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    What kind of MPG do you get whle towing?

    I have a 2006 Dodge 2500 with the cummins and I have it chipped with the Diablo Chip it has settingsd of normal, 40 hp and 90 hp settings. We have a North Trail 24 RL that is a fifth wheel, it weigh's approx. 6,934#'s empty and loaded with our things I would say that it would come in about a...
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    Extra shelf in kitchen for bread and buns

    Only the 300 series stainless steel is non-magnetic. The 400 series stainless steel is magnetic and it will rust.
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    No-Fuss Flush Flow Rate

    Garbage in the holding tanks The first time that I dumped mine I was at home and I ran clean water thru it and out came chucks of wood and saw dust. The plant is not very clean about keeping stuff out of those tanks.
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    Wall Mount Television

    I have a 24RL and had the same problem. So I screwed the base to the top were it is to sit and then used plumers tape to attach it to the wall in the back. Then I made a table that would fit in the opening where you attach the cables and I sit my DVD, VCR, or stattilite reciever on it. I have...
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    Converter Concerns

    Your voltage at the site that you were at may have been surging and causing this. Most of the voltage in the sites is not stable. If it does this all of the time everywhere then it is the converter
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    My perfect North Trail ideas

    If you had bought the North Trail 24RL 5er it has a laundry chute built in @ the foot of the bed and it goes into the frount storage and you can put you bascket in there until your ready to leave.
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    entertainment table

    I made a removable table for the DVD, VCR, satellite receiver
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    Anyone own a North Trail 26RKS ?

    I have a 2009 North Trails 24RL and where the tv is at there is no place to set your sattelite reciever or DVD player or a VCR. due to the slide out that comes in and the only thing you can put in there is a LCD tv. So I got to looking and this is what I came up with that is removable and it...
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    DVD table for entertainment center on 24 RLD fifth wheel

    I made a table to set my satellite receiver on and my DVD player
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    Bio Diesel?

    I have heard that the bio diesel is not good for older trucks. That is due to the lubritistie of the fuel. If you add a quart of cheap non-detergent oil to your fuel when filling up with fuel you are ok. That puts the lube back into the fuel. I had a 2001 dodge and had no problems. Also this new...
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    First trip

    I just got our 5th wheel and took our first trip to Lake fayette @ La Grange, Tx.:D