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    Finding RV Friendly Communities?

    I haven't seen discussion of this - maybe I'm in the wrong place. We want to buy property to park our RV and build a small cabin... We have other requirements (major bike trail, mature trees) but there is no sense looking where you are not allowed to live in an RV or at least park it for...
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    Tire Blow out

    Sundance repeated blowouts. We have owned our Sundance about 4 years and have had 4 FOUR! blowouts. 2 went at once (right rear took right fwd with it), then this trip blew right rear and then 200 miles later left rear... so both side panels are now out and we are fed up with blowouts. So now we...
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    Interactive Campground Map

    Good find Florida Randy. PS sounds like we have similar rigs -where are you located in FL?
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    Help - Underbelly leak

    Re: Help - Underbelly leak - need schematic Thank you very much for the reply. We didn't see any screws holding the cross members on - on the sundance 2800 the supports run crosswise and it must be the front one which we couldn't really see. We just looked at the back one which is visible and...
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    Replace fresh water tank?

    Has anyone replaced a water tank on a sundance? Ours sits on L-braces that are welded in place, so it would probably have to come out from above. How difficult is this? Thanks for information.
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    Help - Underbelly leak

    Re: Help - Underbelly leak - need schematic maybe I wasn't clear - the way the tank is installed it can NOT be removed from the bottom and a new one cannot be installed that way - we would have to rip the entire floor apart... it's just plain bad design...
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    Help - Underbelly leak

    Re: Help - Underbelly leak - need schematic The issue of course is not the price of the tank but tearing the entire trailer apart as I explained it would have to be replaced form above. This is not a viable option so that's why I requested permission to post in another thread rather than...
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    Help - Underbelly leak

    How to Replace water tank outflow fitting? who makes the tank & of what??? We've been struggling with a leak in our water system.... took down the entire underbelly and isolated the leak - where the tube to the waterpump connects to the tank (on the port rear bottom of the tank) there is a...
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    Help - Underbelly leak

    Re: Help - Underbelly leak - need schematic thanks Dave and Mr. Goodtruck. I called the factory and got no help so I'm back here. We took the entire underbelly off by cutting it in sections. We found the problem - it is at the fitting where the pump takes water out of the water tank - it is...
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    Help - Underbelly leak

    Re: Help - Underbelly leak - need schematic Thanks - does anyone know where we can get a schematic? He cut the front part off but that is not where the leak is. thanks.
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    Help - Underbelly leak

    OK, it appears the edge of the bottom panel is glued. I think we want to loosen it all around, drop it and then cut the panel in sections (being careful as you warn about hitting other things) (not today - another day). If we pull it down, do we need to reglue it? Is there anything that will...
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    Help - Underbelly leak

    Hello, we had our Sundance stored for a year. It rarely freezes here in Florida, but may have touched freeaing while we were away last winter. anyway - when we filled it for the first time yesterday - all the water ran into the underbelly. Where do we even start?? We drilled holes to let it...
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    Winterizing.....Anybody blow out the water lines?

    hmm. well - we may have blown out the water lines, but not in a GOOD way... We are in Florida and it rarely freezes, and we didn't take the required precautions. but it might have hit freezing a few days while we were away last winter... anyway we are using it for the first time and guess...
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    Florida Heartland Owners Club Discussion

    Re: Discussion Just getting reactivated in the forums. Interested in meeting people in Florida and especially people who like to bike.
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    Introduction - Mickey and Bonnie - 2011 Chapter Leaders

    Hello Mickey and Bonnie, Thanks for sending the private message. I replied to that message but I guess those replies don't show up anywhere. We are delighted to know about the Florida Chapter. We have taken our Sundance all ove the country and are now doing some local Florida camping. We are...
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    Hurricane preparation at storage lot?

    What precautions should be taken to store our Sundance Fifth Wheel at a storage lot in event of hurricane. We are on east coast of Florida. It's in an asphalt lot, pretty high and no trees around. We thought we might use those augers and tie down the axels and maybe the tow pin. Or else go...
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    Longterm storage with Solar Panel?

    Thanks very much for the swift reply. That is what we'll do.
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    Longterm storage with Solar Panel?

    Hi, We have Solar Panels on our Sundance and they work great (thanks to some helpful hints from this forum). Now we are getting ready to store the 5th wheel for 7 months while we are sailing. Should we disconnect the solar panel and batteries or should we leave the whole thing connected. We...
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    Inverter Groundwire Connection

    Thanks in advance for the help. We were planning on taking the 110v output from the inverter and connecting it to only 2 new seperate outlets (distinct from the 110 outlets provided with the RV). These would be used to power our computers and the microwave when not connected to electricity at...
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    Inverter Groundwire Connection

    We are just installing and inverter. Instructions say ground wire should connect to common ground. What is the common ground? Is it the physical chasis? (Is this different than the negative black wire from battery that connects to negative bus bar?) (At Flathead Lake MT now - heading for Coeur...
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    Panel Mount location - Sundance 2800RLS

    Thanks a lot for the additional information and hints. Now I have one more question that I can't find an answer to. How do you get that nifty map of north america? I saw instructions on how to upload a picture, but I don't know where to get that one in the first place. thanks. (apologies...
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    Panel Mount location - Sundance 2800RLS

    Hi. Thanks so much for the reply. That sounds perfect! We'll let you know how it works out. We just discovered this forum and hit a bingo on the first try! Need to figure out how to use it better. I like your signature lines and need to figure out how to do one for our "land rig"...
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    Panel Mount location - Sundance 2800RLS

    Hi, we want to install solar panels. Where is best place to attach the panels on the roof and how should the wire be run? We need to drill holes in the roof and don't want to make a mistake. Thanks for any advice.
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    Motor appears loose on front jacks? Sundance

    Hi, we have a Sundance 2800RLS. Just getting ready for a long road trip. There appears to be a lot of play in the motor that extends/retracts the front jacks. When you first start, the bottom of the motor mount moves/twists out about 1/4 inch and then again when you stop. This seems new...