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    DVD Player

    Hello I have a 2015 Proweer 285LX The Boss DVD/am/fm radio player has been replaced twice. Does everyone with a 2015 or maybe even the 2014 or 2016 have the same Boss brand? Have you any troubles with it? Thanks
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    Changed out OEM steps

    --------------------------------------- Our last trip included a new addition to the steps the Dirt Destroyer attachment. it did a great did helping to keep dirt and mud out of the trailer.
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    Prowler at night

    A picture of our 2015 Prowler 285LX after dark
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    ATF: Prowler - Possible storage area?

    The counter that is considered the beside table on the 2015 Prowler LX285 appears to have space under it that should be accessible from either the front passthrough or from under the bed, however on ours it is not. Can you confirm that there is just an empty space in there? If that is true I...
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    Changed out OEM steps

    First trip update: Before: After: What a world of difference they make. My wife is 4'9" and I built the deck for her to use the OEM steps. They are very stable even with me in them.
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    2015 285LX Bathroom Faucet

    We had an issue with the spout being to short or the faucet may have been mounted to far back from the basin that when you used it you couldn't keep from getting water all over the countertop. After several trail and errors with Lowes and Home depot. I found a great replacement on
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    Changed out OEM steps

    Hello everyone, we have a 2015 Prowler 285LX and we are product testing the Torklift Glowstep Revolution as replacement for the OEM steps on the front door. So far we have only installed the steps, and was harder go get the OEM steps out than installing the new steps. The stability and ease of...
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    New Prowler Owner

    This from out 3rd trip out with our 2015 Prowler 285LX at Chickasaw National Recreation Area near Sulphur, OK
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    ATF: Prowler - 2 Questions

    Hello, I have a 2015 Prowler 285LX and have two questions: 1. What is the correct LED bulb replacement part number. 2. The Valances in the master bedroom are Curtain fabric with metal curtain rods. Can we purchase from you the Valances that are the same as in the dinette area? This would...
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    Howdy! New Owners here!

    Hello, we just purchased a 2015 Prowler 285LX! We will taking our first trip in it Memorial Day weekend on Lake Texoma..