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    Adding heating pads to tanks/water lines

    I was in Moses Lake, WA in 08 with high temps below 15 deg. for 2 weeks. Our kitchen water froze because water lines were ran down frame, not so anymore. Plus the only heated part of underbelly is in the upper level, the kitchen area gets no heat. Unless you route heat down there which I did...
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    Alaska in early March?

    Hello all, This may be a crazy question, but has anyone drove to Alaska as early as March w/rv? Going up for work and hotels and vacation rentals are pretty high once you get into May, will be there until Sept. Also has anyone stayed at Golden nugget rv park in Anchorage. Just wieghing all...
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    Air bags vs mono-shock

    Bruce, I had the trail-air center-point system (air bags) installed on our 2009 3670RL and it took out that bouncy ride. When we cross bridges it does not bounce for the next 1/4 mile like it use too. I think it is well worth the money we spent, also think it helps with the beating our units...
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    RM1350 Refrigerator

    I had the RM1350 and replaced it with a home fridge and it works great. Have about 10,000 miles with it in and will never go back to a rv style. There is a thred were I posted some pictures of what I installed. Good luck.
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    Dometic rm1350 - need help!

    Kenny, I tried that as well. Put a piece of sheet metal to help with the air flow as well as putting a 7 in. fan to move air. It helped a little but still did not solve the warming issue. When we were in Moses Lake, WA in winter it worked great. As soon as it started to get warm it would not...
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    Dometic rm1350 - need help!

    Yes I closed up the vents, but they can still be removed for access. The fridge is not sealed in like the RM 1350. There is air space all around the fridge for air movement. The top vent is not very effective because it is not at the top of the cabinet resulting in hot air being trapped above...
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    Dometic rm1350 - need help!

    Jim, I have considered a small inverter system, but so far I have not had a problem with fridge getting warm while we are on the road. As of now we always stay in parks while we travel, but that still remains to be a good option. Lonnie
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    Dometic rm1350 - need help!

    I only paid $350 for the fridge so if it does go out it is way less than the rv unit. It actually weighs less than the RM 1350 so weight is not an issue, I took off the doors and was able to lift it up and place it in the hole. Getting the old unit out was another story. We never dry camp so...
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    Dometic rm1350 - need help!

    Kenny, We replaced our RM1350 with a home fridge in 2009. We got it at Home Depot, 13.6 cu. ft. We have about 8500 miles since the install and have had no issues. We went through the samething with the Rm 1350 would not stay below 50. We love it, no more warm milk! We will never have another rv...
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    GPS unit's for semi truck use feedback.

    I need a new GPS and was wondering if anyone has the Garmin dezl 560LT or 560LMT? It has a RV profile setup and a external video input for back up cameras. Looks interesting but it is little spendy
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    "flutter" noise when we turn on the city water..

    I have the same problem, mine is at the city connection. I do use a reducer to control pressure, bought a new one. It still does it once and a while.????????
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    Extra Insulation

    Dave, I put insulation under my 3670RL when we where in Moses Lake, WA. it was below15 degree for 2 weeks. It did help, I still had my kitchen water lines freeze. I tapped into my back heater line to solvethe problem. You should also look into skirting and if any of your tanks are against the...
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    TrailAir, Center Point system question

    I had Henderson Line up install my CP system.
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    TrailAir, Center Point system question

    Just went out and looked at mine and they are just a little forward of center (we are set up and BH is level). Have about 3500 miles on the system and the ride is amazing, compared to before. I run about 60 lbs in them. System says to run 5lbs for evry 1000 lbs acutal axel weight, axels weight...
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    RM1350--The SAGA continues

    sdagro, I went through 2 RM1350's in 6 months in our 3670RL, tried the redneck fan, ran it on propane, put insulation on top and it all did not work. I think it is a install problem, they are not vented right. The people I have talked to with the ones that are not installed in slides have not...
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    Well, whopity &*(())%^ DO! Finally got started!!

    leftyf, was the new carpet more dense that the thin cheap stuff installed at factory. We want to replace carpet but want to go with a thicker more plush carpet, but it is taller than old and am concerned about slide clearance. Thanks Lonnie
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    new carpet clearance

    sorry, for the cofusion. Heavier meaning more dense and plush. The pad would remain the same. The problem is that the more dense and plush carpet is thicker or taller than the carpet that is installed in our BH. Thats why I need to know what clearance or how thick of carpet I can install. Thanks...
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    new carpet clearance

    I am interested in replacing the carpet in our 3670RL.We are interested in installing heavier carpet, I am concerned about the clearance that the slides need so it won't ruin new carpet. Can anyone help with this info? Thanks Lonnie
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    cross member on spring hangers by Lippert

    Do u guys have any pics? Would be nice to see this suspension repair/add-on. Thanks
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    Refrigerator that works!!

    For all those who had no problems are your fridges 4 doors or 2?
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    My disappointment in Heartland

    if I understand it correctly wasn't it tore apart to find the problem? also do u know how long it sat on dealers lot before u purchased it? I would think they would inspect their inventory for any issues after all they own it until they sell it. mold don't grow over nite and floors don't rot in...
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    My disappointment in Heartland

    did the dealer not repair your rig as soon as the parts came in or did they let it sit?
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    Lippert components

    Carriage builds their own frames and Nu-wa uses young frames. I have looked at new HL's with lippert frames and the springs are flat on the lot. HH right next to them and the springs look like they should nice arc. HL has other opitions, I like my BH but not happy with lippert and will not buy...
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    Lippert springs strike again

    I was looking at Emco's web site and they had a set of 4000# springs with 8 leafs. Can any repair shop purchase from them?
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    Lippert springs strike again

    did u order them direct from EMCO?
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    Lippert springs strike again

    Gary, are they 8 leaf or 7?
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    Bye-bye Lippert leaf springs

    Bob, what are the old and new springs rated at?
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    Lippert springs strike again

    I went through the samething with those jokers at lippert, the repair shop sent the old springs back but those fools can't find them LOL. I have given up on trying to get lippert to stand behind their crappy products, I will fix my springs my self and under no circumstances will I ever own...
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    King pin bottom sagging

    Mine is not sagging anymore once I re-caulked the cap to stop water from getting in. It is a little wavy but not sagging.
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    Lippert springs strike again

    I asked a warranty rep at Lippert about the shocks and his reply was; Thats the way they are mounted in the rv industry. We agreed to disagree on that subject as well as others. I am having the upper shock mounts moved and new shocks installed by Hendersons Lineup on our way back to CA in Aug...
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    King pin bottom sagging

    I got lucky and was in CA when I found it, so it did not get that wet and it dried out fast. Warning to everyone check that caulking! I think it got most of its water when I had it washed, when they used a pressure washer.
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    King pin bottom sagging

    Was it wet in there? I noticed my sagging and had water inside. I took trim off the sides and dried it out and put back together. I had leaks around front cap from poor caulking job from factory so I recaulked the front and rear cap no problems since.
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    Test drove 2010 Ram 3500 Dually

    Did you go with the 3:73 or 4:10's?
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    Cracked Frame

    Can u upload some pics of your fix? Think it would be interesting and helpful. Thanks
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    Cracked Frame

    Just curious how did u fix it?
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    Spring break in Iowa – A Lippert Production

    more of those 7k springs that they are not having an issue with.
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    Cracked Frame

    Is there a support welded on the inside of the frame? It makes no sense that it would crack like that unless it was welded in that area. I understand the crack on the plate welded to the frame, it is most likely cracked in the heat affected zone. Have you had it fixed yet? You can't just weld...
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    Bighorn Tires (China Bombs)

    was just wondering if it was rubbing on shock, but that don't seem to be the case.
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    Shower drain

    Thanks for all the good info.
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    Shower drain

    Wow never would of thought of that. thanks.