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  1. JimandSina


    Whats is the difference in the HOME PACKAGE, TRAVELERS PACKAGE, and, FULL TIMERS PACKAGE, and, what does each include? The Landmark 365 Website is full of mumbo-jumbo
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    Electric door lock on 2011 Landmark

    I have a 2011 Landmark San Antonio, It came with a remote door lock, key fob only, NO remote keypad, it has worked fine since buying the unit in 2011, now the electric lock portion (Key Fob) does not work work, does anyone know where the control module would be located?? I cant find any...
  3. JimandSina

    Happy Birthday Jay Coffman!

    Happy Birthday Jay, have a great day, and many more...
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    Thank You Heartland Owners

    Great looking rig, welcome to the Heartland family, safe & happy travels. Jim
  5. JimandSina

    Does Size Matter :)

    I have a 2008 Dodge Ram 3500, Diesel, Dually and pull both our 2009 Cyclone (42') footer and our 2011 Landmark San Antonio (41 footer), the truck handles either one with little effort, although I did have to give up drag racing Corvettes with the Cyclone attached. good luck...
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    EVENT: Heartland Chapter Rally: TX, Spring - 4/20/2012 to 4/22/2012

    Jay, it was wonderful seeing you and Stella as well, we finally picked it up this past Friday morning and have been moving everthing from the Cyclone to the Landmark (you know the drill all to well), but we did really enjoy the king bed Friday night, looking forward to seeing all at the Rally in...
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    EVENT: Heartland Chapter Rally: TX, Spring - 4/20/2012 to 4/22/2012

    Jay, Please add Sina and me to the list, we will contact Rayford soon to get a space reserved. Thanks Jim
  8. JimandSina

    2009 Spring Rally Meals

    Jay, Put Jim and Sina down for "Cajun Mixed Vegetable Medley", see you there Jim
  9. JimandSina

    Houston 2009 Spring rally

    Jay, Please add me and Sina, I just made our reservations and we are scheduled for site #60, see you there Jim
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    Dodge Ram Towing

    Hitch info You might give these folks a look I bought my hitch and install kit from them, and am very satisfied. Jim
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    What an act of kindness

    Well said, congratulations on your son's safe return, and many thanks to him for his service and to you for that support. Jim
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    Full timing in a Toy Hauler

    Yup, plenty of truck, so pick the one you like, both model you are looking at are terrific, we got our 3950 before the 3850 was introduced, and DW wanted a sliding glass door, so now I may find that we trade in a year our two to satisfy her wishes, best of luck picking. Jim
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    More New Members

    Welcome to the Heartland family, you will meet some really great people here and at the Rally's, congratulations on your new rig and we bid you "Happy Camping"
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    What an act of kindness

    I also received this email it is a very touching story, for any of you who are in Texas this November 8th, there will be a motorcycle ride from Houston to San antonio, it is called the Texas Honor Ride and we go every year for veterans day to visit the troops at Brooks Army Medical center, and...
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    Full timing in a Toy Hauler

    We love our 3950, its very comfortable and the 2nd bathroom has been a great addition, just be sure you have plenty of truck, we pull ours with a 1 ton diesel dually and it does fine, but these rigs are long and heavy. good luck on your quest, IMHO you can't beat the Cyclone. Jim
  16. JimandSina

    2008 Southwest Regional Fall Rally Date/Location is set!

    Jay, Couldn't agree more in the remark about Dean, I admit in the past to having difficulties with their service, I can tell you that Joe and especially Dean erased that, I was taken back when Dean walked up to the campfire Saturday night looking for more work... nothing but praise for his work...
  17. JimandSina

    2008 Southwest Regional Fall Rally Date/Location is set!

    Well folks for all of you who attended, Sina and I thank you for a wonderful time, it was great meeting all of you and we are already looking forward to the spring rally. On a different subject I want to caution everyone who attended to carefully check your vehicle license plates to be sure...
  18. JimandSina

    Another Weight Question?

    wagenman, The difference between the GVWR and the Dry Weight is just as you say, anything you put in it whether it is water, propane, milk (Beer, ummmm.) yourself, clothing, food, & etc... all add to the attainment of reaching GVWR, as a side note, most folks will be overloaded sooner or later...
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    H.O.T.E.L.: Help for folks who need a hand on the road

    Yup, we will be providers as well as potential users of the idea and will better define what we can provide as it evoloves but a first cut says we have a truck, tools, some know how, a coffee pot and etc... Jim
  20. JimandSina

    Another Weight Question?

    According to the 2003 Towing guide compiled by Chris hemer at the 2003 Ford F-250 with either Manual or Automatic Transmission has a tow capacity of 12500 - 12700Lbs with the following caveats † The 6.0-liter diesel engine replaces the...
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    H.O.T.E.L.: Help for folks who need a hand on the road

    Sounds like a great idea, we use to do something similar with a canine rescue club we belonged to and it worked great, we would be interested.
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    2008 Southwest Regional Fall Rally Date/Location is set!

    C. J. Thanks for the snapshot, you did a great job filling in, Sina will provide a cole slaw (Texas Style) for the Friday night thing and Saturday night we will bring some of my Cajun Jambalaya, look forward to meeting everyone. Jim and Sina Gibson
  23. JimandSina

    2008 Southwest Regional Fall Rally Date/Location is set!

    JMGratz, Thats a good question, I was wondering the same thing, Sina and I will be in Thursday night and will be glad to contribute to the menu's, I think Jay spoke of something Friday night and again on Saturday, If there is an official menu we would love to add to it. Jim
  24. JimandSina

    Jim Beletti's Birthday

    Happy Birthday Jim, 48 I remember turning 48 I think I remember, hmmmmmm. well any way many more to you, oh and milk it buddy they only come once a year, I think they come once a year, hmmmmm..... Jim
  25. JimandSina

    Joke: Purina Diet

    Waaaaayyyyy Funny, helped start a work day off much better :p
  26. JimandSina

    Bedroom TV Install

    Shane, Nice job, the bdrm TV was on my to do list, you just made it much simplier for me, many thanks, Jim
  27. JimandSina

    Who is that handsome fella in the video?

    Jim, You should be proud, I thought you did a good job, it was interesting to watch and I'm sure difficult to do, I don't think I could have stood there and delivered the message without making a fool of myself, well done... Jim
  28. JimandSina

    Cable Internet question

    Not certain,but your most likely problem in the other room(s) there is a splitter between the outside connection and the room you are tapping into, a cable modems must be either a straight shot from the pole or go thru a specific type splitter that is cable sensitive on one output and modem...
  29. JimandSina

    Direct TV

    The correct frequency is 950 to 2300 Mhz, and you can get them online, or, places like Lowes, Home Depot, Radio Shack and etc. but as you pointed out so well with the cyclone wired as it is the splitter is kind of a pointless item, I may look into designing a system into my 3950 for sat wiring...
  30. JimandSina

    Direct TV

    Actually you can use Splitters, Diplexers, Multi Switches, and Signal Combiners with Satellite, they are readily available and if they are of the correct frequency and properly installed work very well. the problem is you need a receiver for each port for the schematic shown for the Cyclone and...
  31. JimandSina

    2008 Southwest Regional Fall Rally Date/Location is set!

    Thanks JayC, Good news indeed, my wife and I are looking forward to the R&R, and the chance to talk about anything other than IKE ;) Jim
  32. JimandSina

    Level Master Level Installation on Pin Box (pics)

    Jim, Very neat install, it looks great, but since I am the proud owner of the "High Speed, Aerodynamic Stabilization, Anti Flutter, DoubleFrapulating Hitch Pin Cover (HSASAFDFHPC)" :) I guess I'll have to follow the installation methodology presented by FlyFishing48 to be able have this handy...
  33. JimandSina

    3950 Rear Bathroom Water

    My 3950 has very good water pressure in the rear section including to the Washer/Dryer when boondocking the pump does run a good bit to provide that, but, the pressure is steady and strong, if your's does not than I would get it in for a warranty look, good luck. Jim
  34. JimandSina

    2008 Southwest Regional Fall Rally Date/Location is set!

    Whoooooooo Hooooooooooooooo Me and my buddy Detmer both rode out Ike we kept the Cyclones in the Driveway, "Ike took a Hike" He couldn't handle a Cyclone..... everybody safe and sound in the southern part of Houston, hope y'all did good also.... Jim
  35. JimandSina

    2008 Southwest Regional Fall Rally Date/Location is set!

    Hey Jay, Keep your head down, Sina and I are riding it out also down here in Clear Lake, of course we have the Cyclone in the driveway already hooked to the TV, so if we get nervous we light the diesel and roll out good luck, Jim
  36. JimandSina

    We are heart broken!!!

    Sorry to here of your situation, hopefully you can get it resolved satisfactorily. My wife and I have scores in the mid 750's and we went to our credit union as well as the good sam club finance center and got pre-approved by both and then the day of the sale we went with the best interest rate...
  37. JimandSina

    Poll: Overall Dealership Experience

    We bought from Camping world of Houston in Katy texas and I would rate them as such Price 4+ Purchase Experience 3 Service 1
  38. JimandSina

    Travel Log Book

    TrukNutt, good catch that was my fat fingers typing again, it has been corrected in my first post. Thanks, Jim
  39. JimandSina

    Travel Log Book

    Draco Dog, I use a computer program for this, you can find out about it at it is a very thorough program that has many features and is not very expensive, it allows you to manage multiple vehicles, attach photos, record weather, Lat/Lon of a location you like and etc... hope...
  40. JimandSina

    Truck to tow a Cyclone 3850?

    I tow an 2009 Cyclone 3950 with a 2008 Dodge Ram 3500 CC, LWB, w/CTD and 6 speed automatic and it does great, and I am hauling an Ultra Classic and have had more then 1 Harley back there with zero problems, by the way the built in exhaust brake is terrific when your descending steep grades.