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  1. Princess Kathleen

    LUV SHAK Sighted

    The Luv Shak is on the move.....we are heading south on I59 in Mississippi...then on I 12 to I 10 to Duson, then Tuesday it is surgery for me. PK
  2. Princess Kathleen

    Full Body Paint?

    Paint job When we had the Luv Shak painted.....we took the gel coat off by sanding....used automobile paint by Sherwin Williams and top it off with a spray matte finish. PK
  3. Princess Kathleen

    Shower door problem with Landmark. How to adjust alignment?

    Well our door fell off while I was trying to get out.....went down to the dollar store and bought a shower just fine. We had had problems opening and shutting the door before it fell off pk
  4. Princess Kathleen

    LUV SHAK Sighted

    Well, we made it to Vegas...staying at LV RV Resort, but we are heading out to the Grand Canyon...then on to Louisiana
  5. Princess Kathleen


    I have been retired since, March 30, 06 and it is not retirement, but I read somewhere that retirement is living HAPPILY EVER AFTER..... pk
  6. Princess Kathleen

    Graphics for vehicle

    Well, you can have them masterfully hand painted by Robert Baxterr, the artist that did the Luv Shak.... PM me if you would like his contact info PK
  7. Princess Kathleen

    cj We were wondering if ya'll went for safety.....those butterflies....are they little black...

    cj We were wondering if ya'll went for safety.....those butterflies....are they little black, smelly bugs...if so they are love bugs. You need to remove them as soon as possible...use a wet fabric softner sheet.....they come off very easy.... PK
  8. Princess Kathleen

    LUV SHAK Sighted

    Well the LS is off the road for the next 2 months. We are in a small park in Tinidad CA..,Azalea Glen.....we were welcomed by fresh veggie basket....yummy tomatoes.... Of course they love the LS...and us PK
  9. Princess Kathleen

    LUV SHAK Sighted

    Amen on staying sane.....I love them because they always keep you alert, aggressive and young, but today I walk with a limp because when I was breaking up huge fight, I had my right foot get supposely brusied, but it has a tiny chip floating around in the foot.....ouch..... But I love those...
  10. Princess Kathleen

    LUV SHAK Sighted

    Luv Shak on the move We are leaving Cresent City CA and heading to Eureka CA down Hwy 101..... Slowly we travel down the coast...:D PK
  11. Princess Kathleen

    Taxes!!! and Intrest

    We bought ours from TN and lived in LA, paid taxes in SD......saved some bucks. PK
  12. Princess Kathleen

    LUV SHAK Sighted

    yes, we are enjoying the views, the weather and the fresh seafood. If we had known you could have joined us.... PK and Vance
  13. Princess Kathleen

    Charleston SC/ Hilton Head SC

    We are in Cresent City (not New Orleans), California at the Redwood RV Resort. surrounded by redwoods. Traveled down Hwy 101 from Oregon. Stop in Brandon, Or and met and chatted with boatdoc (Gary and Diana). He emailed us yesterday and asked us to stop so they could view the Luv Shak...
  14. Princess Kathleen

    Oxygenics Body Spa Shower Head - WOW!

    We bought one at the Camping World in Wilsonville, Or. We used it last night with 60 pounds of pressure.....WWWWWWWWWWWWWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWWW I really felt clean, clean, got up this morning debating if I needed to wash the sleep off of me..... We are in Lakeside Or....heading to...
  15. Princess Kathleen

    Luv Shak westward hoooooooo

    Yes, Ziggy we are just in the planning stages....any suggestions PK
  16. Princess Kathleen

    Luv Shak westward hoooooooo

    The end of the Oregon Trail We made it to the end.....much better off than the emigrants....sure glad I did not have to walk those miles......did I say miles.... We left Elkhart, In on May 13 and arrived in Oregon City Or on Aug 5. We did do several side trips and spent more than one day at...
  17. Princess Kathleen

    Satellite connections

    boy I was excited whenwe pulled into Camping World....gona get satellite we can watch FOOTBALL AND BROADWAY BRETT.....but was told by CW they could not install it because it was in a slide......:>( PK
  18. Princess Kathleen

    Keeping the heat out

    we put up a sunblocker (the type you use for the windshield) over the shower skylight. we attached it with helps a bunch. it also keeps the bedroom dark and cool. we also bought a tabletop fan to help circulate the air. pk
  19. Princess Kathleen

    Our Landmark in for service again

    We too, had many problems, but Heartland stepped up and fixed....we even went back to the factory and had the shower replaced. But all in all we would not trade our Luv Shak for any other......Our first trip...we blew a tire and had frame and suspension problems....but all was corrected....and...
  20. Princess Kathleen

    Landmark Augusta versus Carriage Cameo

    Consider....SERVICE...... PK
  21. Princess Kathleen

    Mail Forwarding Services

    We use this is his email can check him out at his web site..... . We have been using his services for 3 years and never a missed mailing. I email him a general deleivery address and he sends it out. I don't remember the amounts...
  22. Princess Kathleen

    Guidelines for posting in the Where/Plans/Sightings forum

    We were traveling to Glacier NP and as we turn off of hwy 83 MT a Big Horn pulled in front of us, we continued on to our park and they turned at the exit for the park....see ya in and around PK
  23. Princess Kathleen

    Guidelines for posting in the Where/Plans/Sightings forum

    We passed a Big Horn heading east On I-90 near Phillipsburg, MT. We are at Clinton, MT at Ekstrom' Stage Station campground.....Tomorrow we head out for Glacier Park..... Stay up with us PK
  24. Princess Kathleen

    Another Luv Shack sighting

    I really don't know, but when we are in the park....we are the talk.... As we were traveling from West Yellowstone to Gardnier, MT we passed another Landmark....DH gave a wave....pulled into the campground, Rocky Mountain campground and we are right next to a BigHorn....have not seen anyone...
  25. Princess Kathleen

    Cyclone in KS

    Just pulled into KOA at Bar Nunn WY. Was looking around and there is a BigHorn just down from us.....we are in lot 11. No one is at home and we are getting ready to go out and scope out Casper..... DH needs a Wal Mart fix PK
  26. Princess Kathleen

    Sundance and Red Dodge Ram - I-90 @ MM 218 in South Dakota

    WE are getting ready to head to Casper WY, KOA in Bar Nunn. Got up this am (very late....ah....the retired schedule) and looked out the back window and there sat a Landmark. Looks they plan to stay for a while.... We are in Pony Soldier RV Park on US 26 between Lingle and Fort Laramie WY. PK
  27. Princess Kathleen

    Another Luv Shack sighting

    Well, sometimes DH goes to shopping and I am in the LS doing DW maybe just knock and I might answer the door. pk
  28. Princess Kathleen

    Luv Shack Sighting

    We saw you also, we waved, but we are heading west on the Oregon Trail....have fun for us at the rally.... We landed at Grand Island NE, Mormon Island SRA....50 amps, no water or sewage hookups....$19.00 a night I counted 2 Bighorns and 1 Sundance and the LuvShak...micro-mini rally.... PK
  29. Princess Kathleen

    Traveling to the "HEARTLAND OWNERS RALLY"

    Hello to the Rally We are traveling the Oregon Trail. Will miss all the good fellowship, partying, and food. But we will see ya next year PK
  30. Princess Kathleen

    AC not starting

    We had a similar problem.....we replaced the thermostat and disconnect the overhead light fuse as per say Dave from Holmes on Wheels repair. Working better than ever. pk
  31. Princess Kathleen

    China Bombs got us today

    To stop the sweat when changing a tire, call The Good Sam's Emergency road crew.....I am too old, fat, and a princess to be changing tires,,,,than also is what the DH thinks also, but he is a prince... PK
  32. Princess Kathleen

    Luv Shak westward hoooooooo

    The trail starts at Indepence, Mo then goes west, north to oregon.... is a good link....for information.... pk
  33. Princess Kathleen

    Luv Shak westward hoooooooo

    Hi to All, The Luv Shak is heading west, on the Oregon Trail. Just wanted to know if anyone has traveled this route and could give some pointers on places to stay, visit, etc.... PK
  34. Princess Kathleen

    rv parks in elkhart

    We have stayed at the KOA, Elkhart Campgrounds and Eby's Pines. Out of the 3 We love Eby's 14583 SR 120 Bristol IN Barry and Chris Lang 574-848-4583 . Nice pit, picnic table, shade or no shade....chipmuncks....lots of song birds.... PK
  35. Princess Kathleen

    Heartland advertising

    We were like you, this company is new, unknown, but seemed to have all the wants we wanted in their product. About advertising....we the owners are the advertising they use. Everytime the LuvShak pulls into the campground we are surrrounded by people with questions....and we enjoy answering...
  36. Princess Kathleen

    Cable doesn't work

    We had the same problem...went to RV Specialists...Todd explained that the tv needed to be on channel 3 or might have to add the channel...and of course make sure you have the aux button pushed on the booster panel. PK
  37. Princess Kathleen

    Heating the under belly?

    We have a small electric heater in the basement...then 2 heaters plus a fireplace on during the day. At night the fireplace is off but all other heaters are set. PK
  38. Princess Kathleen

    Heartland RVs Authorizes Service Center in Elkhart, Indiana

    As you have read, the Luv Shak has been in the Elkhart area since the first of April. We arrived at RV Specialist on Monday, April 14 and in a work bay Thursday and Friday. We had a new guy, Todd who worked at LSI (redhead), work on the Luv Shak...along with other techs....they did a very good...
  39. Princess Kathleen


    The best food that we have is out of our own kitchen or off the pit. PK
  40. Princess Kathleen

    Flat tire changing question

    Call Good Sam emergency service....then they do all the labor....and get dirty PK