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    110v Junction Box? Connector?

    I have power from the inverter...the transfer switch is not sending.
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    110v Junction Box? Connector?

    Hey guys - I have 2020 Elkridge 38MB...I have a residential fridge with xxxx(maybe 2000) watt inverter. Interestingly enough - and maybe very ingenious - there is a transfer switch that is plugged into the inverter. Also connected to the transfer switch is a shore power 110v. The transfer...
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    Wanting to install 2nd battery - 5er

    So did you have to change the converter/charger after replacing with Lithiums? And those are LifeBlue - must compare them to BattleBorn which seems to be the most popular with my research.
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    Wanting to install 2nd battery - 5er

    I may have to end up going with a lithium to complement my wet battery if possible just to avoid the venting. - - - Updated - - - So I assume the AGMs still need to be vented?
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    Wanting to install 2nd battery - 5er

    I would like to see a picture of that if you can.
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    Wanting to install 2nd battery - 5er

    Wanting to install another battery(5th wheel in battery bay) but not enough room for another vent. So I was wondering what kind of batteries are there that won't require an additional vent for its case? I was thinking maybe AGM but I don't know enough about these. Lithiums are expensive but I...
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    Wallpaper Issues

    Looks like from the photo water has gotten behind the wall paper - but you said you checked that. Wonder if you can get a blow dryer and heat it up and peel it off and then re-attach? Otherwise, I might be tempted to remove and put some new paper down. It will be pain regardless but it would...
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    Kitchen slide will not extend.

    Just a thought...if it is a switch problem, could one either jump the wires OR even unplug the other switch(working one) and plug into that one?
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    Heartland Touts New PDI Initiatives

    Motorhome Specialties out of Dallas did that - well they gave a couple of nights anyways...when we bought our MH years ago, that gave us a chance to do the shakedown before leaving the property - all issues resolved before leaving. I wish all dealers would do something like that. This would...
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    Low water pressure from Kitchen Sink

    I remember seeing something like that where the faucet hose connects. I will put an eyeball on that when I get back to the RV next week. All good ideas to check out.
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    Low water pressure from Kitchen Sink

    All good suggestions - especially covering up the (oh crap now I am taking apart the plumbing) drain before removing anything.
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    Low water pressure from Kitchen Sink

    Thanks for the cut offs under sink :( interesting as they put 2 unions on the hot and cold sides...I will probably unscrew the faucet at the and see if there is any trash in the fittings. If I could see how to take off the faucet head, I would...maybe there is a restrictor in there...
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    Low water pressure from Kitchen Sink

    Hey guys - still shaking down the 2020 Elkridge 38MB. My list is growing but mainly little things. I thought I would ask about the low water pressure coming from the Kitchen Sink. Hot/Cold or seems very slow compared to the bathroom sink and shower. We run about 35-40 pounds of...
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    Dump Question Grey / Black Valve

    To answer your question, I would suggest looking at sewer hose connector and then the pipe...Can you tell from there which has the 4 inch side(black) and the other smaller pipe that routes to the sewer hose connector? In my case, my Gray #2 and Black were mislabled and had to be reversed. Glad...
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    How many solar watts required?

    So just to follow up and complete this thread for those that are "listening" - I called Heartland - they sort of told me what I have already forgotten about. Look up Go Power Solar kits. You can size basically for how fast/many batteries that you have. Since I "currently" have 1 battery, I...
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    How many solar watts required?

    Picked up my new Elkridge 38MB last week. Noticed it has a solar connect. I need to double check to be sure but I doubt there is an integrated MPPT controller meaning I will need that in addition to a Solar panel. So my question regarding the number of watts/panels is with regard to charging the...
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    Wineguard ConnecT 2.0

    Any updates on the purchase(I think I saw around 200 bucks) and how the install went. How well does it work and even worth pursuing? --Mickey A (New Owner - Elkridge 38MB)
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    Furrion DV3100 for TV audio?

    Awesome post and findings. Good to know the TV is already wired into the AV in of the receiver. Also a great find on the sub connector. I would or might want to install a small sub for our movie viewing pleasure. Thanks again. --Mickey A
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    Not cooling very well.

    Wow - all the war stories...I had those kind of issues in my 35ft motorhome when we sat in high humidity and mid 90s - I ran a portable AC upfront which helped alot - but there wasn't much else I could do as the great big window up front didn't help on much of anything I did. We finally built a...
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    Mid bunk insulation

    Wow...we will pick up our mid-bunk in a couple of weeks. I heard others comment(other brands) that their mid-bunk stayed warmer. So what kind of portable A/C were you thinking about and how to manage water/condensation accumulation? I also don't understand your pictures of where they are coming...