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    Slide cable rubbing normal?

    I have a 2019 Mallard M27 and the slide out is doing the same thing. The cable is cutting into the side of the metal frame where it passes through the round opening. It seems like it would eventually cut the metal support and cause the mechanism to fail. Of course this would be out of...
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    Looking to buy a 2019 Mallard M27

    We purchased a used 2019 M27 Mallard in May, 2021. We were able to get a portion of the original owner's extended service plan included. It was transferred over into our names. I believe it is good until 2023. You should ask if there is one available to you. The inspector is a great idea...
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    Water, gray and black tank grounding connection

    My 2019, Mallard M27 interior tank monitoring panel is showing all of the tanks as full. I saw in some other posts that people had similar problems with the tank sensors and it was a bad grounding connection. I do not know where to look to find where the tanks are grounded? Is the ground...
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    Is it okay to use a heat diffuser with the Furrion stove? I find that the flame is all the same until you get to the lowest setting and then it's still so high, it cooks things too fast. I found a heat diffuser on Amazon that both thaws things but can also be used as a heat diffuser on the...
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    My wiring is on the right end facing the trailer. It is by the bedroom door.
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    My wiring is on the right end. ? ?
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    Canopy/Awning lights -- How to control the LED lights

    Well where is the sensor head? That would be really great to know!
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    Strobing lights

    I have a light in our 2019 Mallard M27, above the bed and it is strobbing. How do I remove the cover or the light fixture? I tried turning them but they do not turn.