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  1. brianharrison

    Wet bolts in shackles

    The bushings from factory are simple nylon, from my knowledge; there are Never Fail bushings that are aftermarket and claim to never need lubricating for life. I prefer the brass, wet bolt, heavy duty shackle kit. I did not have success with the NeverFail bushings. Brian
  2. brianharrison

    Which generator to buy?

    Yes the Honda 3000EU will power one A/C up to 15,000 Btu with some power left over - usually a 15,000 will take 20-23A inrush and 15-16A continuous running. A 3000 puts out about 26A, if my memory serves me correctly. Brian
  3. brianharrison

    New Member Alberta

    Welcome fellow Albertan! Brian
  4. brianharrison

    Alberta Bear Removal

    My next career, I can do that..... Brian
  5. brianharrison

    Alberta info

    Welcome to fellow Albertans! Brian
  6. brianharrison

    DC monitoring and connection information

    Re: SmartGauge Battery Monitor - any experiences ? My knowledge is with the Xantrex LinkLite; the Victron appears to be similar with a shunt. The Balmar uses voltage only, and I do not think it will be as accurate as a direct current measuring (i.e. shunt) device like the previous two. Other...
  7. brianharrison

    Looking for thoughts about Magnum Energy MM1012 Inverter/Charger

    Went looking on the web, but could not find a MM1012 model, I found a MMS1012 (pure sine wave) and chatted with my brother who just installed the MM1212 (modified sine wave). He is very happy with the unit and chose it for similar reasons as yourself. He installed a small sub panel after the...
  8. brianharrison

    electric fireplace

    There is an electric heating element (about 1,600 Watt if I remember correctly) and a fan that blows air across the element to provide heated air to the coach. There is also a temperature control that allows the element to cycle to maintain the setting on the temperature control (simple knob...
  9. brianharrison

    PEX plumbing question

    I would stay with PEX B; they all meet the same requirements and B is less costly than A, and there is some "concern" over A having some chemical leaching in domestic water applications (but it is still approved for domestic use). In my research the A, B, & C are indicative of the...
  10. brianharrison

    Lippert 7000 camber

    That is how the axles are aligned to achieve the correct spec on camber and toe; the axle tubes are bent up/down (usually up) or forward/back to achieve correct alignment specs. A hydraulic cradle/ram assembly is used by the alignment shop. Bends in axles are normal. Watch for tire wear to...
  11. brianharrison

    Article on RV 50 amp Power and how it works

    The RVIA standard disallows 240V. Specifically RVIA code does not allow the installation of a 120/240V generator; RV gensets have to be 120V only, if it has two windings they have to be wired in phase. Brian PS European RVs use 240 as standard.
  12. brianharrison

    Where are the air filters?

    Roof mounted air conditioners have a thin mesh filter on the inlet air screen. The inlet air screen can be removed usually by depressing the clip on the edge of the screen. Here is a you tube video, ignore the first minute. I don't believe the furnaces have any filters on the inlet air...
  13. brianharrison

    Landmark - Suspension Lubrication

    Re: ATF: Landmark - Suspension Lubrication Wet bolts are the bolts that attach the spring to the spring hanger/equalizer. They are bolts with a grease zerk on the head of the bolt. The bolt has a passage way through the centre exiting out the side of the bolt halfway down the shaft. It adds...
  14. brianharrison

    thinking about purchasing a mpg either the 180, 181 or 184 model.

    Welcome reveric! Glad you got my PM from the other site. BrianGlenn
  15. brianharrison

    Does this need to be replaced?

    I have similar white foam for a while after de-winterization if I do not flush ALL pink antifreeze, even dead legs like low point drains, outside taps, washer and dryer taps, etc. My thoughts are if the pink antifreeze is left in these dead legs it slowly migrates (diffusion mixing) back into...
  16. brianharrison

    Does this need to be replaced?

    No - there is a steel reinforcement rod throughout the anode length. I would estimate your anode rod has 80-85% remaining. Fully consumed the only thing that is left is the 1/4" steel rod and the threaded plug end. Brian
  17. brianharrison

    Proper 120 VAC connection process?

    Sorry Erika, I was asking TxCowboy but thanks for replying. I have been following your other thread with your power incident and was wondering the same thing about yours. I had a hot prong melt the 50 to 30 adapter (on the 30A male end) once when I was in a park that my EMS showed a voltage of...
  18. brianharrison

    Proper 120 VAC connection process?

    One last thing - you did not state the model of your surge protector - ie - if it also checks for high/low voltage, high/low frequency, open neutral, open ground. The Progressive Industries EMS-PT50C is the portable model that has all of these features. The smart surge model (no...
  19. brianharrison

    Proper 120 VAC connection process?

    It is good practice to flip the 50A breaker on the campground pedestal to its off position before any connections are made to the pedestal. That way the circuit and plug that you are connecting are not live, and the chance of electrical arcing or incidental contact with the plug prongs once they...
  20. brianharrison

    Synthetic oil

    Synthetic T6 Rotella for me; more because of cold winter startup, and I only buy when on sale. Secondary benefit of low potential of oil coking at higher turbo temps (towing). Oil filter debate over OEM vs non-OEM had me switch back to OEM Motorcraft. I was not prepared to take the chance...
  21. brianharrison

    Goodyear H-rated G114's blow out

    Re: Goodyear H-rated G-114's blow out I doubt it applies to future events. Release is typically for current event - ie this claim - no further actions or future adjustments for damages. Brian
  22. brianharrison

    DIY AC Replacement

    I have used a truck backed up to the nose of the 5th wheel with landing legs fully retracted, a doubled up 2x8 across the box rails, two friends standing on the 2x8s and lifting the AC up to me on the roof. Brian
  23. brianharrison

    Line 1 and Line 2 - 30 Amp Power

    The two "ganged" 15 amp breakers (if one trips the other will be pulled into the tripped position at the same time) are probably because the campground has wired the two 15 amp circuits with a single 4 wire home run, sharing the neutral/common back to the source transformer. Shared (tandem)...
  24. brianharrison

    Thetford toilet bowl fills while travelling

    Maybe the wife is trying to drive you crazy by emptying her water bottle into the toilet when you're not looking? Seriously though, the model of your toilet has a vacuum breaker higher than the bowl; possibly slow air leak allowing residual trapped water to flow into bowl while you are...
  25. brianharrison

    Line 1 and Line 2 - 30 Amp Power

    Campground pedestal has two breaker for two plug ins? One 30A and the other 20 or 15A? You are plugged into the one 30A? Your remote display shows amperage for L1 and L2 on your 50 A service; obviously you are drawing more than 30A because the loads you were running were all on the L2 buss...
  26. brianharrison

    Rear Tire wear

    I found significant tire wear on rears (SRW) for all the reasons mentioned already; I moved to a 5000 mile rotation schedule.
  27. brianharrison

    Any luck selling your trailer yourself?

    I have had success selling my own RVs. However local markets will dictate the price and interest. As mentioned specific sites like the RVTrader are better than generic selling sites like craigslist. Doing pricing homework and pricing accordingly, and making the add `eyecatching` is also...
  28. brianharrison

    Importing rv to Canada

    Most RV imports are fairly straight forward, following Registry of Imported Vehicle (RIV) processes - link here. This is the Federal process; check your local provincial registry requirements as well, Alberta (my province) also requires an "out of province" inspection to be completed for...
  29. brianharrison

    Tank vent?

    The space between the outside and inside of the roof - there is a 3-6" space filled with insulation and roof trusses. As temperatures change it allows venting of hot air, or in breathing with outside air as the space cools. Regarding the water in your basement after rains, are you travelling...
  30. brianharrison

    Firearms traveling to Alaska via Canada

    Not true; we like to own long guns and shoot some pretty cool wildlife with them. In fact there are a large contingent of Americans who come here specifically for our hunting and professional guides for exotic animals. Typically handguns are used to shoot people - we frown on that and keep the...
  31. brianharrison

    Full Body Paint?

    In addition to the above: The "wow" factor; there are few full body painted 5th wheels, and the full body paint on the Heartland lines are unique and eye catching. Even at 5 yrs old, the 2011 Landmark paint/clearcoat shows like new and sparkles in the direct sun, or glows at dusk. I have...
  32. brianharrison

    Oasis RV park Las Vegas

    We have stayed in Oasis a couple of times as well. Nice park. We try to stay in the 300 to 400 numbered sites. Brian
  33. brianharrison

    fresh tank cracked

    PS. On the 3/4 plywood sheet I sanded off the sharp edges on the side in contact with the plastic fresh water tank. Extra insurance to make sure if either moved during transit, there would be no single sharp contact point to create a future problem. Brian
  34. brianharrison

    Propane Bottle Froze

    Normal effect of using large amount of propane from a steel/aluminum bottle in a high humid environment. As mentioned, at the propane liquid/vapor interface in the bottle the vaporization of propane takes heat in from the outside causing the bottle to be colder at the interface level...
  35. brianharrison

    fresh tank cracked

    Sorry to hear about your cracked tank. While I had my choroplast off the underbelly of my Landmark I added a 3/4 plywood sheet between the straps and the fresh water tank to help distribute out the load. The tanks are designed to "flex" downward and contact the straps when filled to capacity...
  36. brianharrison

    Losing 12volt power to interior when shore unplugged

    I would start by looking at the battery circuit. While plugged in to shore power the converter will provide 12V to DC panel, when unplugged it appears the battery is unable to provide 12V. Use Dan's trouble shooting link in his post above. You mention the battery is good - have you load...
  37. brianharrison

    Leaving the Heartland Family

    Congratulations - the Tiffin Phaeton is a nice motorhome. Good luck! Brian
  38. brianharrison

    By Pass value nut leaking

    If it is the branded B&B Molders 3 way bypass valve in the UDC, then a call to Heartland Customer Service for a replacement or using a Swan Industries (alternate supplier) may work. Here is an older thread. Hope this helps. Brian
  39. brianharrison

    Firearms traveling to Alaska via Canada

    Coming from a Canadian - no. Brian
  40. brianharrison

    Battery Charging

    If you are having a 50A service installed at your house, here is a good read for your knowledge to ensure the installation is consistent with a RV 50Amp service (4 wire, NEMA 14-50R)as opposed to the old "household dryer" 50A service (3 wire, NEMA 10-50R), or welders 50Amp (3 wire, NEMA 6-50R)...