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    Flex Armor roof cost

    Shop 1 is near Boston (just got their estimate 8400) Shop 2 is near York, PA, (8200)
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    Flex Armor roof cost

    I've got 2 places according to their website to go to and each is approx 5-6 hr drive 1 way. 1 place I'd have to pay tolls, the other no. LOL. Coach was built in '17 as a '18 model so going on 7 years old if you will. Yes we look at new RV's but then come back to ours and say, it's not too bad...
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    Flex Armor roof cost

    Just wondering if $8200.00 sounds about right for this type of roof redo? 41' 5er. 3 day job at their shop or affiliate.
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    2023 Cyclone 3714 king mattress size

    Obvious boo-boo from factory and should've been caught upon p/u/PDI. If you did catch it there, then the dealer should be on the horn w/ HL.
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    Quality of traveler

    In Heartlands line of top to bottom: Landmark, Big Horn, Big Country. The Traveller is sub line (lower food chain) for the Big Horn. IMO, the Big Country is above the Traveller. I very well could be wrong, but we've been very happy w/ our '18 Big Country. We came from a '06 Silverback which we...
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    Not being a naysayer, but based on all what was written, why did this unit get purchased in the 1st place if all these items were wrong? Was told many years ago that don't buy something that isn't to your liking and say "we'll make it work" but rather get something that fits the bill 100%.
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    2021 Landmark Tuscon 365 TV problems

    FWIW, the 2 tv's in our BC are Furrion branded. LR scans fast, but picture is a tad snowy. BR scans slow but is crystal clear. Like Dans above, we too have 2 separate connection.
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    winterize 5th wheel when NOT using it for 9 months

    Another option too is to place charcoal briquettes onto/in alum pans and place in a couple spots in coach w/ things closed up to aid in moisture absorption. I do this as too much dust gets kicked up by owner of storage place , so keeping vents open isn't a option.
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    Good morning and howdy howdy, Sorry it's been awhile since I posted this. Things haven't been not so hot around here as my mother passed away recently and all sorts of other stuff going on So my old dealer said it doesn't look to be delaminating. More so, probly the glue in that 1 spot for...
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    Slideout roof beginning to sag 2012 Big Country

    Is it a 2021 or 2012? You mentioned both.
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    Bob....getting out of RVing??

    BigBob, See your post on selling your BC and wondering if your getting out of RVing or going to something else? We have same coach and love it even tho we looked at some super class C's and a cple toy haulers while at the Hershey show last month. NYSUPstater
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    Hope everyone was okay......

    Had a pick up in Nichols NY at the Lounsberry exit off 17/86 west of Binghamton this afternoon. Upon getting back onto 17/86, I see a whole bunch of emergency vehicles on shoulder of the road lil ways past the on ramp. Once on top of things, saw what looked like a SUV of some type and a TT both...
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    Growing gap on left front 2017 Bighorn 3875 FB what can I do to have this repaired?the strap on the lower side of the primary frame is pulling away

    Just a suggestion but maybe not the best one, but put several screws thru it to pull it back to the frame.
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    Would you tow this with a 1 ton short box SRW?

    On a typing roll this morning. So my question is: would you tow a 43' 5er total GVW 16,600, advertised pin of 2880, UVW 14,900 w/ a 2024 GM 1 ton SRW, 4x4, CC, Short box, 6.6 gas? My thinking is it's probly within the tow ratings albeit the max side of them BUT it would seem like the tail...
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    Just for laughs

    The other day I had a new GMC HD passing me that had the outer "C" LED daytime lights. Granted 1 "C" was reverse, but a "C" nonetheless. Anyways as I was looking at it all the while it was passing me got me to laughing as it sorta resembled the "Chester" character for Cheetos smiling.
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    Morryde Latch Extensions

    I was about to post that we just bought the very same thing last week at the Hershey show and a question on mounting it. So upon seeing this, I have 2 questions: A. What did you use for sealant on the 3 holes you need to drill as the kit doesn't come w/anything in that regards?? B. How are...
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    No Big Country's at Hershey RV Show

    In the HL section at this years show, there wasn't any BC's there. BH, BH Traveller and Cyclones and others, but no BC's. Shoot wasn't even Wilkens running the HL section. Hope someone from HL sees this and can answer as to why. I did speak to a tech from Wilkens and when I asked why they don't...
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    Frameless window piano hinge

    I 2nd above post as I know a friend of ours had a local glass place repair/replace a broken glass section on their BH. However, I don't know what exactly the shop did. Seems odd that you have to replace the whole kit-n-kabutal.
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    Frameless window piano hinge

    Call HL w/ last 6 of VIN as they should be able to assist you.
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    Rubber rain seal on corners

    I did exactly what rhodies1 said as ours was comping apart (coach made in April '17). Took some doing but the real PITA was on underside of 5er. But once apart and re-done, just sealed it up again w/ some RV sealant I had and and all seems to be good for now. Have lots on hand in garage now.
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    Bathroom sink drain

    The stock sink in our '18 BC bathroom, the drain plug(?) is barely open. I looked underneath but really don't see much in way of adjustment to have to it sit higher (more open) in base of sink. Any suggestions?
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    Musty odor in bathroom

    It's been a year since I last posted on this topic, but sadly, still have the same odor and it's driving me nuts as to the source of it. Seems to happen only when the shower is used.
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    Power Recliners

    Time to ban the Grandkids then! LOL
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    Wall bowing out when sun hits it

    Our '18 BC does the same thing on rear section. Heard it was because it's not a supporting section(???). We do however have a bubble above basement door which I have no clue as to what it is. Coach is at our old RV dealer for lil bit due to our driveway getting re=sealed and I asked them to to...
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    campground power

    Most CG's have 30amp, so your fine. However, you may encounter loose outlets cuz most RV's are 30 amp so that plug gets used a lot,
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    Where are all the Landmarks, Big Horns and Big Country's??

    The wife and I have gone about in many ideas as to what we want to do. Our BC is paid off, truck should be next spring, I plan on retiring in '28, she a couple years after that. So we've said: "Do we want to continue to live in NY, Go with a smaller 5er, Go to a toy hauler (more room for when...
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    While sitting by campfire the other night, looked back towards the RV and saw what I thought was a "bulge or bubble" above the right side basement door on our '18 BC 3560SS. It's near the top right corner. Pressing on it, it's as hard as a rock, yet it still remains. Don't see where or how any...
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    2022 3560ss BC

    We have the '18 version of the 3560SS w/ slide-n-slide bed and knock on wood no issue yet. Do want to convert from the Schwintek to the Vroom system tho. No tilting bed in ours so no problem w/ bed hitting the fireplace. Don't have a res fridge and no ice maker, so cannot comment on that one...
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    Strange GM observation

    GM has had their new multi tailgate out for what a couple years now? Funny thing is, I would have to say that prit near 99.9% of them I've seen have been on GMC's !! Would be hard pressed for me to recall the last time I saw one on a Chevy. Others see the same thing?
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    Where are all the Landmarks, Big Horns and Big Country's??

    Well the Montana crowd must be reading this as I've seen quite a few of them within the past week. Def more of them than the HL brands I spoke of tho I have seen a couple bit nothing earth shattering. GD is still leading the bunch.
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    New water pump, water still going into fresh tank while in "City" position

    My bad. I did replace the plastic one w/ the new brass one and so far so good.
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    Where are all the Landmarks, Big Horns and Big Country's??

    Guess it costs a little more to go 1st class!!. At least that's what by best friends husband says. Guess probly the same can be said about Redwood, Mobile Suites as well by not seeing a lot of them
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    Where are all the Landmarks, Big Horns and Big Country's??

    Would like to also add that the dealers for the 3 mentioned are few/far between nowadays and seems like CW has picked up a couple lines in place of say Wilkens or Meyers RV dealers. Wonder why?? Again here in NY anyways.
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    3560SS listed in model line.....shows no 2nd BR slide

    Glancing thru BC's model line, I see that the 3560SS is shown, but doesn't show the bed slide within the slide. Typo? We have a '18 3560SS and love it and along that line it's too bad that HL couldn't offer same kind of slide within a slide in BR area with overall length of around 35'-36' so as...
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    Where are all the Landmarks, Big Horns and Big Country's??

    Have other owners of these brands noticed the same thing in the course of your travels either while camping or everyday travels? I think I can count on 1 hand how many of these I've seen in total so far this year and sadly it's ONLY been a couple other BC's! By and large the most popular ones...
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    AC wont cool down the unit

    Just want to ask as I see the application seems pretty straight forward on the flat part of the roof. But what do you do where the roof comes over the edge to gutter? Also, for OP, may want to consider too adding some kind of reflective material to inside of windows to keep sun/heat out. On...
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    2013 Cyclone Gelcoat ?

    Gonna suggest the same thing