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    New guy with tire questions

    Unless something changed my 2013 Sundance has 16 in wheels. I went with BFG Commercial TAs in LTs. Have about 9000 miles with no problems and no noticeable wear. By the way BFGroodrich is owned by Michelin.
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    towmax tires

    X2 when I replaced mine just shortly after delivery I replaced the spare also.
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    Towing bighorn 3570 2015 F350 6.5 box

    According to the 2015 sales brochure the short bed Chevy and Ford are the same, don't know about Dodge.
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    Towing bighorn 3570 2015 F350 6.5 box

    I don't know the exact answer but. I have a 6.5 box and Patriot hitch pulling my Sundance which list a 88 degree turn radius. To date, 2 years, I have not had any problems. Even backing into my driveway which requires a 90 degree turn, just ease in slowly while not reaching a full 90 degrees...
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    2010 sundance side to side movement

    JT Strongarms, me too. They work.
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    Is It Worth It??

    I think one of the previous post is absolutely correct. The few people who have problems are very out spoken. There are literally thousands of us, like me, who have had almost no problems. The 2 small issues I had were taken care by me in a matter of minutes.
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    New Heartland owner - Florida

    Welcome from Iowa. Just returned home from 2 months in Florida.
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    EVENT: Heartland Chapter Rally: LA, Kinder - 3/20/2015 to 3/22/2015

    Just a short explanation on our situation. Three years ago our granddaughter was born 3 months premature and 2 pounds. Now she is healthy happy normal 3 year old. Gina is now expecting again and having similar problems and restricted to bed rest hoping to delay birth as long as possible, due in...
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    EVENT: Heartland Chapter Rally: LA, Kinder - 3/20/2015 to 3/22/2015

    Andy, regretfully today we had to call and cancel our reservation. We need to leave Florida for Iowa because of a family situation. Hope you have great weather and know you will have a great time. Thanks, Bob and Pat Wood
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    New Owners

    Welcome from Iowa.
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    New Lippert Ground Control 3.0

    This system is currently advertised by Camping World as aftermarket kit.
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    EVENT: Heartland Chapter Rally: LA, Kinder - 3/20/2015 to 3/22/2015

    Put us down for the tour and a xl shirt for each. Thanks
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    Super springs or air bags

    X2 ease of adjustment
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    New owner and member

    Welcome from Iowa. When you get it just go out and travel and of course be safe.
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    2014 Sundance 3600 QB Questions?? New to campers!!!

    That's great. Enjoy and travel safely. Maybe we will cross paths someday.
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    Heartland Eyeing Widespread Growth For 2015

    Jim, Very interesting and thanks for sharing. See you in Kinder. Bob
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    2014 Sundance 3600 QB Questions?? New to campers!!!

    We had a Jayco, forget the model, but was about the same lenght as our Sundance. The Jayco, as Cookie said, had a lower gvw but the balance was terrible. The pin weight was about 31% of the trailer weight. After 2 months we traded for our Sundance and haven't been happier. We have about 21% pin...
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    New member and Sundance owner

    Welcome from Iowa. We love our Sundance but also had several cosmetic issues that were corrected by our dealer. Also swapped out the Towmax tires before we had a problem. Went with BFG Goodrich Commercial TAs. I see you went to Panama City Beach, we will be arriving there in 2 weeks and staying...
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    Bike rack

    I have the clamp on one from Camping World. It is the 2in receiver type and works great for our 2 bikes.
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    Diesel lower than Gas

    $2.79 today in Cedar Falls, Iowa
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    EVENT: Heartland Chapter Rally: LA, Kinder - 3/20/2015 to 3/22/2015

    Andy, did you get the pm I sent you about the problems I encountered when registering. Bob
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    Good Sam Travel Assist

    Not sure where to post this but put it here. Getting to the ages where we never know what could happen health wise I have been reading about the titled program. It certainly sounds good but was wondering what others think. Does anyone have any experience using it? Thanks
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    EVENT: Heartland Chapter Rally: LA, Kinder - 3/20/2015 to 3/22/2015

    Reservation is made arrive 18th leave the 23rd. Looking to seeing old friends and meeting new. Bob and Pat
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    Another TowMax victim reporting in....

    I guess I really lucked out. My tire dealer gave me $300 for my 5 towmax, 4 with about 1500 miles, 1 new. Being in rural Iowa he said he could sell them to some farmers.
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    shot gun

    Long guns are usually treated much different than hands guns. As Cookie said don't put a sign in the window saying gun on board. Just keep it somewhere handy and hidden.
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    A Look Inside Kentucky Truck - Super Duty assembly line

    Fantastic. Thanks for sharing this.
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    Pickup Choices

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    " It's OK to wish me a Merry Christmas"

    Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    King to Queen bed modification

    X2 wouldn't be without the king
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    At the pearly gate

    Bernie, that's great!!!
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    New to RV'ING. Jumping in full time

    Welcome from Iowa. Enjoy the journey.
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    I'm new here - with today's purchase (BC 3650RL)

    Re: New here with todays purchase Congrats and welcome from Iowa.
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    Joke - Gun ControlGun Control

    Good one!!!!!!!!
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    Happy Thanksgiving

    Happy thanksgiving Happy Thanksgiving from Iowa. Here's hoping everyone has a fantastic day and eats too much. Bob and Pat
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    Gravity flow auxiliary fuel tank question

    Yes I checked all connections, factory cap and check valve in the T. Not leaks anywhere. As has been said, and my initial thoughts, the pressure was forcing out of the factory tank overflow on the top. Just went out and checked since I closed the auxiliary valve and has stopped dripping. Bob
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    Gravity flow auxiliary fuel tank question

    Thanks for all the quick responses. Is just confirms my thoughts. I installed my tank today and then filled the factory tank and the new auxiliary tank, opened the valve. No leaks, good. But then parked in the garage, went out tonight and had diesel on the floor coming from top of factory tank...
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    Gravity flow auxiliary fuel tank question

    Not sure where to ask this, but here goes. For those that have a gravity flow fuel tank do leave the valve open, or close it until the factory tank is down to say half full? Thanks. Bob
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    Diesel lower than Gas

    Don't come to ne Iowa. Diesel $3.80 and gas $2.70.