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  1. Retired CPO

    Better cold weather protection

    Nice job Kurt, Remember if the Fridge or microwave, anything combined to add up to 15amps will trip the breaker at the base. been there done that. Also order a No-freeze fresh water hose for when you move around. Plus if you find anyone looking for a good Heartland 37'...
  2. Retired CPO

    1 Ton Ford F350 Lariat crew cab truck tires

    Costco is having a sale on tires until 10/13/10, $70 off when you buy 4 tires (set). these come with more benefits than most others retail stores & tire dealers can handle, like the life time tire rotation, road hazard, and there filled with Nitrogen (best way to go). My question is I lovee the...
  3. Retired CPO

    2008 Ford f450 location of 5Th wheel power cord location

    This Dude is not that young"Don't be fooled".
  4. Retired CPO

    Why a Landmark or a Big Country over the Big Horn?

    Hey Nathan, We have a 2008 BH 3400RL and love it. We are fulltime and have made a few upgrades to it but are very satisifed with this floor plan. We can get to everything in the Kitchen while we travel when we stop we can hve luch or dinner. I'd put my money into a good Generator for your truck...
  5. Retired CPO

    Better cold weather protection

    We are up here in the Northwest of Washington state at Jim Creek. The Temps this past week hit 11/12 degrees F and stayed under 32 all day for three days. No frozen plumbing so far, but we did read up on winter full timing living in our BigHorn prior to the cold weather hitting. We...
  6. Retired CPO

    Bathroom faucet

    Yes, we finally did solve that problem. We replaced it when we were in Elkhart, IA at the parts department with a new $26 facuet, it lasted one month. I take from this experience it their suppliers. We replaced that one with a $49 metal (not plastic) one from an RV dealer - No problems since now...
  7. Retired CPO

    Need to Jack Up Front of Trailer

    Well recently I had chg the axels on my BigHorn at TrailAir, here is how they jsck it up to work on!!!
  8. Retired CPO


    :eek:Well here is a Chinese Mission at 70 MPH. Saw this one live at Elkheart when the owner drove in, couldn't resist Taking a photo of it for you folks who have not switched to Goodyear G614's yet. It's your family your towing around !!!.
  9. Retired CPO

    Heartland's everywhere in BC

    Chief Petty Officer,
  10. Retired CPO

    Mifi 2200

    My wife and I have had two phones from Verizion as well as a MIFI card whick we both use. I have a Desktop and she a laptop the ave speed is 54mbps but we have had better near big cities. We cover over 5600 miles so far & are now in BC Canada with no problems at all. We are very happy w/both...
  11. Retired CPO

    2010 BC Heartland Rally, Sept. 10-13

    Rand, My wife & I will more then likely want to attend as well. We will be back from the Annual Heartland Rally in July by then so I think we can make it up from Granite Falls, WA
  12. Retired CPO

    Heartland's everywhere in BC

    We will head out on Wednesday morning after the crew completes the custom Skirting for our Bighorn here at the Cottonwood Meadows RV park. York PA is only an hour from our home in Chambersburg, PA. My wife & I have made a move to the west cost last month as our Son is in WA & Daughter lives in...
  13. Retired CPO

    Heartland's everywhere in BC

    Wow, We have seen Heartland products everywhere here in BC, Canada. Here at the Cottonwood Meadows RV Resort there is another Bighorn, Cyclone, North Country, etc. Sorry Jim no Landmarks, they say that those just can't handle the cold, or was that about their owners? oh well age is setting in I...
  14. Retired CPO

    Florida Heartland Owners Club Discussion

    RV'ing in Sebring,FL My Sister-In-Law & Nephew have a Medical Supply & electric mobility scooder store there on Rt#27 called Electric Mobility. Stop in and say hi Also let us know where you stay there during your trip for our future travels. My wife & I are going to stay over this winter in...
  15. Retired CPO

    Discussion of Oregon Rally

    now located in BC We will be at Hazelmere in surey for the next week starting 10/28 Chief
  16. Retired CPO

    Which Truck

    Listen, Whatever you do get the (more than likely) Last large HD Truck you may own according to your fit & feel for the power and performance you want. Be sure to get everything accessory you desire, the right colors etc. Do settle for. Personnally I love my 08 SD F350, I've make a few chg's but...
  17. Retired CPO

    Cyclone Coax Layout - Drawing attached

    I'd like to have one for the 3400RL BH if there is one avail?
  18. Retired CPO

    Snowbirds - where are you camping?

    Hi folks, I'm looking for a park,CG, KOA, etc for Jan 2010 thru Mar in the Western or Southwestern part of the country. No more cold WX or cold rain/ Snow days for me. I'm considering the RGV below Corpus Christie TX. near mission. Anyone with an input kindly speak up.
  19. Retired CPO

    Bathroom faucet

    We just replaced the original faucet in our BH for the same reason it's a cheep chinese product Heartland brough for the units. Today they have a real nice brushed nickel one, here is the item part number # 10824 cost $26.85 it was worth the extra sleeping time.
  20. Retired CPO

    Bighorn, upgrades

    I was an ADJ2 in 1967 retired as a senior chief ADCS in 1988
  21. Retired CPO

    Discussion of Oregon Rally

    BC rally in 2010 Sailorand, We will be there this month to visit our Daughter & Grandkids in Langley, 1st we are heading out on Thursday toward Yellowstone National Park. We met a BH owner from BC here at the Elkhart CG in (IN) today. There are five BH here at the CG its great &...
  22. Retired CPO

    Bighorn, upgrades

    Rear brake/tail lights to digital ones from Dan's RV service center
  23. Retired CPO

    Bighorn, upgrades

    Thanks Westxsrt10, I'll get some Pic's later today for all. Meanwhile here is a very good link to RV upgrades at TDI (a distributor heartland buys from)
  24. Retired CPO

    Trail-Air Equalizers

    Just to clearify something; Lippert (LCI) components bought TrailAir products sometime ago. Trailair service center is still in operation and very knowledgeable (Ron) is one of the original top service mgrs. If there are ever questions you can call them Ron or Kara [Dale's (owner)daughter] at...
  25. Retired CPO

    Bighorn, upgrades

    Recently my wife Karen (Chickie)& I went to full time living & traveling in our 2008', 3400RL, BH that was equipped with elect brakes & 6K axles & springs with mission 235/85/16.5 E tires. Knowing we were about to chg from an east coast resident to a west coast traveler gave us lots to think...
  26. Retired CPO

    Axle & disc brakes

    For Sale by Owner What are you looking to get for them, I may be interested.
  27. Retired CPO

    Air Bag Inflation Question

    I recently installed the Firestone Ride Rite Air-Bags w/Compressor & Loved it. Like othere have said so well I run them at 5-7lbs dry, & 20-25 loaded with the Fith Wheel. It mostly depends on the weight over the center of your rear axel. Also considering that I have a Trail Air Hitch with a Air...
  28. Retired CPO

    Michelin XPS

    Bighorn - Tires, Tires, Tires Jim, That 800 number you gave us is strickly for Mail Order only. They will look up the number of the store closest to you though.
  29. Retired CPO

    Heartland Owners Club - Flag (3'x5')

    Jim, I would like one also but hocking up to get it as we go full time next week and leave PA will have to be thought out some. Pymt is not a problem! it's where to ship it to I have to get bak to you on.
  30. Retired CPO

    Discussion of Oregon Rally

    Hi Folks, The Wife (Chickie) & I (Retired CPO) will be leaving the East coast very soon to go full time in our 5th Wheel 3400RL BigHorn. We will be primarly located in the North West because our Kids are in WA & Vancouver BC with our Grandkids. We have some relatives there in Oregon...
  31. Retired CPO

    Where to buy?

    Folks, you may want to call Butch at RV"s For Less in Knoxville,TN like some of these kind folks have suggested to you. Your saving & service will simply astond you possibly a 4K-7K difference.
  32. Retired CPO

    First Pa Chapter 2009 Rally

    Many Thanks! Hi folks, well as you pack up today from your Heartland PA rally event please have a safe ride to home port & NAS Backyard (from a Sailor). I would like to thank all of you for your kinds words, your prayers, and most of all friendships. It's folks like Dave & Nona (Trucknutt)...
  33. Retired CPO

    City Water Filling Fresh Water Tank

    I seem to remember have a very simular issue pulling into the annual Heartland IA rally this year. The Heartland maintenance crew got right on it & changed the City water value. When it goes it leaks right back to you and in your basement - No warnings. Check with the factory guys.
  34. Retired CPO

    New Bighorn 3670RL with Airsafe Hitch

    Like truckNut I also have a full hard cover flip back Tonneau, "Love it". I think the 25K hitch in a 6.0L F350 is a bit of over kill. Myself, I installed a Reese 18K Signiture series that will pull just above anything. You will never get to pull anything over 16K as thats your max rating for...
  35. Retired CPO

    Opening up your first VA Claim -- Now this is a hard one!!

    I'm 100% Service connected disabled Vet myself & I can today now applaud the VA and all its doing right. I have never had anything lost or misplaced and I've delt w/ Philly, Martinsburg WV, without any problems yet. I also recorded all my DD214's of every Reenlistment for a 22yr career plus all...
  36. Retired CPO

    6.4 gauges

    Pete, I would recomend trying these web-sites for Ford Perf products.
  37. Retired CPO

    New diesel on the horizon

    Can you imagine the Price Tag on that beauty $70+K easy in 2011 My 08' F-350 4X4 CC LB with all the toys MSRP'd @ 60K
  38. Retired CPO

    A Better, Easier to Use, UDC

    NewBee question What does UDC stand for, I got the drift of what you are Mod'ng & it looks and sounds like a great mod that I might want to add. ;)
  39. Retired CPO

    Dealer inventories

    Folks, keep in mind that floor planning may very well be a thing of the past for many dealers on some or most of there models as determined by there lender. This is a big problem for all the vehicle industries including the RV community's.
  40. Retired CPO

    New purchasers with questions...

    My Wife & I purchased an 08' BigHorn and are thinking along the lines of buying into one of those sites in the southwest in a RV park somewhere. We have heard of some in & around Las Vegas for about 8K but that there is also a waiting line for them. Our question is where to go to find a list of...