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  1. sharmulst

    Billings, mt to shelby mt?

    Last Sept. we took 87 N out of Billings to Grass Range, thru Lewistown and then to Great Falls. 87 has lots of ups and downs, only 2 lanes but nice route. Gives you a good cross section of Montana. As for the road itself it was good, no worse than roads in other states. Where are you headed...
  2. sharmulst

    Emergency Road Side Services

    We have GS and yes they cover your car when not with your rig. They will also cover a motorcycle, we know from experience. One time they even came to our house to put on the spare when we noticed a crack in the groove of the tire as well as a bulge. Steve didn't even want to chance the drive...
  3. sharmulst

    South Dakota campgounds near near Mt Rushmore & the badlands

    We spent last summer in Creekside Mountain Resort as Camp hosts. The owner had it for sale so don't know the status. It is small but has lawn between the sites. It is just north of Crooked Creek.
  4. sharmulst

    Fresh tank leak hose replacement

    Was wondering if I may have similar problem. I have a water drip from same general area. However I have a Bighorn and don't know if there are two tanks or not. I have another symptom though of only being able to use the top 1/3 of water. The pump acts as though it is running out of water at...
  5. sharmulst

    Dish Network or Direct TV?

    We have dish and seem to have all the bugs worked out, finally after 4 years. Our dish is portable and with just a small compass and a level, DH and I can have it set up in a matter of a few mintues. While in SD we added the local channels. Now when we move all we have to do is call them and...
  6. sharmulst

    We're full time!

    Congratulations on you fulltime lifestyle. We have been doing it for 4 years and love it. We have met many people who work while on the road. A couple that stayed in the CG we hosted in SD this summer were using Verizon aircard. We also use the aircard, personal use, and have had good luck...
  7. sharmulst

    Rapid City, SD / Mr Rushmore Labor Day Weekend

    Where are you staying? We have been camp hosts at Creekside Mountain Resort 2 miles south of Hill City, SD since May 14. Stop and say "hi" as we work the 3rd through the 6th.
  8. sharmulst

    EVENT: Heartland Chapter Rally: SD, Hill City - 9/29/2011 to 10/2/2011

    Thank you for the invite to the rally. However, we will be unable to attend. We have just spent the summer just a short distance from this KOA. Our summer job has been as camp hosts of Creekside Mountain Resort 2 miles south of Hill City. We leave the 15th of Sept. for 3 weeks of visiting in...
  9. sharmulst

    Cabela's Friends & Family Sale purchase items at employee cost

    I am guessing Sidney is in Nebraska. I know there is a Cabela's in that area.
  10. sharmulst

    Dave & Julie's Alaska Adventure

    Love following your travels. We are planning to go to Alaska next summer. Especially liked the picture of the Marias river in Montana. This is the first picture after you left Conrad, MT. We lived in that area for a few years during the consturction of the minuteman missiles. Safe travels.
  11. sharmulst

    Need a job??

    I wouldn't want this one for anything. Thank you very much :)
  12. sharmulst

    What are your summer plans?

    We will be working at Coffeyville, KS in the warehouse. Won't know specific duties until we arrive, but it will either be in receiving or distribution. It will be from mid October through Dec. 23.
  13. sharmulst

    What are your summer plans?

    We are camp hosting at a small RV park just out of Hill City, SD. It is Creekside Mountain Resort. Our job started this past Sunday and we are sharing the duties with another couple. Will work 3 days & then have 3 days off. We will be here through Sept. 15. The middle of Oct. we go to...
  14. sharmulst

    TV Booster Question

    We just intalled the Winegard Wingman and it has improved our digital TV. We are in Imlay, NV and had to keep rotating the antenna to receive all the network channels. After this installation we haven't had to rotate it at all. The digital is not breaking up either and it was 26 dollars from...
  15. sharmulst

    Larry the headhunter is getting operated on

    Larry You are incredibily strong and we know that comes from your faith in God and the strength from your DW Debbi. Our prayers are with you and hope we will see you down the road in your new Landmark and TV. God Bless and Keep you. Steve & Sharon Vondracek
  16. sharmulst

    Leak in doorside slide

    Actually we were sitting still with the slides extended. We did have rain about the last 50 miles coming in on Monday, but since then it has just sat. Have never had water come in like this when we were driving, even in real gully washers. What is the easy fix?
  17. sharmulst

    Leak in doorside slide

    We have a '06 BH3500RL. While visiting here in Ramona, CA, as everyone knows we had 3 days and nights of steady rain. The carpet where the table sits was very wet. It appears to be the wettest in the forward, outside corner. Can see no apparent place where the water came in, either inside or...
  18. sharmulst

    Happy Thankgiving!

    Wishing blessings galore for our Heartland family and friends on this day of Thanksgiving. We have so much to be thankful for each day of the year. Our weather here in Congress, AZ this AM is cold, but know it is not as bad as some of our other friends. It was 32 this morning when we got...
  19. sharmulst

    What was your most enjoyable tme this summer...

    Our great summer adventure started with the rally in Nashville. On July 19th we left with friends from Florida, Ron Pagel & Judy Bentley, on a 5,100 mile trip. It was a great trip to the Maritime Provinces as well as many stops in the Northeast. It was 9 weeks of fun, and some not so fun...
  20. sharmulst

    Angel Soft instead

    We use the Kirkland brand from Costco. Until finding this we had tried several different kinds, but would use nothing else now. Only problem we don't have a membership so we depend on our kids when visiting them.
  21. sharmulst

    EVENT: RV Show: PA, Hershey - 9/15/2010 to 9/19/2010

    Re: Hershey Show Update for Club Table Volunteers Yes, we have the directions. Judy and I are going to the quilt shop first. See you there.
  22. sharmulst

    EVENT: RV Show: PA, Hershey - 9/15/2010 to 9/19/2010

    Re: Hershey Show Update for Club Table Volunteers If it is not too late Ron and Judy, Steve and I would like to join everyone for dinner tonight. We are at Pennsylvania Dutch Campground, just got here yesterday.
  23. sharmulst

    EVENT: RV Show: PA, Hershey - 9/15/2010 to 9/19/2010

    Re: Hershey Show Update for Club Table Volunteers Do you still need help? We just got back from 21 days in the Maritimes and hope to attend the show in Hershey. Are there any camp sites left that would not be too far to drive. We are planning to be there the 13th to the 17th. Let us know.
  24. sharmulst

    How Hot Is It? This Hot!

    It was 53 in Houlton, Maine this morning. Our high was 78 so we haven't used any a/c for a couple days. It has been wonderful. Heading for the Maritime Provinces tomorrow. Really looking forward to that.
  25. sharmulst

    Rally location ideas - 2012

    Re: Input Requested for 2012 Rally Location We vote for Wyoming in 2012. I think it is only fair to have it in the west so that people from Calif. and other west areas can attend. We had a great time in Nashville.
  26. sharmulst

    Name tags came in the mail.........very nice....Thanks

    Our name tags arrived this past Tuesday, 6/1. They are very nice, we will add to them at the rally.
  27. sharmulst

    Name tags came in the mail.........very nice....Thanks

    If one is not attending a regional rally before the International rally will we receive our name tags via the USPS? We have not received ours yet.
  28. sharmulst

    chair tie downs

    We removed the tie downs for the recliners and chairs. Also unbolted the table from the floor and turned it, this added more room. Also replaced the recliners with lazy boys. When getting ready to move we position the chairs back to back. This said we have had very minimal movement in the...
  29. sharmulst

    Lake Havasu City

    We are at Desert Shadows in Casa Grande, AZ. While on my morning walk I noticed 9 other Heartland products. There is a Landmark, 3 Big Countries, 3 Big Horns (ours included), 1 Sundance, 1 Road Warrior, and 1 Edge. Have not met any of them but will try to get around to all.
  30. sharmulst

    Can we have a Nashville Rally ROLLCALL?

    Steve and I will celebrate our 35th wedding anniv. 2 days before arriving in Nashville on the 14th. We will be coming from Winnemucca, NV after a stop in Mulvane, KS to visit our son and family. We have been fulltime for 2 1/2 years but snowbirds for 11 years. This will be our 4th International...
  31. sharmulst

    2011 Landmark Grand Canyon Demo Coach

    Saw the new GC here in Quartzsite, AZ at the RV show. This is the one that turned us on to Heartlands back in 2005. Yours is beautiful. If we ever upgrade this is the one I would want. Take care in that white stuff, sure glad we are in AZ where we have only had rain.
  32. sharmulst

    Palm Desert area

    We have never stayed there but know several people who have and they really like it.
  33. sharmulst

    2010 International Heartland Owners Rally Discussion

    Just registered for the rally this morning. Sorry we missed last year, but this will be our 4th rally. Looking forward to meeting old friends and making new.
  34. sharmulst

    Heartlands on the move

    We now have 4 Bighorns and a Sundance here in Colorado River Oasis in Ehrenberg, AZ
  35. sharmulst

    Bighorn spotted

    There is a Bighorn and a Big Country here in Colorado River Oasis in Ehrenberg, AZ. The Bighorn is owned by Floyd & Faye from Coeur d'Alene, ID. The Big Country just came in today and haven't had a chance to meet them yet.
  36. sharmulst

    Time to say Goodbye

    John and Sue We wish you the very best in this new endeavor, however, you both will be sorely missed at the rally's. It was a pleasure to meet both of you. God bless and have a Merry Christmas and a super New Year.
  37. sharmulst

    Happy Turkey Day

    Steve and I would also like to wish everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving. We have so much to be thankful for. Spending the day here at Colorado River Oasis. We are having dinner with about 60 other rv'ers.
  38. sharmulst

    Miss the Bighorn

    Sorry to hear about your problems, but we know that Heartland will take care of you. We are fulltimers and had to be out of ours for 10 days in Sept. They fixed cracks in the sidewall as well as flexing in forward overhang area. We couldn't be happier with the job that the factory did. Hope...
  39. sharmulst

    3rd Thanksgiving in the Bighorn...

    This is our 3rd Thanksgiving in our Bighorn and just started our 3rd year of fulltiming on Nov. 9. It has been a great 3 years. Enjoying our time here at Colorado River Oasis. We wish everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving. We are so thankful for all that we have.
  40. sharmulst


    US 54 from Tucumcari, NM up through Texas and the panhandle of OK into Kansas at Liberal and on east is pretty good. However, it is only a 2 lane road until you get to Kingman, KS. We just came that way the first week of October. We have also found that your 2 lane roads are much better than...