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    I have a bighorn 5th wheel 3055RL and cannot find the hot water bypass valve nor can I find the actual water pump to run the antifreeze through. The manual shows nothing. Please help
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    Hot water tank

    Just the tank portion. The tank has a pin whole leak spraying from the centre weld.
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    Hot water tank

    The trailer is a 39 foot trail runner . Thankful the furnace is to the side.
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    Hot water tank

    My hot water tank is leaking and I have purchased a replacement tank. Now to install this. Have done some reviewing how on you tube. Has anyone replaced their tank and do you have any tips to make this easier.
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    I have a 39 ft trailrunner with 2 slide outs. I am seeing conflicting information. This trailer is leveled on blocks at a seasonal site where the slides stay out for 4.5 months. I have read that these slides should be supported and I am also reading not to support them as they are made to be...