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    Help - I can't get any action from Guaranty RV and they said it was a Heartland issue.

    A extended warranty has nothing to do with an accident. It covers repairs on malfunctioning equipment. Check your policy to see if the frame is covered. It may or may not be covered. If this is a new unit than Heartland and Lipperts warranty should cover you. I agree with the previous posts...
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    Experiences with Heartland Dealers in CA

    When I purchased my Cyclone in 2012 I was still living in San Diego. I went to La Mesa RV and Giant in Murrietta. Neither would even come close to the offer I got on the internet from Explore USA in Dallas TX. So I drove to TX and made my purchase. I has no issues getting service from La Mesa RV...
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    Outside & garage speaker switche doesn'tt work Cyclone 3612

    I have the same set up in my Cyclone. My head unit went bad and when I replaced it I took off the cover and all the speaker wires were barely attached to the connectors on the back . Most of them pulled off and I had to reattach them. Now I have a lot of static on my outside speakers. Haven't...
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    Waste tank

    No I do not have the half bath in the rear of the toy hauler. I know it is not for the shower either, that is the front grey holding tank. Not sure if it is for the kitchen sink only or both the kitchen and bathroom sink.
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    Waste tank

    I have a 2012 Clycone 4014. I have black and gray valves near the front. There is also a grey valve near the back under the garage. Is this for dumping the holding tank for the kitchen sink?
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    City H2O filling fresh tank

    Thanks for all your replies. I just replaced the pump about 4 months ago. I will have to see if I can take it apart and clean the valve. The original pump was replaced after 2 years and the replacement pump only lasted 2 years. This new pump is only 4 months old.
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    City H2O filling fresh tank

    I have a 2012 Cyclone 4014 purchased new over 4 years ago. I fill the fresh water tank with a garden hose at a separate hookup from the city water hookup. When using city water I connect the garden hose to the city hook up. The tank and the city supply are independent from each other. To use my...
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    Ice Maker Water Line Leak

    Thanks for all your help. Found the shutoff under the sink in the center island. Got the leak fixed. Now have a new problem. Will start a new thread.
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    Ice Maker Water Line Leak

    Thanks for your reply Dave. My RV has an island in the middle where the sink is located and the refer is in the opposite wall. The water line does not go into the basement either.
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    Ice Maker Water Line Leak

    I have a 2012 Cyclone 4014. My residential refer has an ice maker. The water line to the ice maker has sprung a leak. Does anybody know where the water shut off to the water line for the ice maker is located? I have shut off the city water for now. Thanks for all your replies.
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    Taxes and RVing

    Taxes are not any different for RVers than for anyone else. If you work in multiple states than you must file a tax return in each state you received income in unless that state doesn't have an income tax. Your Fed return will be the same.
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    Mesa, AZ to Colorado Springs, CO in late February - Routing ideas...

    Hi Jim. I have taken route #1 several times in my Cyclone and on motorcycle trips. You can hit some weather near Flagstaff so watch the weather reports. If you take route #2 I will be Hosting at the Escapees RV Park in Deming from mid Feb. if you are a member and want to stop in Deming let me...
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    Furnace warm not hot

    I have had my rig for 4 years now and the heat has worked in the past so I know its not a vent problem. I haven't used the heat in awhile. I just filled my propane tank so I will see how it goes tonight. If I still have a problem I will look at the outside vents to make sure no bee/wasps/ants...
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    How does an Escapee SnB address work with a satellite TV service for billing and channels?

    I have Dish and also use the Escapees Livingston address for my billing address. I do not get a bill however, I just get paperless billing and pay online. I usually stay in one location for a couple of months. When I move I call the Dish 800 number and change my service address to get the local...
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    3rd AC unit

    I am not sure but have been told that you can only run 2 a/c's at a time and can't run all three at once.
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    Furnace warm not hot

    I finally broke down and turned on my furnace to get a little heat in my rig this morning and take the chill out of the air. I heard the fan come on and then felt some warm air coming out of the vents. The air was only warm not hot. I checked the propane at the stove and the range top lit up. I...
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    Heat While Boondocking

    Thank you all for your responses. I have only one 12v battery. It is not the original. The original one died after about 2 years of ownership. I replaced it and the new battery is just less than 2 years old. I guess I should be ok on battery power each night and the battery will get recharged...
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    Heat While Boondocking

    I have a 2012 Cyclone 4014. My question is, I know my heater runs on propane but requires electricity to run the thermostat and fans. Can I run my heater on my 12v battery or do I need 110v shore power or generator to get heat? I will be on the road in 2 weeks and stoping for the night a few...
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    Oven pilot light won't light.

    Thanks for all your suggestions. To answer your question, no it does not light and them go out. It just won't light at all. I did try moving the knob to 350 and still nothing. I will give it another try in the morning using some of the suggestions here such as pushing in the knob and waiting...
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    Oven pilot light won't light.

    I have a 2012 Cyclone 4014 with a Magic Chef oven. I can't get the pilot to light in the oven. I have only used the oven a few times over the years but I use the range top every day. I lit one on the burners on the range top to make sure gas was getting to the range. I turned the knob and held...
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    List your favorite CG to spend a month in FL... Gulf side

    Sun N Fun in Sarasota is nice but very expensive.
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    Tire info

    X2 on the Michelin XPS Ribs
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    June 2016 trip to Yellowstone, Jacksonhole and Moab.

    If you have the time also consider going to Custer State Park in So Dakota near Mt. Rushmore. Lots of things for kids to do inside and outside the park. Reptile Gardens, Bear country, 1880 Train to name a few. Not to mention all the activities in the park, Jr Ranger Program, Hook Um and Cook Um...
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    Shower Drain

    Hello everyone. Its been a long time since I posted anything. Been under the radar for awhile. I have a 2012 Cyclone 4014 and my shower is draining slowly. I purchased a wand at Home Depot and it helped clear the clog but now just a few weeks later it is back to draining slowly again. My...
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    Toilet paper

    I like the 2 ply Camco sold at WalMart. Have been using it for almost 3 years now and no problem clogging. I like the 2 ply better than Scott's 1 ply.
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    Medical Emergency Assistance

    Before I got my Cyclone I would travel coast to coast on my Harley and stay in hotels. On one trip I had a major accident which sent me to the local hospitals trama unit. After a week in the ICU my health insurance sent a Lear Jet to transport me home. All but my deductible was covered. Check...
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    HOC Coastal Bend Winter Texans Get Togethers

    I am planning on staying the month of April in Aransas or Rockport. Any reccomendations on good RV parks in the aera?
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    Idaho, Wyoming, and South Dakota July Trip

    I work in Custer State Park as a volunteer all summer. There are several campgrounds in the park. All are electric only but there is a hose bib at the showers to fill your tank and a free dump station in the park. Most all of the private campgrounds outside the park are good. I haven't stayed...
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    more DISH TailGator questions...

    Take a look at the Pathway X2 also. It has a bigger dish which helps find the satellite. It can also be setup to use 2 coax cables to 2 receivers for 2 televisions.
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    Nitto Terra Grappler 2

    I looked at them for my 2012 Ford F-350 but went with the BF Goodrich All Terrain.
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    shot gun

    An officer needs probable cause to stop a vehicle and may search the passenger compartment without the need for a warrant. There is no reasonable expectation of privacy in an aera surronded by glass. Any search of the non passenger aera like the trunk requires a search warrant or consent. If you...
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    Looking for a Goodyear G614 tire vendor on way to Sweet Heart Rally

    I went with the Mitchlin XPS Ribs which are also great tires. Went to a semi truck dealer named Park West or something like that in San Diego. There is one here in Palm Springs as well. I think they are all over and near interstate exits because they specialize in big semi trucks. You may be...
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    Heartland Construction Quality?

    My Cyclone is my first and only RV so far and I am very pleased. I have traveled cross country twice and now have lived full time one season in it with only minor problems. You will find some negative posts on this forum as well as on other forums about all brands. It seams that if someone has...
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    I would like to buy a Cyclone t shirt.

    I have a Cyclone shirt. It was given to me by someone at the factory while on a tour at a National rally. I would call Heartland customer service and ask to speak to AJ who heads the Cyclone division and he may have one he can sell you.
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    shot gun

    Gun laws vary from state to state. As others have advised it is good to check resources like those mentioned. also the laws differ regarding a handgun and long guns such as rifles and shotguns. The Supream Court has ruled that you may have a firearm in your home without the need for a permit. If...
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    Feeling pretty good

    My rig has wheels. My solution for cold weather is to leave the area while it's still warm lol lol lol
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    Factory prep pkg for generator?

    Just a reminder, if you have a generator you should run it about once a month even if you are hooked up to shore power or the rig is in storage. If you have a dish for your television also remember that when you shut the generator off there is a few seconds delay for the shore power to reconnect...
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    Highest quality toy hauler.?.?.?.?

    Another thing to remember is that all manufacturers use the same components. No matter what brand you purchase you most likely will have a Norco or Dometric fridge, Atwood or Suburban hot water heater etc. so the difference is the build quality and most especially the customer service after the...
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    Pickup Choices

    As others have said used diesels command a high price and buying a new one will not cost that much more, will get you a lower interest rate on the loan and will come with a better warranty. The big 3: Ford, Chevy, and Dodge are all pretty much a tie with all the improvements over the years and...
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    Highest quality toy hauler.?.?.?.?

    More people complain than praise on forums, that's just human nature. All brands have some problems. Do a detailed PDI before you sign and accept your toy hauler. I have been very lucky that my Cyclone had very few problems or issues. If you don't need a big garage and only haul one motorcycle...