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    ATF: Big Country - Multiple Delamination Problems

    Thanks Bill, I haven't been on the forum in a while hence my tardy reply. The info on the delam repair kit and video were very helpful. The method used was basically what I thought would have to be done but actually seeing it work is very encouraging. Cheers Craig
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    ATF: Big Country - Multiple Delamination Problems

    My 2013 Big Country is suffering multiple delamination problems. At only 2 years old this is not acceptable. Most appeared while it was in storage over the last winter and in most cases are not in areas where normal caulking is the primary defence against water ingress such as under the...
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    Popping noise - I've had it checked by dealer

    Adding the additive without retracting the landing gear will do no harm but it will do no good either as the additive has to mix with the hydraulic oil throughout the system to get out to the landing legs to reduce popping. The only way to do that is to extend and retract the jacks a few times...
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    Failed Jensen Speakers caused Delamination

    A warning to anyone with Jensen outdoor speakers fitted to your rig to carefully inspect them. I have two MS5006B outdoor speakers fitted to my 2013 Big Country and a week ago I noticed that there was a bulge in the wall underneath one of the speakers. Suspecting the speaker was leaking I...
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    Wireless 3 camera back up system.

    Hi Michael We offer a standard 12 month warranty but we don't ignore our customers after that. Generally speaking most electronic products, if they are going to fail, are going to fail "out of the box" or within a fairly short period of first being turned on. With good quality product, if it...
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    Wireless 3 camera back up system.

    I see that the newsletter neglected to mention another source of camera systems offered by an HOC member. I represent InnoTechRV which offers a variety of innovative technical products for RVs (hence the brand name) including wired and wireless camera systems and hybrid wireless/wired systems...
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    New Zone Pass Deal or Not

    We have used a zone membership for 4 years. It works if you are travelling extensively and can plan your routing around the 1000Trails park system. It works especially well in the North East and South East zones. We average 70 days a year in 1000Trails parks as we travel for 6 months which...
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    TPMS on the new Landmarks

    I am more than happy to be corrected if I am wrong but I was at the seminar and took notes and this was what I took away from it. I would also like to make the general point that factory fitted options are often (usually?) far more expensive than having the same options fitted either by the...
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    TPMS on the new Landmarks

    I attended the Rally seminar on the Valor TPMS system and cannot say that I was impressed. It seems to be very limited in terms of alarm conditions (2 as opposed to 8 on our system) and requires an external antenna that needs to be run to the back of the truck. We have never had a customer...
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    TPMS Helped, Maybe, Probably

    Brakes heat up to much higher temperatures than you were experiencing but your TPMS system was actually measuring the heat in the tire. The tire is the interface between the braking system and the road and is therefore experiencing considerable friction when slowing the vehicle and therefore...
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    Heartland is curious. What do you think about this?

    Pluses and minuses. The main plus is the awning covers the door, however, certainly in this floor plan, the awning does not cover the main storage compartment (my workshop) and the slide over the storage compartment would be a major problem (needs to be moved forward. The idea would probably...
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    Rear bicycle hitch question

    I cannot comment on the factory supplied hitch as we don't have one. Instead we have a 2" receiver which bolts to the bumper. I would say that the actual carrier we use ( has done about 20,000 miles carrying two bikes...
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    Our decisions on body paint, 3rd air conditioner, and 6 point

    6 point levelling is a no-brainer, especially if you have had a coach without it. 3rd aircon sounds good although in a lot of campgrounds you can't even run 2 aircons (30A) and even in a 50A site, with three aircons running, washer/dryer and microwave you may be blowing the pole circuit breaker...
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    What is the best dash mount tire monitor?

    A dragging brake or hot bearing will have the same effect on the temperature of the air inside the tire regardless of what sensors you are using. Air inside a tire is heated partially by its own movement within the tire (molecular boundary friction between the air and rubber) but more from the...
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    What is the best dash mount tire monitor?

    I would just like to respond to a statement made above. I have to disagree that an internal monitor is particularly more accurate than an external monitor. The external monitor measures its temperature directly from the same air that it is reading pressure from so is as accurate as an internal...
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    Powermax TowMax tires

    Well TH I am sorry but I did hours and hours of research on what tire to replace the garbage the manufacturer decided were appropriate and am now more confused than ever. Nowhere was I able to find anything that said the max weight to put on a particular tire was such and such. All they ever...
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    Driving under the Ocean... sort of...

    Went through the same tunnel 2 seasons ago just as a submarine was passing over the top so we went UNDER a submarine. Have a picture somewhere but will have to dig to find it.
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    Powermax TowMax tires

    Ok pulled the plug today and replaced all my Towmax with Firestone Transforce HT LT tires. As I intimated earlier, the problem may not be as much poor quality of tires but poor selection of tires by Heartland. They choose tires that will last from the factory to the first campground because...
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    Clothes Washer will not drain

    Re: washer will not drain I had a similar problem a couple of seasons ago. After winter the washer/dryer would not work, every time we set it to go, it would cycle its dial and stop. Rang tech support and they said the pump was faulty and would have to be replaced (at something like $160). I...
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    Storing leveled 5th Wheel

    I left mine leveled and with the wheels off the ground for 6 months last winter. No problems but I did note that it dropped about 0.3deg over that time which is unimportant except as it may relates to the "popping problem."
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    New Tires on Cyclone 4000 Elite 2013-1/2

    I changed from 235/80/16s to 235/85/16s today. Made no real difference to clearances. I changed from Towmax to Firestone Transforce HT LT tires.
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    Getting all 6 tires off the ground

    Did it today; lifted all four wheels off the ground to replace all four Towmax with Firestone Transforce LT tires. I would note that you should put blocks under the landing legs if you are changing tire sizes. We replaced the Towmax 235/80/16s with 235/85/16s and as the legs were only just...
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    LT tires

    I finally gave up on the Towmax and after my second one showing symptoms of tread separation I replaced all four with Firestone Transforce LT tires today. Hopefully these will provide much better performance The Towmax were 285/80/16 but the Firestones only came in 285/85/16 which made them...
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    Powermax TowMax tires

    I had a discussion this morning with TBC, the importer/distributor of the Towmax and they reject any responsibility for the problems caused by these tires. Their contention is that Heartland are responsible for selecting the tires, which they don't purchase directly from TBC but from a local...
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    Powermax TowMax tires

    We have already had 2 Towmax tires replaced, one because a large cut appeared in a tire after, supposedly, hitting a pothole on a freeway off-ramp. I say supposedly because subsequent experience leads me to suspect that the tire was just not up to the task, and the second due to tread separation...
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    New air bags

    I have timbrens and there was a definate improvement in the ride when towing. When not towing the timbrens are not engaged with the axle so make no difference.
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    Installing Second Air Conditioner

    I would suggest you pull the vent apart first. I did not and ordered an unducted unit then found when we pulled the vent down that it was set up to allow the front (2nd) aircon to feed into the ducts also but I didn't have the kit to do so. If your front vent is set up to feed into the ducts...
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    Surge protector - where to mount in Big Country

    I installed mine behind the basement wall as Jim said and also installed an autoformer in line with it. I also have a hatch so I can see the LEDs but am going to change the whole setup down there so I can get into the area behind the basement walls more easily and use more of that space for...
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    Trailersaver TS3 Hitch - Pics of installed Bedsaver

    Jim, Interesting that you have to clear the bedsaver and then drop the pin to get it into the hitch. I have a had a bedsaver for 4 years on my Super Fifth hitch and I know that if the pin just clears the bedsaver then it will go straight into the hitch without any other adjustment. Have...
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    2013 Goshen, IN - For Sale Table

    Hi Jim Yeah I had that figured out but I was kind of looking forward to there being a big "flea market" day so I could buy more stuff I don't need. Cheers Craig
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    What is the best dash mount tire monitor?

    Hi GPSHEMI Yes we will have all options from 4 to 22 tires available at the rally. I am afraid I have to disagree with dave10A. Many thousands of these systems have been sold and we have not had a single customer return them or express any dissatisfaction with the performance. Our systems...
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    2013 Goshen, IN - For Sale Table

    I thought there was actually going to be a day when everyone would put their goods out for sale in front of their rig and it would be like a giant jumble sale so I have been saving up lots of stuff for sale however doesn't seem like this is the case so here is a sampling of what I can remember...
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    ABS hitch cover

    On my last rig the back of the pinbox hit the side rails of my roll-n-lock cover when in a very tight turn so I ground off the rear corners of the pinbox so it would clear. On the current rig the fibreglass pinbox cover did the same but I then replaced the pinbox with a trail-air tri-glide...
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    What is the best dash mount tire monitor?

    We will be at the Goshen rally offering some great deals on our TPMS systems. These are the biggest selling aftermarket systems in the country. // Cheers Craig
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    Popping noise - I've had it checked by dealer

    Hi Larry, when I open your memo attachment it is too small to read, would you be able to email me a copy? Many thanks, Craig, (
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    Powermax TowMax tires

    We have done about 5k on our Towmax and replaced two. First one got a cut from a pothole on an interstate exit and the InnoTechRV TPMS went off instantly so that was no problem. Second one I noticed the tire was a different shape from the others, had a rounded section whilst the others were...
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    Popping noise - I've had it checked by dealer

    I have been in contact with Lippert regularly and they have never suggested that they had any idea what the problem was. It is interesting that Heartland think they now know. It is about time Heartland started putting some pressure on Lippert to solve the problem and fix all the rigs that have...
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    Just fitted a Trail-Air Tri Glide

    That's great thinking, unfortunately I don't have anywhere to store it as when we are not on the road we are home in NZ and the rig is in storage.
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    Just fitted a Trail-Air Tri Glide

    Just fitted a Trail-Air Tri Glide pin box replacing the original Lippert 1621 pin box (the challenges of fitting same are another story). I now have the original pin box and pinbox cover (dark tan) to dispose of. Any suggestions on what I should do with these? I imagine there are more of...
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    Popping noise - I've had it checked by dealer

    After suffering this problem for our six months on the road last year we put the rig into storage over winter and lifted it up so that wheels were off the ground and the rig was level. On return after 6 months the rig had dropped a few 10ths of a degree and a couple of wheels were touching the...