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    Trailer tilting to one side

    I have a 2013 37QB and it leans to one side. When the slides are in it is level side to side. When I put the slides out it leans to the side with the three slides. The repair guy I have been working with thinks it is perhaps too heavy with three slides on one side. Has anyone experienced this...
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    Flooring to cover tip out edge.

    So, thanks to my two dogs I needed to replace the carpet on one of our slide outs. There was only bare wood underneath so I ordered replacement vinyl from Heartland and installed the vinyl. It looked good except for the space around where the slide out and the main floor join. There was a gap...
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    Where to place the jack

    Thank you all for the advice. Since I posted this thread a few months ago i purchased a double ram bottle jack. When I was looking under the rig it seemed a long way from the ground to the frame where I intend to put the jack. Rather than carrying around lots of extra wood (although I do carry...
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    2013 37QB Bunk Room Fix and Hidden Storage

    I have recently been working in the bunk room of my 2013 37QB and thought I would relate some information about slight modifications to the storage area around the TV at the rear of the unit. We w did our first move I left cloths hanging in the rear closets The pole fell out and the supports...
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    Pet Friendly Las Vegas?

    We will be moving to Las Vegas soon and are looking for a nice long-term park that is good for our large dog. Is it too much to ask for a grassy area? If I can't find a park that is nice for the dog I will probably find her a nice home here in North Carolina. By "nice for a dog" I mean some...
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    Where to place the jack

    Finally! A concrete answer. I was looking everywhere online before I remembered this forum. Should have come here first. Thank a bunch.
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    You know you have the right setup when...

    Thought this might e an interesting thread. What considerations give you that "just right" feeling with your setup?For me it happened recently when we visited an RV showroom with all sorts of RVs. We looked at all the new ones and spent hours looking for improvement ideas and such. Well, at the...
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    Where to place the jack

    I recently had a blow out with the tow king tires and found myself at the side of the road wishing I had a jack with me. I just recently got this used 37QB and haven't gotten everything together for it yet. Since I got it used I don't have any manual that says where to put the jack when changing...
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    Black Tank Flush Locations

    I appreciate your info. Thanks. I am also wondering if mine isn't connected right. Looking behind the UDC the hose from the back of the black tank flush inlet connects to the city water line after about 2 feet. I saw that it should be a dedicated line but maybe there is something I am no getting...
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    Generator Size

    Max, I know this might be a bit late but be VERY careful when talking about running your fridge when you are on the move. Driving down the road with anything running off the propane can cause you a HUGE fine if you get caught. Most Fridge's run off of 12V and propane when not connected to shore...
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    Ugh just don't know what to do

    Have you thought about posting in the "Ask the Factory" section? You might get a different response there.
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    Black Tank Flush Locations

    I recently bought a used 2013 Silverado 37QB. I love the layout and the second half bath. There are two black tanks; one for each bathroom. I found one black tank flush connection on the door side next to the rear door. When I used it, water came out under the inside kitchen drawers to the right...