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    Selling My 2016 5'ver

    Selling a camper becomes more intricate when a lien is involved. Opting to sell your camper with a lien through a dealership ensures the proper handling of ownership transfer and the assumption of lien debt.
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    City Water not running through Faucets

    A common cause of low water pressure when hooked up to city water may be the water source of the city to which you're connected. Consider using an external pressure regulator. This device can help protect your RV's plumbing system from high water pressure, which can lead to leaks and damage.
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    Holding Tank Sensor Alarm Question

    I used 4 in each of my 3 tanks. My factory sensors (30 years old) quit working. I ordered a monitor and it would not work with the sensors I had. I ordered a RecPro holding tank sensor and the installation was straightforward.
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    Roof Questions

    Camco's RV roof cleaner works amazingly. I applied two coats of protection, and now the roof is too slippery for me to walk on safely. great job. Also, I love how the product protects the roof from UV rays that can cause a lot of damage. For me, this aspect is great as I have a hard time finding...
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    Sanitizing the fresh water tank and system

    Using bleach to disinfect water tanks is not new to every RV, but how much bleach is needed to disinfect an RV water tank. We need to know the exact amount to kill pathogens and keep them at a safe level. In general, we will need one cup of bleach for every 50 gallons of water. Therefore, if...
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    Dometic Thermostat

    I purchased an RV thermostat from Dometic when the factory one in my RV started going out. It replaced my old one perfectly and has been functioning very well for a month now. I love that this thermostat connects to both the air conditioner and the furnace. As you probably know, some models only...
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    Need Dehumidifier?

    I have used the RV dehumidifier Pro Breeze in my 2002 Riatla QD. My motorhome is about 1000 cubic feet. This winter was very wet and the interior was showing signs of mold on some interior surfaces. I am well aware of the damage mold and mildew can do to motorhome interiors. I use two small...
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    Electric tongue jack -- will this fit my trailer?

    I purchased this Quick Products JQ-3500W Electric Tongue Jack for my 34ft car hauler and it works great. I love its rather extensive 3,650-pound loading capacity. This feature could handle lifting my 6,000-pound trailer with relative ease. It has some features such as manual crank override, a...
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    2019 - Goshen Rally - RV Wash

    I'm pleased with this Gel-Gloss RV Wash and Wax. This product worked great without having to scrub, be it dirt, black streaks, or green algae. Simply suds on and rinse off, this product put a nice shine on my RV which had not been washed in a year, removed almost all of the bug splatter on the...
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    TV not playing through JBL sound system

    I'm very happy with this iRV Technology iRV34 Wall Mount RV Stereo: Installation was easy, no surprises and the unit works as expected. Wiring diagram on the unit and in the manual easy to follow, equipped with an HDMI input, simple to install and connect with several devices through Bluetooth,...
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    Slide out issues

    There are some steps to remove your slide out. Most sliding mechanisms are motorized and located below the main slide. Use pear and let open the cover extend to the maximum point. Use the block of wood and interceptor to support the width of slide. When the slide is maximized, release the slide...
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    Slide out cable replacement.

    There are some steps to remove your slide out. Most sliding mechanisms are motorized and located below the main slide. Use pear and let open the cover extend to the maximum point. Use the block of wood and interceptor to support the width of slide. When the slide is maximized, release the slide...
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    Outdoor Speakers BH 3670

    I used KING RVM1000 RV Outdoor Speaker. For under $50 this thing is great. I replaced my porch light with and LED fixture and it literally went on the blink. Then came this. Install was easy and it’s super bright. The sounds is great and it’s all less than $50. My only complaint is I can’t turn...
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    Watch DVD in bedroom

    I needed an HDTV for the bedroom and I looked for the cheapest 32" I could find since I didn't watch it too often. I expected a decent TV but what a surprise to find the picture as good if not better than my 2 LGs.
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    Rv gps

    I have just bought Garmin 760LMT Portable GPS Navigator. Fantastic. We traveled all across Canada, and all across the US, and this really helped our journey. I really like the voice command feature, and the way it finds the nearest gas station. Only issue (for me) is that I have not yet figrued...
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    Awning LED light retrofit

    I replaced all of the lights in my "vintage" RV with Leisure RV LED Light. I had already replaced the bulbs in the original fixtures with LED panels but the light output was not great. These. Are. Awesome. Very bright and since they were designed as LED fixtures the light dispersion is much...
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    Failed screws on exterior ladder

    I use Ohuhu Telescopic Extension Ladder .A sturdy ladder like this one from Ohuhu provided a safe way for me to do all my chores in hard-to-reach areas, particularly on my camper van. It can help me washing my roof and repairs something in that. It really convenient for me!
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    Recliner chair

    I have just bought a Best Choice Products Zero Gravity Lounge Recliner Chair. And I feel that it's quite good. It is sturdy, portable, easy to clean, and with headrest. Each chair has a cup holder tray, which is good for long nights of relaxation with a loved one.
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    Different Question: Slideout Toppers with an Awning issue.

    I ordered a 13' awning. I wrote my measurements wrong for my box width. I wrote down 151 3/4 and it should have been 152 3/4. Will the 13' work?
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    Adding a dishwasher

    We purchased this Farberware Portable Dishwasher for our city apartment, which does not have a built-in dishwasher. It's a fantastic sleek countertop dishwasher that doesn't need a sink connection, which I've never seen before. It does offer the option of hooking up if desired. Simply plug it...
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    Portable Grill - Barbecue Recommendations Please

    I use Weber 50060001 Q1000 Liquid Propane Grill. For me, that just isn’t going to work and makes this grill a no-buy in my eyes. But if you only intend on using the grill on only special occasions, I could see how this product would be a worthwhile purchase for this type of customer.
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    Morryde vs Lippert Entry Steps

    We have a 2000 31' Sunnybrook 5th wheel. Will these steps work on a rig that old? Also, do the steps fold up and swing up inside the door opening? I found information here but I am not sure
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    Rotting floor maybe?

    Excuse me, my floor has an uneven surface plane in some areas that is unable to be leveled. Would CO-Z Vinyl Floor Planks Adhesive Floor Tiles work in such conditions?
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    I think when using RV refrigerators, a problem you may encounter is that they do not get enough air circulation inside. This seemingly minor issue could result in the cold air dropping to the bottom, causing food on the upper shelves to spoil more quickly than those at the bottom. So we will...
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    Hard to find a good sofa replacement

    I have replaced the sofa in the rv with this comfortable sofa bed. An RV sofa bed saves space within your rig. You can either sit or sleep on these wonderful products; therefore, you won’t have to buy a secondary air mattress for when guests stay the night. That's great!
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    Slide maintenance - AccuSlide lube for the tracks?

    Got an RV? How about anything around the house that needs a quick lube without gumming up and attracting dirt and lint? I purchased and use Camco Slide-Out Lube on my RV slide at the direction of my mechanic, who also loves it. I soon found that it worked so well I should try it elsewhere, so I...
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    Need suggestions for a more comfortable mattress!

    Beside a comfortable mattress, I think you need a good sheet. The right set of sheets could be the key to unlocking a perfect night of sleep. This reason is why it’s such a necessary step to invest some time in thinking about what kind of sheets you’d find most comfortable.
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    Bedroom Vent Fan

    I have a vent fan is installed on the roof of the RV. It will draw out the air and moisture from inside the vehicle outside. It keeps the air inside the RV fresh and prevents it from getting stale and heavy. It is also great for drawing out the kitchen smells and humidity along with the range...
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    Wilderness RV Mattress

    If there’s no sizing chart, how am I supposed to tell which mattress to get?
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    Humidity Problem

    I live in an a pretty small apartment in the southern US where it gets VERY humid during the summer months. I decided to try out this Hysure Portable Mini Dehumidifier just to help maintain a cool, dry space in my bedroom. I’ve used it for about a month now and so far so good! Although it’s...
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    Black streaks

    We tried washing our rv when we get to those nasty black streaks we could never find anything to get rid of them until now. Bio-Kleen M00509 Black Streak Remover is so easy to use and is so amazing how it takes those black streaks right off with out even scrubbing We put some in a spray bottle...
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    Awning replacement

    I have a new travel trailer, parked outside at storage facility. I'm looking for covered storage. Says it was built 12/16. Suspect it has been outside it's whole life. We have had it a few months and it was starting to develop black streaks. I found some good product in here...
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    Wood Stains

    I think you can use paint for rv to refresh it. I refinished a table and chair set for my son and his new wife in last Christmas. The Beyond Paint system was perfect! I used the light gray, did a small stencil and reupholstered the seats...
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    Roof ripped away from front cap of 5th wheel

    The Dicor 501LSW Self-Leveling Lap Sealant is probably good for you. This stuff is great for sealing your RV's roof seams and penetrations. It sticks like crazy and flows into all the nooks and crannies. Beware: If you get it on yourself you have to mechanically remove it, if you get it on your...
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    Tank vent covers

    I use Fan-Tastic Vent 801200 3-Speed RV Roof Vent. This thing completely changes my RV! It can suck all the stale air out in just a few minutes. I paired mine with a couple of solar panels and just leave it on all day long. It only draws 18 watts on low, 26 watts on medium and a little over 30...
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    air conditioning

    I am using Dometic Brisk II Rooftop Air Conditioner and I have a problem. Can I install a regular household thremostat anlog or digital to work with this unit. i.e. honeywell or nest?