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    Screen Door Replacement

    Good day all, I am wanting to replace our existing screen door mostly because of age. In the process I would like to upgrade it to include storm glass (Plexi of course). I know that a complete replacement of the door would correct this but I think that is going too far time and money wise...
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    Michelin Defenders Question

    Having run LTX's for years on my dually and not really needing the mud and snow tread I went all in and got Michelin Ribs. Now that they have been on the truck for 5 months and 6000 miles I am impressed. I have gained 1 mpg with less rolling resistance and really no sign of wear. I like that...
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    Emissions Delete Duramax

    It is routine for LEO to ask to search your vehicle when they suspect something but they still must obtain a warrant if you say no. I have said no and they stop right there, if they make any comment I have them get their commander on scene. I'm polite but unwavering with my rights. If it is...
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    Emissions Delete Duramax

    When you say "pulled over" was emissions the primary violation or was there another violation / probable cause that you were pulled over? The only thing an LEO is going to be able to see without a warrant is the exhaust system.
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    Replace Edge M-21

    Do you like your Edge? I mean if say it was two years old would you want to replace it? Answer those questions first instead of letting a few parks (maybe a 100 vs 11000 parks that have a 10 ten rule. Our Heartland is a 2011 and we have no intention of getting a new one because of the poor...
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    Use of Emergency Break-Away (when changing RV tire)

    Re: jomimac You could do that but why? It's going to draw down your electrical power, heat up the brakes and may not lock them as much as you they will. Why not crack all the lug nuts loose prior to jacking up that axle? That's standard procedure if one does not have a impact gun.
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    ATF: Bighorn - Issues

    You have to admit that at least 50% of the listed issues could/should have been take care of during the dealerships PDI and then purchaser's PDI. The fact that it was purchased at a Camping World explains 90% of the issues. Now let's see who steps up to resolve these issues; Heartland will on...
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    SWC window shades.

    I would order them myself. We had one shade that was wrong/damaged from the factory. Ordered a replacement three times and three times received the wrong color. Just pulled out one with the right color and ordered from Lowe's.
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    What’s the best truck to pull a BIGHORN?

    In late Spring while moving from Midland to Kermit at lunch time we had a rear tire failure on our dually. At the time both my wire and I though it was on the Big Country but finding no damage, all tires there and with tread I walked down the passenger side of the truck to find the outer dual...
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    Sailun Truck Tires

    Just got done putting Ribs all around our TV a month ago and that was a step up from the XTS i use to run. I switched to the Ribs because the two of the XTS's failed and destroyed my box. So $1800 for the tires and $6K for a new bed.
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    MorRyde SRE 4000 suspension -- jury still out

    I thought the SRE 4000 came with the extra framing that is bolted/welded to the frame. I think I need to research this again because all these running gear failures are keeping me a wake during the day.
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    Microwave/ Convection exhaust vent blows back into the coach

    Are the outside vent locking tabs engaged?
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    EZ Snap RV Shades

    I agree that awnings are the most effective way to shade the windows and keep the heat out. Problem is they are useless when it's windy. Here in Texas it is always windy. We bought a very nice easy up canopy used for two days and had to take it down. Even with 10 ropes to hold it down in the...
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    2002 Trailblazer... Is it enuff?

    Bill, let's put some numbers on paper here (so to speak) and figure it out. Need to know some information from you first. 2002 Trailblazer with what engine. Need the GVWR from the door sticker on the truck. Need the GVWR from the sticker on the trailer. (dry weight is meaningless) With...
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    EZ Snap RV Shades

    Did you order light colored material? I'm thinking of just adding more insulation to the walls most affected by the sun. Cover the windows as well. Floor to ceiling and ceiling too.
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    Broken Toilet in 2018 427 RW

    When this happened to my Dometic 310 toilet I found that there are no replacement parts for the flushing pedal, flapper or shaft. I bought a new toilet. Being that yours is under warranty your call to Heartland is sound. I would also try the toilet manufacturer (Dometic or Thurford) and see...
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    Recommendation for mattress replacement

    I'll second the recommendation of Tuff & Needle. We've had ours for close to four years now. #1 mattress on Amazon. Stays cool while sleeping and is not too heavy. Sleep Number beds are nice but as travelers you have to be careful with altitude changes.
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    RW 427 PDI issuesss

    Bring a cordless screwdriver with several bits, especially a square bit in order to take down basement wall/walls to check for leaks. Flashlight is a must have as well.
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    New 2019 Big Country!

    There is very little difference between a BC and a BH regarding construction and materials, it's most level of luxury and a few feathers. The biggest item I have found between the two is the BC no longer is available with a rear cap. It is now enclosed as basic travel trailers with a panel of...
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    Towing a Landmark 365 with a single rear wheel 1 ton diesel

    After witnessing a left rear tire failure on a SRW while towing and seeing the carnage I will never tow a 5er or gooseneck without duals. When the tire burst the truck immediately lost control and crossed the centerline, jack-knifing in the process. The frame of the trailer peeled the cab open...
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    Bighorn - Long term stay preparation

    Convert your sewer hose over to PVC hard pipe. The flex hose is not designed for long term sun exposure and will begin to leak.
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    CB RADIO communications among traveling RVs

    Use our Midland on every trip, just not on all the time. The thing about cellphones is they do not provide up to the minute traffic in areas that are outside metro areas. You also can not communicate with another vehicle unless you know their phone number. CB works everywhere and because of...
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    Winter prep for fulltimer question

    I would skirt it, heat tape water and sewer lines then insulate then. Have a propane company come out and drop off a 100 or 200 gallon tank because your 30/40 lb tanks will only last you a couple of days. Did three weeks of a Minnesota winter and then went South, too much to go wrong in that...
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    EVENT: Heartland Chapter Rally: TX, Elmendorf - 10/6/2017 to 10/8/2017

    Better late than never! We are coming to our Texas Rally! We'll be there on Thursday afternoon if we make good time on the back roads of Texas.
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    Welcome Alabama's Newest Members

    Welcome to the group! You'll really like all the info and get together's that are available thru HOC. Let us know when you are in the Montgomery area.
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    Weak Link in the Water Heater Electrical System

    Going on five years of fulltiming and still running original thermostat. But I run mostly propane during the summer to cut down on current draw with ACs and fans running. Winter is a different story.
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    Be careful out there!

    I'm going to say this was a conventional trailer and not a 5er because I don't see a raised platform up front and the center mounted AC unit. So the description in the report that the driver lost control when passed by a semi fits quite well. Let's all be careful out there.
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    New ATT Mobile Unlimited Data Plan $20.00 or $40.00 per month

    You comment is a little deceiving since you need more than just a power supply from Amazon. You forgot to mention a newer Chevy as well.
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    Landmark Louisville....almost here!

    The best way to kill this floorplan is to show no interest and never consider the purchase. Let economics work. Then the designer or designers involved should be sacked for lowering sales and profits. Heartland, this is your flagship product! Don't be too innovative because it can backfire...
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    Furnace Removal

    Dan, I'll take another look for the "tie down screw" prior to removal. Where did you find that instruction? Wife and I have Suburban manuals covering the dinning room table and saw no mention of that.
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    Furnace Removal

    I would like to pull out my furnace from it's compartment and need to know if I have to disconnect the duct work or is it connected to an outer box that the furnace slides into. At this point I'm trying to troubleshoot a dead furnace and to look over the entire unit for issues (dirt dobbers and...
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    Port-A-Deck vs GlowStep Revolution

    As Rana (Wife) said, to be sure before purchasing any they need to be test driven. So need to plan on a RV show soon I guess.
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    Port-A-Deck vs GlowStep Revolution

    Have any of you looked at the MorRyde Step Above steps that are being installed OEM on Montana's? I saw on at a dealership in for service but the door was locked so going up and down them was not an option.
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    Landmark Poll: Your thoughts on a different type of table for a shorter (35') unit

    Rana and I have yet to sit in theater seating that is comfortable, for us it would be either deleted or removed prior to taking delivery. Again to each there own. But the trend to overly puffy furniture really eats up floor space for no real reason. Since owning our Big Country for 5 years...
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    Remove plastic battery box

    Definitely sheet metal screws then.
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    Remove plastic battery box

    Is it mounted in the front compartment or in one of the side propane compartments? I would just guess by the lack of over the top engineering it is sheet metal screwed to the sub-frame.
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    Not all dealers are bad!

    They are out there and by lets as many people know who and where they are helps to keep them in business and doing the right thing.
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    2011 Landmark August Shocks Disconnected????

    First you need to ask yourself or understand what shocks are designed for. Shocks are dampers (what they are called everywhere but the US). They dampen the bounce effect of the springs as they travel up and down. In normal automotive installations they are mounted in a vertical position...
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    house ac for trailer

    What about going with these new wall units made by say Mitsubishi Electric.
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    Pickup 1 Cow 0

    When we bought our TV I insisted that it have or will have a real Bull Bar. When you buy it in Texas they usually come with them. Only problem is the added front axel weight. With it I'm 100 lbs below gross front axle rating.