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    When to replace trailer tires?

    I like Carlisle trail HD. Have used on my last two TT.
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    When to replace trailer tires?

    2417 stands for the 24th week of 2017. The first number is weeks of the year.
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    Towing RV with a Ford Ranger

    Don't use overdrive. That will cause the overheating. I have a Ram 1500. There is a button I push called tow and haul. It takes away 8th gear. Other wise your transmission is constantly shifting back and forth.
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    LED awning lights

    Yes put the remote very close and nothing.
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    What size ball on hitch on 24BHS?

    Its tells you right on the tongue what size ball, just behind the latch. Mine is 2 5/16
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    Our first North Trail

    It lights up the stairs at night
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    Propane cover 20 or 30 lb?

    If the tank cover is almost touching the tanks it's a 20#. 30# cover is about 5" taller than 20# tanks.
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    Light switch mystery

    That turns on the light under your stairs. Go out in the dark and turn it on. Light up the stairs at night.
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    Electric tongue jack -- will this fit my trailer?

    That jack will work. Bought the same jack 6 years ago. If you look at the chrome plate on the bottom of the leg you will see the pin. You pull the pin and that leg drops another 6- 8 inch's. A hole about every inch to repin. That give the extra length when you need it.
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    Battery Charger Location on a Northtrail

    We have a 2019 NT 22FBS. Ours is mounted under the queen bed. Ours is a dolor charger. Have two panels on the roof putting out 500 watts.
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    Does anyone have any experience/suggestion on a good Generator?

    We have a North Trail 22FBS. I have a Champion 3500 inverter generator. It's quiet and runs the ac, microwave no problem. The best priced out there is the Predator 3500 at Harbor freight. Over 6000 reviews 98.2 rating
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    LED awning lights

    We also have a 2019 North Trail. I changed the battery in the remote and still can't get it to do anything. I turn on the switch inside. It comes on, but I can't get it to change colors or anything? Is the correct battery a 2025
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    Heartland Travel Trailers - Reviews and Opinions

    We recently bought a 2019 North Trail 22FBS. The trailer is awesome. Huge kitchen area and more storage and closet space then we need. Me and my wife are retired, living in Phoenix. Though the trailer is suppose to be 22' it's 29 1/2 ft long. Floor plan is the most important thing over how long...
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    Why aren’t North Trails more popular???

    We just recently bought a 2019 NT 22FBS. Loved the floorplan and storage. The trailer is amazing. You just don't see a lot of heartland trailers out west. We are in Phoenix. I have seen another NT in someone's back yard about 3 miles away. Around the block from us there's a Mallard. Other than...
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    Inverter Question

    We just bought a 2019 North Trail 22FBS. It has a 1200 watt inverter under the queen bed. The people we bought it from were in banking. Its hooked to the 12v battery. It powered there computers and we were told it would work the tv. I have 2 solar panels on the roof putting out 500 watts of...
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    Mallard m335. How do you turn on these LED lights?

    Front compartment net to interior light switch. There is a switch to turn on.