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    Bighorn 3055 Kitchen shelf Bracket

    I assume the shelf you refer to is the counter-top extension. Ours broke last week for the first time, after 3 years and 14,000 miles. I blamed it on the lousy roads in California. Both brackets broke at the same time. Replaced them today with a $19. pair that is the same fit and function...
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    Lippert Warranty Doesn't Care about safety!

    Just thought I would add some pics of the old 4 leaf original springs and what I replaced them with. Although I didn't have a failure, my tme had run out for the original leaf springs after 13,000 miles and 3 years of either sitting around or bouncing down the highway. Around $600 got these 7...
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    Colorado Trip

    Two Hands, It's been 7 or 8 years, but DW & I have been to Golden Gate Canyon ST Pk. And you are right about County Rd 70 (Hwy 46) coming out of Golden, CO. We were taking DW's horse up to the park for some trail riding and took that road pulling a two-horse trailer. It's a lot shorter and...
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    Good snowbird spots around Tucson AZ ??

    Planning to spend some time around Tucson AZ in January - February '10. Any recommendations for RV parks with amenities in that area, possibly including Green Valley, Oro Valley, or ??. Thanks, Jim
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    travelling below 0

    Airedale, We have done some towing during weather in the teens. First, you can leave the furnace on while traveling down the road. This practice has created a longtime argument about having the propane flowing while driving. For the refrig or the furnace, some people do not like the practice...
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    On-going tire issue

    I fell lucky. I replaced the original Missions that had 12,000 miles with Goodyear G614s. I found a deal on Craigslist - 4 never mounted Goodyear G614s for $750. and then had a local tire shop mount and balance them for $55. So, bottom line - $ 805. Just got back from the first trip with...
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    rear stablizer jacks

    I disassembled my inoperative rear stablizer motor today and found some moisture from last February when we drove hundreds of miles in the rain. Cleaned, dried, greased, and reassembled the motor and it works again. But the circuit breaker trips when I start putting any weight on the...
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    big horn weight

    Joe I also have a 2008 model 3055RL. I've never weighed the unit but I'm guessing that loaded the weight comes in between the two previous answers. Right between 12,500 to 13,000 lbs. I try not to travel with too much water to help keep the weight down. Your F350 6.0 liter is a great tow...
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    SlideOut Awning Topper Question

    As stated, the awnings do flap in the wind and collect rain: but I'll always have them installed. I've had the Carefree of Colorado Kover II for 2 years and they are working great. I didn't get the full case option. I did the installation. Only needed the help of the neighbor (6'5'' house...
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    actual length of the 3055RL

    Sue, To avoid any further digression, the OUTSIDE length is 35 feet 6 inches on my 2008 Model 3055RL. That's measured with a tape from the front of the king pin box to the rear wall. The ladder adds on another 6-8 inches. I believe the published measurement is inside dimensions, and not much...
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    Rear floor vent in 3055RL non-functional

    Chris, We also have a 3055RL and have noticed the same thing. I pulled the covers off the two vents and took digital pictures looking both ways. There is a large sheet metal type air duct the runs from the furnace with no obstruction to the two vents. The most rearward vent just doesn't get...
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    Mike I've had Generals before and thought they did OK. But what do you think good tire mileage should be. I'm not sure. I'm not expecting to get 50k like my car tires, but what should be expected mileage for a set of tires on a TV. My 06 Dodge 4X4 SWD came with Michelin LTX A/S and are...
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    Steel Stems and Balance of Mission Tires

    J & D Thanks for the info. I'm assuming the Road Force balance is what a tire shop calls a Spin Balance. I'm not sure if the trailer does have a vibration problem since I can't talk DW into sitting in the trailer while I get it up to road speed. Has anyone ever observed a really...
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    Steel Stems and Balance of Mission Tires

    Although it's not my favorite time of year to crawl around on the Montana ground, I just finished getting my last tire back on the trailer. I removed one at a time and took them to the local tire shop for balancing and new valve stems (steel, I saw the warning on this forum and thought it be a...
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    Landmark/Bighorn/Big Country "Low Point Drains" - no longer offered

    Jarnold60 Here is the location for the "Low Point Drains" on my '08 3055. 18 inches (46 cm) forward of the steps is the "Low Point Drains" decal, but it sounds like your rig doesn't have the decal. From that point, the drains are on the far side of the I-beam which is approximately 18 inches...
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    where to put things in BH 3055

    Di T, In our 3055RL, we put the litter box in the closet where the washer/dryer would be installed. We attached a large black plastic bag to the hanger rod as a partition from the litter box and the clothes in the closet. Keep the sliding mirrored door open enough for the cat and he should be...
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    New BH 3055 in CO

    Goldenbetty, The measurements for the king size bed are: 70 X 80 inches. That is the actual size that I measured and what is published in the Hartland literature. Good luck with your new purchase, I know you will like it. Jim
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    New BH 3055 in CO

    Fishingicon, Congratulations on the BH. We also have a 3055RL, and we're loving it. Getting ready for a 2 week trip from Corvallis MT to Idaho, Utah, N.AZ, Grand Junction, Yellowstone. I see that your S/N is 9440, that's the closest I've seen to ours - #9388. Ours appears to have been made...
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    3055 Length

    Pete, David, Lefty, others The smaller dimensions are probably inside measurements. David and I gave you outside measurements. But some people are more concerned with inside measurements which is probably that 33' length. No matter what the tapemeasure says, you're going to like the...
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    3055RL Dimension Question: Rear Living Area Depth

    Gary, I can provide you with measurements from my 2008 3055RL. I'd say things didn't change from the '08 to the '09 in the slider location and the door width. Door width: At the narrowest point is 27 3/4 inches. Back wall to slider facia is 33 inches. BUT from the day/night shades, it's...
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    3055 Length

    Pete, Just walked in from measuring our 2008 3055RL. From the most forward portion of the front cap to the rear ladder, is 36 feet. If you exclude the ladder and get more exact feet and inches ( I measured by myself with a 15 tape) it could be 35'6". So somewhere in between those two figures...
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    Hauling Bicycles with Heartland Trailers - what are you doing?

    The main feature that had us looking at the Bighorn was the huge basement storage with the large doors to match. We always travel with our bikes and found that having them stored out of the weather was the best. Our mountain bikes are not K-Mart quality with tractor seats and keeping them in...
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    Battery Box

    Talking about venting. My dealer installed a second battery and put it in the front storage compartment. The plastic case that it's installed in has no openings for venting. It's the style for travel trailers that sits on the tongue frame. So I have some mods to perform. Questions I have...
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    12 volt radio upgrade ideas?

    There are 12VDC Radio/CD players still out there. I just checked eBay and the Voyager Inwall Flushmount AM/FM/CD/Clock is 59.99 plus shipping. That is the model I bought and installed in my BH 3055RL. I also installed an inline switch to turn off the electricity to the unit to avoid any...
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    Update from Admin

    Jim, You give truth to the old adage " If you want something done, give it to a busy man". It sounds like Heartland made another smart move. Congratulations and good luck in you new endeavor.
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    Bighorn 3055 front compartment

    Dale, These measurements are from my '08 Model 3055RL. Since you are in Canada, I included the measurements in metric. Side to side - greatest distance without obstructions 66" (167 cm) narrowest point because of landing gear in the front and a...
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    Mattress Question for Newer Model 3055RL Owners

    Gary, The measurements on our '08 3055RL mattress and bedroom slider are: 13 inches from the board that the mattress is on to the bottom of the shelves in the corners at the head of the bed. (the actual placement could vary depending on who is mounting the shelves that day) The mattress...
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    Canada travel

    Jay, We've made the into Canada from Washington and exit in Montana trip. But we didn't take a firearm because of the Canadian rules. If I remember right, the work around for the two different locations for entering and exiting Canada was a hassel. You have to find a certified/registered...
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    Our First Workamping Assignment

    Don & Sheri Great first assignment. You are going to be spoiled. That area of Montana is spectacular. We live around 175 south of there on US 93 in Corvallis Montana. We like the Bitterroot Valley but it doesn't quite compare with the west Glacier area. Our winters are milder than...
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    Help.....Considering a Bighorn 3055

    Tom You might notice in the replys that most were previous RV owners (many times) just like yourself and they spent a lot of time researching their purchase. I recently met some BH owners that had spent 3 years researching and they bought a BH 3055RL. My wife and I made our decision in about 4...
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    Our Maiden Voyage

    Bob We too just completed our maiden trip with our 3055RL. Took off in mid December for the Oregon coast from western Montana. Saw our daughter and some old friends but had no luck whale watching. We were gone for 30 days and the BH worked great. Had a lot of wind and rain along the coast...
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    Who am I?

    All evidence leads to Chopper Bill. Congrads on starting the Social Security payback. You have paid in all these years, now it's time to get some back. Leave some in there for me. Who could forget the Air Bag Leveler? Great info on how to make one, now it's on my list for springtime...
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    Shanon, I use a combination of blowing out the water lines and putting RV antifreeze in the p-traps and toilet. But there is more information already on the forum. Do a search on "Winterization" dtd 10-08-07. Good Luck Jim
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    black tank cleaner

    Cindy, What are the portions of Pine-Sol to water? Sounds like a good way to keep the tank cleaner and the indicators operational.Jim
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    Coby Stereo/DVD - Hated by some Feared by many

    It seems the most discussed problems on this forum are tires and the Coby stereo/DVD. My concerns about the Coby were the quality and durability and the fact that is operates on 110VAC not 12VDC. I like some music and news while boondocking.So my fix was: bought a 12VDC AM/FM/CD player and...
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    Found this on RV Trade Digest.

    Another great feature that shows that Heartland is a forward-thinking, proactive company. BUT, I see the weakness being the RV dealer not being computer savvy. I checked the website for my dealer and it still lists my BH and another that was deliveried the same day. That has been 5 weeks, you...
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    Dealers are NUTS!!!

    Boatdoc Creeper mentioned selling your unit on E-Bay. While you are there look up 3370RL on the search and you can find a couple of ads (you can search without being a member). The "Buy-it-how" price can give you an idea what a good price might be. I don't know where you live but there...
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    Jackg The fresh water tank drain for the 3055RL hangs down in the area of the blank & gray drain. Get down by the main drain pipe and look towards the middle of the trailer. There is a two position rotating valve just like the low-point drain valves you mentioned. I applied some air pressure...
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    Towing 5th wheel with Dodge 2500

    Towing 5th Wheel with Dodge 2500 We purchased a Bighorn 3055RL about 10 days ago and towed it 260 miles to bring it home with a 2006 Dodge 2500 4X4 Diesel. I was accustom to pulling a #9500 fiver, but did not incur any negative towing characteristics. Sure it took a little longer to get up to...