltimers and had eft the state. I would use them again...
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    Leaf Spring Failure

    Howdy! If you have to replace one it is recommended to also replace the other one also at the same time. ” Happy Trails “ Chiefneon
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    What did you do to your camper today?

    Howdy! We’ve been in Goshen, IN at Affinity R Group having work done. We’ve had a bedroom slide issue ever since our trip to Alaska last year. We also have delamination problem on sidewall near that slide. Also head to Oman on Wednesday to find out why the generator want start. ” Happy Trails...
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    water pump 31QUBH

    Howdy! I just replaced the water pump on my Cyclone 4000. It would run but no water. I didn’t know until it was replaced that they put a inline fuse on the 12 vote side of the pump. It was not the problem but something to consider if it’s not working. ” Happy Trails “ Chiefneon
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    Full Body paint cost

    Howdy! This is very true. We ordered our Cyclone 4000 with full body paint and advised them when we ordered it was because we did not want to deal with decal pealing like on our previous 5er. Heartland sends there units out to be painted and then placed “Cyclone” decals over the full body...
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    Campsite Reservations as Full-Timers?

    Re: Reservations? Howdy! We have been fulltiming for over 12 years. We found that there are three times a year you need to make reservations Memorial Day, Fourth of July and Labor Day holidays. Arrive before the holiday starts and stay a few days after. But to add to that the last couple of...
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    Check Your Shore Connections

    Howdy! We are fulltimers also. Last year we had the same thing happen to us. We were in Moab and lost power. We could use the generator but no 50amp going into the 5er. Mobile RV repair replaced the transfer switch. A week later in Salt Lake City we lost power again. We found that when we lost...
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    Electric grills

    Howdy! We’e been using a Traeger PGT pellet smoker grill for the last couple of years and like it much better than the gas or other electric. Being from Texas we love smoked BBQ. I even smoked some salmon last year on our Alaska trip...
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    Generator will not stay running going down the road

    Howdy! I have a 2014 Cyclone 4000 and my generator has ran find until my last time to exercise it. Started find and then shutdown with the starter light blinking red on the inside. “Happy Trails” Chiefneon
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    Heading to Yellowstone

    Howdy! sorry but wen we left West Yellowstone last year we were headed to Alaska. We stopped in Cody on our return from Alaska. ” Happy Trails “ Chiefneon
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    Heading to Yellowstone

    Howdy! We stayed in Buffalo Crossing RV Park in West Yellowstone last year. Nice clean park and walking distance to most everything in the town of West Yellowstone. Very close to the parks entrance. You definitely need to call ahead for any reservations. We where able to book a week there but...
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    MORryde CRE 3000 issue

    Howdy! Is it just me are does it appear that the axle is bent also? ” Happy Trails “ Chiefneon
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    LED under-trailer lighting