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    Theater Seating / Near New

    Near New - Double Theater Seating, White with no Center Console. Has Heat, Cool, Massage, Blue Lighting, Cup Holder.. These attached Recliners have been used 3 times, and came stock in our 2018 Bighorn 3010. They sell new for $1300 +...... Excellent Condition...Asking $900. Paul 541-846-7322...
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    New Double Recliner

    Brand New Thomas Payne Double Recliner with massage, heat, and lighting. One unit and wall hugging. Light color (off white ?). Sells new for $1360... ASKING $ 900. FIRM Came with new 2018 Bighorn 3010 Paul 541-846-7322
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    Recliner Chairs for 2018 Bighorn

    Brand new 2018 Bighorn 3010 came with double recliners (w/ massage, hot & cold settings.,) that are connected ! Looking TO SELL OR TRADE for similar seperate recliners, that can be moved around, independantly. These recliners are new. Paul 541-846-7322
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    Baja traveling ?????????????

    We just purchased a new Bighorn 3010. We have traveled in Baja many times, but that was 30 years ago, tent camping. Wondering about roads, safety, gas stations (diesel), etc., in Baja. We want to go down all the way to visit friends. How bad is it ?! Thanks for any info.
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    Battery Disconnect ??

    Newby Questions: We just purchased a 2018 Bighorn 3010. What is the best way to keep the batteries charged for: A. 2-3 weeks before next outing B. 3 months before next outing Our unit is 50 amp...any problem with using adaptors, and plugging into regular wall outlet ? How long is 'too long'...
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    WANTED: 2018 or 2019 Bighorn 3010

    Been searching for this unit for months. They keep sellin out from under me, quickly ! Any help appreciated Also any info / personal comments on this model, would be appreciated, as DW and I, like this floorplan..
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    Bighorn 3010.... 2017 vs 2018 Differences ????

    Good Day. Wondering about any differences between Bighorn Model 3010, in the 2017 and 2018 years ? (Several dealers have told me that Heartland no longer makes Bighorn 3010 models, but I still see 2019s for sale ?!) We are trading in our 2018 Keystone Cougar 279 RKSWE, for a Bighorn; have been...
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    Considering Bighorn - Worried about issues I've read about

    We have a 2018 Keystone Cougar 279RKSWE.' Half -Ton Towable'. We want to trade in for a 2018 Bighorn 3160 or3010, as we want to stay on the shorter side. We are not happy with our Cougar. When I look at the Bighorn Forums, I find, disapointingly, the same kinds of problems and complaints I've...