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    2750RL Television location

    The television in the 2750RL is to small for viewing from the RL area. It would be possible to move the sofa and the dinette closer toward the rear of the slide out and leave room to put a hidden unit on a lift module between the dinette and front wall of the slide out. This would readily give...
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    Where to stay in New Orleans for attending 2019 RV Show?

    Jim and Short Straw. Thanks for the answer. We will be going for both reasons. The attending of the RV Show at the Pontchartrain Center in Kenner is primary but we thought NOLA might be a good place to camp away from No Arkansas. The show is Feb 22 - 24 with a couple of extra days thrown in...
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    Where to stay in New Orleans for attending 2019 RV Show?

    We are making plans for the trip south last week of Feb 2019. Are there any recommendations on campgrounds and RV Parks in and around NOLA for that time of year. ED and MARY STEPHENS 2015 Wilderness TT
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    Odd Electrical issue - converter knocks outs 110 & 12 Volt system

    Odd electrical issue is one I just faced with my Wilderness 2750RL. SN#5SFNB3025FE291932. the problem came from the Shore Cable receptacle. One of the wire connectors inside the box had broken and was giving an intermittent problem. It required a replacement of the receptacle. Ed And Mary Stephens