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    I have a 2008 Augusta that has the stacked washer and dryer. Washer needs to come out for repair. Since the washer measures 23 and 1/2 inches wide and the doors in the bedroom are 22 and 5/8 inches wide is there a secret to get the washer out? Wondering if the slide out has to pulled to get...
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    Project: Troubleshooting and Maintenance Guide

    Thank-you. A 7/8" it will be. Getting ready to go from Texas to Florida on Friday and during the underway checks I discovered that the F-350 lug wrench didn't work for the Augusta. Glad to know now instead of later. I didn't have anything in the tool box that fit so thought who better to ask...
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    Project: Troubleshooting and Maintenance Guide

    Anyone know what size deep thin wall socket is required to remove the lug nuts on 2008 Augusta?
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    TX to AZ via the Black Hills & Yellowstone

    Glad to see another owner in south Texas. I have an Augusta over here in Rockport. Leaving this weekend for a NASCAR trip to Daytona over the 4th of July weekend.
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    Satellite Cable

    Well the Satellite coax problem turned out to be a bad coax to coax connection underneath the entertainment sideout. Glad I had extended warrantity. Guess this is one of those things that you should check out on the pre-delivery walk through. Since I didn't have a Satellite system at the time I...
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    Satellite Cable

    Has anyone had problems with thier satellite cables in thier rigs? I have a 2008 Augusta and this weekend tried to have satellite service installed only to find out that 2 of 3 satellite cables showed no continunity. :mad: If anyone out there knows how to find some kind of a cable diagram for...
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    Olevia HDTV

    Just a fast update on the 32 inch Olevia HDTV. There are some super people running around this site. Another owner was nice enough to pull his out and ship it to me here in Texas. He was ready to upgrade to a 1080. Thanks to all who posted and helped me out with this issue.
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    I am looking for advice on a better brand of tires to put on my 2004 F-350 SD 4x4 DWD. I tow my Landmark Augusta with it. The truck came with General tires on it but I haven't been happy with the tread life. With as many folks that tow, hopefully someone has had tires that work great for them.
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    Olevia HDTV

    HDMI and tuner have stopped working. When I turn the set on I get a blank screen that shows "no signal". I have the 532h 32 inch unit and according to the website there isn't any firmware updates for that model. Not sure however that I believe that or that I know what I am doing.
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    Olevia HDTV

    I currently have a 32 inch Olevia 532h HDTV which has quit working unfortunately. Although it is suppose to be under warranty it appears that Heartland has stopped using this brand. I have tried to get some action from Olevia customer service to no avail. The problem is, that after much research...
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    Triple R RV Park, Crystal City, TX

    Wanted to share with everyone what a wonderful stay we just experienced at the Triple R RV Park in Crystal City, TX. When hurricane IKE was plotted to head into the Corpus Christi area we decided to go north and west. Upon finding the Triple R the management reduced the rates for us that were...
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    I am looking for some electrical help on my 2008 Landmark Augusta 5th wheel. I have a switch on...

    I am looking for some electrical help on my 2008 Landmark Augusta 5th wheel. I have a switch on the kitchen island that doesn't appear to control anything. Can someone help with this?