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    2021 Torque T333 slide out

    Oh, that’s a drag! Keep looking because there are some amazing dealerships. A good place to get references is at your campground.
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    2021 Torque T333 slide out

    We are hoping the third time is a charm. The only upside for us is the knowledgeable and fair service manager that handles our repairs. Without him we would have been in a terrible spot. Unsure how to proceed.
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    2021 Torque T333 slide out

    There is an over ride button under the cushion in the kitchen bench seat on our T333.
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    2021 Torque T333 slide out

    We too have had the slide repaired three times. Heartland is being stubborn about covering repairs. Have you heard about the Magnuson Moss? It’s a federal lemon law for Rv’s. Since many Torque T333 have the same issue that even after multiple repairs the slide is still not correct, we may be...
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    Cleaning porch doors on toy hauler

    How do you clean the fabric doors that roll up on a toy hauler? Thanks
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    Removable carpet cleaning

    Just wondering how to clean the carpet in the garage. The rug is easily removed but I was unsure if I could spray it with a hose or if there is a better way to clean it. Thanks