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  1. Springhaven

    Swapping out furniture

    Did you come up with some sort of a swap solution? We just leave ours as a bed most of the time and eat outside. But on a rainy day we will all pile on the bed to eat. We did get all new cushions though that made the area feel more stable to leave as a bed full time.
  2. Springhaven

    Replace entertainment system

    So we still have the origional entertainment system that came with the MPG. The little square box below the TV with the built in DVD/radio player. What have people replaced this with. We changed out the TV last year but the system is just too outdated. I'm guessing nothing fits that square...
  3. Springhaven

    Rotting floor maybe?

    Well I said this on another thread but my floor finally went out completely. So I'm having the whole floor rebuilt. Doing it like a traditional floor with studs and all. I hope this doesn't add too much weight, but it should hold up even better over the long haul.
  4. Springhaven

    Pulling an MPG with Ford Explorer

    I've been pulling with my 2002 Toyota Sequoia. The engine isn't the best but with the trailer brake the stopping is awesome. Also, I've been able to get it in and out of some pretty interesting spots since the SUV is on the Tundra frame. I'll probably get something newer next year, but so far...
  5. Springhaven

    Replacement Tailight

    I had all my lights replaced last spring. I think going to led is by far the best way to go.
  6. Springhaven

    what is this switch for. MPG 181

    Funny thing is when we bought our unit a couple years ago, I didn't know what the switch was for either. Since the unit had already been winterized you can guess what happened. MAN...taking the element out of the tank was a chore. But I was able to put a new element in at least. I think the...
  7. Springhaven

    Install a Front Window and a Awning on a MPG 185.

    I think you will just have to find someone that does RV rebuilds and talk to them about it. I think the window would be the most difficult thing to do, but for the right amount, there is no limit to what you can do with your rig.
  8. Springhaven

    MPG Owners in Quartzite 2020/2021

    I don't know quartzite. Hope it was good this month!
  9. Springhaven

    Any MPG Owners out There?

    I have a 186 that my floor finally went out on. I priced buying something used but it's SO overpriced these days that I'm biting the bullet and replacing the floor. $8k but I think I'll have a practically new unit once that and the wall beneath the slide are replaced. I've done other upgrades...
  10. Springhaven

    The Perverbial Rotted Floor due to Water

    We have recently run into the same issue and are debating having someone fix it for us or try it ourselves. We have the MPG 186 so the small floor plan has to make it easier. But the slide letting water in has been a sad turn of events in the last year.
  11. Springhaven

    Replacement Tailight

    A local RV store was able to find several options that retained the oval shape in LED. I suggest changing them both out to a new pair.