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  1. danemayer

    $15/night at Palm Creek in Casa Grande, AZ thru Dec 31, 2023

    I thought I'd pass this along. Palm Creek Resort at $15/night is a pretty incredible deal. Only thru Dec 31.
  2. danemayer

    Never again. Heartland slide out problem

    Just saying, if someone works on the propane side of the refrigerator, and subsequently there's a fire at the refrigerator, those 2 events might be connected. For example, if the tech disconnected the propane line, perhaps to check pressure, he could have left behind a slow leak after he was...
  3. danemayer

    Never again. Heartland slide out problem

    So you had a repair guy work on the propane side of the fridge and then a gas leak was repaired and then there was a fire. No one has connected those dots? Might be a straight line.
  4. danemayer

    Wintering in Phoenix AZ area

    Try early booking discount at Palm Creek Resort
  5. danemayer

    Help! My Exterior Door Latch Broke This Morning

    Have you found a replacement? Maybe examining the replacement will give you a clue how to both install the new one and to remove the old one.
  6. danemayer

    Dryer Quit

    Keith, have you put a volt meter on the outlet, or tried plugging in another appliance? If you're not getting power to that outlet, check to make sure everything else is working. All A/C units work? Microwave? All outlets? Also, if you have the PCI Power Control System, the dryer is on...
  7. danemayer

    A/C wired wrong????

    Your 2019 probably has the Precision Circuits Power Control System that automatically sheds loads in a programmed sequence if power consumption exceeds available power. So for example, when on generator, or when plugged into 30 amp service, the PCS system may cut power to 1 or 2 A/C units...
  8. danemayer

    Why hasn't this recall been posted

    Heartland apparently has 26 units that may be affected.
  9. danemayer

    Onecontrol® connectanywhere

    Should have said, something new on Landmarks.
  10. danemayer

    Onecontrol® connectanywhere

    Never heard of monitors for the propane tanks. That would be something new.
  11. danemayer

    Onecontrol® connectanywhere

    OneTouch has that capability, but it's implemented in various ways across various manufacturers and RV models. In the case of Landmark 365, because the primary control function is via KIB, the One Touch implementation is minimal.
  12. danemayer

    Onecontrol® connectanywhere

    I don't think both systems would be in control of the water heater, water pump, or lights, or anything else controlled by the KIB panel. That would imply added complexity and integration of the wiring. KIB uses a V-BUS wiring approach, similar to the automotive CAN-BUS. I believe LIppert runs...
  13. danemayer

    Onecontrol® connectanywhere

    See if you have a control panel like the one on page 3 of this document.
  14. danemayer

    Onecontrol® connectanywhere

    I think a 2019 Landmark would have a KIB Control Panel rather than the Lippert OneTouch that other models have.
  15. danemayer

    2022 Heartland Prowler 335BH Washer/Dryer drain

    Pretty sure you can't dump gray water on the ground in many places, so among other things, this is probably contrary to RVIA requirements. This sounds like a factory defect that would be covered by warranty to get it plumbed correctly. Call Heartland Customer Service at 877-262-8032 /...
  16. danemayer

    Cracked wall

    You haven't said whether you've spoken with Heartland Customer Service yourself. Perhaps the dealers are telling you Heartland won't do anything about it. Or perhaps you have called Heartland, but you're not the original owner. Heartland usually fixes out of warranty problems like this for...
  17. danemayer


    I went with 8k.
  18. danemayer


    MorRyde Independent Suspension is an aftermarket add-on done at the MorRyde facility in Elkhart, IN.
  19. danemayer

    Actual owners manual for 3750FL

    There are a large number of user guides that address many of the things not covered in the Heartland manuals. The Bighorn is very similar to the Landmark, so you'll likely find the Landmark user guide particularly helpful, except of course for the 10% that deals with Landmark exclusive...
  20. danemayer

    Slide out adjustment

    If this leaning in is something new, and it used to be straight, look for another explanation. Perhaps something is on top of the slide preventing the top from extending fully.
  21. danemayer

    Lights turn on by themselves

    You probably have the KIB V2 Control System operating the lights. The KIB Multiplex User Guide may help.
  22. danemayer


    Thanks everyone for all the kind words.
  23. danemayer


    Ann's into pickleball in a big way. 32 courts at Palm Creek is a major attraction for her.
  24. danemayer


    Hi everyone, After 11 1/2 years, we sold our 2011 Landmark and our 2014 RAM 3500 this morning. We're not getting another RV - our RV'ing days have come to an end. And with that, after nearly 10 years as a Forum Moderator, it's time for me to retire from that as well. We're looking into...
  25. danemayer

    Generator slide out shelf

    Hi lindsycreedon, Most people also have their rigs in storage for the winter, but maybe you'll get lucky and another 2011 BC 2950rk owner will be able to help out.
  26. danemayer

    Frame problems

    Front jacks are normally angled outward a few degrees.
  27. danemayer


    Why do you think that the water in the sink is coming from the black tank? The more obvious cause would be that the shared gray tank is full.
  28. danemayer

    Water pressure - too much

    Buy a good, high flow, pressure regulator and put it on at the campground spigot.
  29. danemayer

    Hot water heater

    If the rig was winterized, the water heater was drained of water and then bypassed. The water from the campground spigot or from the water pump may just be going around the water heater. If you've had the electric heating element turned on with the water heater bypassed, the element may have...
  30. danemayer

    Mortgage loan on an RV

    Here's a link to what is probably reliable information on deducting interest on RV loans. But note that you must itemize deductions. With the structure of the standard deduction after the Trump Tax Cuts, it's hard to get to a deduction level where itemizing is advantageous.
  31. danemayer

    When to replace trailer tires?

    Dave, the 2417 code is not from the OP. He used that as an example picking it up from another post.
  32. danemayer

    When to replace trailer tires?

    I was planning on replacing our 4 year old Goodyear G614 tires but one lost its tread 300 miles before getting to the location where the tires would be replaced. I replaced them with higher capacity Goodyear G114 tires on 17.5" wheels. When the tread came off, it caused about $2,500 in body...
  33. danemayer

    When to replace trailer tires?

    I believe it's the 24th week of 2017. So that would be mid-June and they're coming up on the 5 year anniversary.
  34. danemayer

    21RBSS fresh water tank drain

    I believe all RVs have fresh tank drains. Fresh tanks are usually located over the axle(s) for weight distribution. The drain is usually near the front edge of the tank, most often on the off-door-side of the rig. So peek on that side, just in front of the front-most wheel and see if there's...
  35. danemayer

    Not a Happy Camper - RW400 Toy Hauler

    Some people post to the forum when they need help, and many of our forum members jump in to do just that. We have a large number of very experienced and knowledgeable owners who are quick to share what they've learned, along with a lot of written resources. But sometimes people just want to...
  36. danemayer

    Watch tv 2021 torque 373

    If you want to watch TV without being on shore power or on generator power, there are 2 ways: 1) get a TV that will work on 12V DC - Jensen makes a number of models. You'll have to tap into a 12V light circuit to get power. 2) Install an inverter to power a regular 120V AC TV. In either...
  37. danemayer

    2021 Landmark Newport Thermostat Sensor Rest

    Two things you might try. First, shut off all power - both shore power and both battery cutoffs. Wait a minute before restoring power. That should recycle the control boards. If that doesn't help, open the access panel in the pass through storage and look for anything unusual on the board...
  38. danemayer

    2021 Landmark Newport Thermostat Sensor Rest

    Do you have a heat source in the basement? The heat may be rising behind the wall where the thermostat is mounted.
  39. danemayer

    Anti-Siphon valve going bad?

    If it doesn't leak when flushing the black tank, I'm not sure how sewer air would escape the valve. I believe the idea of the anti-siphon valve is that if there's negative pressure on the campground water line while it's connected to the black tank flush, contaminated water could be sucked...
  40. danemayer

    Cyclone brake issues

    To determine if the problem is in the trailer, independent of the truck, do this: Hitch up. Pull the emergency breakaway cable out of the switch. The trailer brakes should energize at full strength. Pull the truck and trailer forward to see if there's any resistance. Put the cable plunger back...