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    Vacuum not shutting off

    Same thing just happened to us! I was vaccuming using the 'basement' connector. When I stopped, the centvac kept running. We could not figure out a way to shut it off. Then, for no explainable reason, I thought I'd plug the centvac into the LR connector and run it for a minute. Once I...
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    Good Sam Club Lifetime Membership at a Great Price!

    Active duty and Veterans can upgrade their existing annual membership to a LIFETIME membership for only $149! That's a fabulous deal! We immediately upgraded our membership and promptly sent an email to Good Sam Club thanking them for showing their appreciation to military personnel (past and...
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    Looking at 3690SL

    Hey Craig! Did y'all buy the 3690SL?? We did! And we love love love it!! If you haven't and still have questions, we'd be happy to try to answer them (bear in mind that we are new owners ourselves). We traded a Class C for our BC 3690SL and incredibly happy we decided to do so! Take care! Kat...
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    AC and furnace run at the same time???

    Did you find a solution?? We just took delivery of our 2012 HL Big Country last Friday. The evenings here in SDiego are cool. When we turned on the furnace, the a/c also came on and blew cold air from the ceiling vents at the same time the furnace was blowing warm air from the floor vents. The...