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    2019 - Goshen Rally - Children's Program

    Hi! I'm Shel. Thought I'd post one: a kid-friendly crafting session involving making a few no-sew, tie fleece blankets and donate those through the Ronald McDonald House/Give Back program. It'd be a nice way for the kids to help contribute! Any thoughts?
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    2019 - Goshen Rally - Heartland Gives Back

    My daughter and I are starting to make some fringed, no-sew blankets.
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    2019 - Goshen Rally - Pre-Rally Tour - Cook's Bison Ranch

    This was certainly a hit with our family. We were up close with the bison and our three kids had a blast feeding them!
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    An electric pressure cooker is handy, even if you're not a fulltimer. You can do ear of corn in them and those cobs come hot and moist throughout. Rice is easy! You can use them to keep things warm for a party, a Rally dinner, tailgater... Don't have to stand in front of a stove and mind a...
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    2nd Annual Regional Beer Tasting Event

    Awesome time this afternoon. For the 2019 rally, could we move it to the evening hours? It would be more enjoyable and less likely to conflict with afternoon activities.
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    2017 Goshen Rally - Heartland Baby Blessings (HBB) & Heartland Hats & Hugs (HHH)

    My daughter and I would love to add no-sew blanket or two.
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    Tips for camping with kids...

    Anybody got any handy tips or ideas for camping with the kids? Here`s one... to make mealtime easier and save on drink spills at those warped old picnic tables, get a small snack plate, those that have a flat-bottomed center cavity for dip and are round like a sombrero. Menards had some. The...
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    2015 Goshen Rally - Discussion Thread

    Getting a `please sign in` messagd when trying to play the video.