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    How much grease

    2019 Heartland Torque 371 Quick grease fitting on axel replacing brake shoes and hubs/wheel bearings My question is, once I have everything assembled, how much grease will it need through the grease fitting?
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    Torque 371 garage flooring

    We have a 2019 Torque 371 toy hauler and we’re wondering what the thickness of the plywood floor is? We’re installing motorcycle tie down chocks in our garage.
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    Dealership Fees

    Our 2019 Torque 371 is at our dealership for septic issues. They told us it will take about six hours labor to remove the underpinning and six hours to reinstall. Is their estimate accurate?
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    Generator and refrigerator

    2019 Heartland Torque 371 with a 5500 generator. My question is I want to turn the refrigerator on while traveling to keep cool and I’m wondering if the generator will do this? I know it has enough output to do it but the two times I’ve tried it hasn’t cooled the refrigerator. Is there...
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    Brake issue?

    2019 Heartland Torque 351 2022 Ram 3500 diesel When I connect to my RV I do what I call a pull test, where I tug on the king pin with the trailer brake controller engaged to ensure the kingpin is completely latch to the fifth wheel. When I do this the camper moves forward meaning the brakes...