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    2015 big country 3650rl pre wiring for backup camera

    We have the same year and model and I've never found anything resembling backup camera wiring in ours. As for schematics, I honestly don't think they wire any of them the same way twice.
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    Mortgage loan on an RV

    The loan on our RV is written as a mortgage loan. At the time of purchase, we were full-timers, thus the RV was our "home". In particular, Alliant Credit Union wrote the loan. Since it is a mortgage, they did require a separate escrow for the cost of one year's insurance on the rig. That just...
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    Auto leveling issues

    If you are on a site that runs downhill towards the back of the rig, the first step of auto level, lowering the rig in the front, will stop the whole process if the jacks bottom out. (Found that out from a couple way off level sites). If that is the case, then what you are doing (manually...
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    What is your choice of tow truck tires?

    The four Michelin LTX M/S tires on the rear duals of my F-350 currently have 73,000 miles on them. Based on tread depth, I'll probably end up with around 80K when I replace them. The matching fronts probably would have made it the same distance, but they wore on the outside corners too much to...
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    New Portable Pellet Smoker

    We were walking through Costco yesterday and ran across a display of several models of Louisiana Grills pellet smokers. Of special note was a very nicely constructed portable unit. It is apparently (maybe?) a Costco exclusive model, as it isn't listed on the Louisiana Grills website, but you can...
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    OEM P275/60R2 Good enough for short trips?

    All the Michelin tires I found on tire rack in that size (you left off a zero, by the way, it's P275/60R20) have the same load rating as the Wranglers that are on it now. They show 3 tires in Load Range E (3200-3400 lb.): Cooper Discoverer AT3 XLT Yokohama Geolander A/T G015 Firestone...
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    Lifestyle Modification

    We're kinda a step ahead of you. We bought the park model next door to our RV pad here in Florida and moved into it. We're keeping the Big Country for now, but ultimately want to downsize it for shorter trips here and there. When we looked at having a park model put on our RV lot, I was...
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    Question on Selling an RV

    If you decide to sell through PPL, shoot me a PM so I can give you a few details on how our sale went - mainly a couple things to watch for.
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    Auburn and Montgomery AL

    Fort Toulouse in Wetumpka, AL is just north of Montgomery. Quiet, beautiful and lots of history. Plenty of room for the kids to roam around safely. Around $20 a night, 50 amp and water. Dump station on the way out. It’s a Corp of Engineers campground leased by the state.
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    Further to Purchaser Outside State

    Sounds like a similar situation to one we had when we put a trailer on a consignment dealer's lot. Our regular RV insurer (Good Sam via National General) said they couldn't insure it on a lot like that. We ended up having to shop around for a special insurance rider on consigned RVs. We found a...
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    Tires for tow vehicle

    Another vote for the Michelin Defenders. We put a set on our DRW F-350 a couple years ago. They currently still have good tread life remaining (probably about 30-40%) with about 53,000 miles on them.
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    Running furnace with slides in

    The OP's floorplan has a mid-bunk, which I'm assuming is being referred to as the "apartment" and that the return air vent for the basement/furnace area is in that room. Even with the slide closed, I'm assuming that there are still enough gaps to allow air to flow from that room to the...
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    New offerings - RV Toll Pass

    In the northeast US, roughly east of the Mississippi and north of Georgia (17 states, I believe). Does not work in GA/FL or west of the Mississippi.
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    Lost one leg of 50 amp but came back on

    I didn't have any power drop-outs, but check out my thread. You'll probably find something similar when you replace your trailer-side power connector:
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    New offerings - RV Toll Pass

    DISCLAIMER: I'm an employee of the company (TransCore) providing the equipment for this venture. The actual RV Toll Pass implementation is run by an independent company (BestPass). BestPass has been providing a similar solution for the trucking industry for some time now and this pass, more or...
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    Hope they did not have too much damage

    We passed a fifth wheel on the side of the road this summer. Roadside assistance was helping them change a blowout. It was just short of a rest area where we got off and ate lunch. Driving down the road about 30 minutes later, same RV passes us probably doing 75-80. Pretty big chunk of j-wrap...
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    2017 F350- Anyone chipping these beasts?

    Banks makes their Derringer unit for 2017-2019 Ford 6.7s with factory emissions still in place. I've seen some positive comments on truck forums regarding the unit. Can't attest to how well it works myself. Running stock. Note that my 2013 F350 6.7, stock, 3.73 gears pulled our 15,500 lb. Big...
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    Adding a dishwasher

    Here's a link to the one we installed in our Big Country. Highly recommended unit for not a lot of money.
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    What did you do to your camper today?

    Keep a good eye on those wheels. Do you have a tire pressure monitoring system? We had three different ones (same exact style) crack on the inside portion of the rim and let the air out overnight (fortunately all when stopped). I found those by getting a low pressure alert when performing my...
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    2011 Big Country 3650RL light switch

    Our 2013 and 2015 Big Countrys both had/have the scare lights controlled by the Lippert remote.
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    Best time to purchase?

    This is one of the biggest takeaways, especially for a new RV buyer. Understand that the service manager at the dealership you buy from has no vested interest in your business once you've signed the paperwork on your new RV. Service managers at other RV dealerships even less so (many dealerships...
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    Sailun tire pressure

    Most folks are probably discussing the G-rated 16" Sailuns - rated at 110 PSI max. If you have 17.5's, you have H-rated, which would be rated to 125 psi max.
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    Stain color

    Pull the smallest drawer you have and take it to Lowe's or Home Depot to match up with their samples. That's what we did.
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    Frigidaire touch screen

    Google the part number for the display. I pretty easily found several available on Ebay from $50 to $119.
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    Toilet install

    I put a shutoff and a couple 90's in my line when we switched to the 320. The cutoff is very handy when servicing the toilet seal.
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    2019 torque t32 towing problems with porpoising

    Per fuel mileage, we pull our 15.5K Big Country fifth wheel with a F-350 DRW and MPG averages about 9 MPG on good, level ground, no wind. Worst I've seen climbing through the Rockies with a stiff head-wind was 6.5. Best was 10.3 with a tail-wind. Also, I have a 3.73:1 rear axle ratio. You might...
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    Sailun tire pressure

    Just copied and pasted, since we have the same trailer and ran the tires at the same (cold) pressure.
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    Going through brakes - maybe even a world record

    Understood. Same here. Our first truck had an aftermarket trailer brake controller. I could often feel the brakes on the trailer being applied, especially at lower speeds. With our 2013 Ford and now with our 2016, I don't get that feeling at any speed. However, it is obvious that it is not just...
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    Going through brakes - maybe even a world record

    Definitely sounds like trailer brake adjustments/check. We do a pull test every hitch-up with our Big Country (15.5K weight) on the back of our 2016 F350 (DRW). Our trailer brakes will prevent/arrest forward motion (typically) during that test. I run our built-in brake controller at 9.5. At...
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    Ram 3500 Batteries

    This is the first truck we've had long enough for the batteries to fail (at least knowing when they were last replaced). We also spend a lot of time in Florida, and most everyone nods their head and says "they all do that here in Florida heat" when I mention it.
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    Ram 3500 Batteries

    2016 Ford F-350 and our factory batteries lasted about 3 years.
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    Yet Another hydraulic slide query. (fluid leak)

    It's been my experience that the adhesive starts drying out and the tape starts fraying after a couple years underneath the trailer. However, keeping an eye on the tape as one would with various other sealants and joints on the RV and replacing as necessary should suffice.
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    Yet Another hydraulic slide query. (fluid leak)

    On my phone and can’t get a link to work. On Amazon it is called “Flex Mend Belly Paper Tape”.
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    Yet Another hydraulic slide query. (fluid leak)

    I fixed a hydraulic leak on one of our slide pistons by replacing the fitting. It was a decently simple fix once found. The problem was that we didn't find it until 2+ quarts of hydraulic fluid (auto trans fluid) had leaked out into the underbelly. Let's just say that the fluid and the...
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    Replace corrugated chassis skin

    Pretty sure that's about what I paid for ours a couple years ago. We bought 22 or 24 feet and I remember it being around $225. We picked it up on the way through, so no shipping charges. I've heard that shipping would run more than the price of the coroplast itself. Not surprising considering...
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    Replace corrugated chassis skin

    Curled it up and slid it through, then uncurled it. Cutting around the various suspension mounting points proved to be the most time-consuming part. Actually, getting the hard LP gas line loose from the frame so I could get the coroplast under it on the off-door side was probably the most difficult.
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    Missing keys on brand new Big Country

    When we bought our first Big Country, the pass-through storage keys were missing. When I mentioned it to the technician doing our walk-through, he ran off to the shop and came back with two big key rings full of little keys. He tried a key from each ring and handed me a couple of the correct...
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    Replace corrugated chassis skin

    One tip to prevent broken bolts is to use an impact drill instead of a normal drill (or hand tools). I replaced the entire length of my coroplast (the 22 feet behind the drop frame) a year or so ago and didn't break a single bolt removing or replacing them. It was definitely a two person job...
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    Residential Refrigerator

    I'm no refrigeration expert, but if the freezer section works great (I'm assuming it gets down near 0 degrees) but the refrigerator won't cool down fully, then there is something else going on. If it needed more ventilation to work correctly, I would think the freezer would not get very cold...
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    TorkLift Glowstep

    If the username is Torklift and/or the person who contacted you is named Kerstin, then it's legit. They've reached out to several on here and on other forums with the same offer.