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    Residential fridge not working on shore power

    I have attached a photo of the Magnum 1000W inverter and Inverter Transfer switch (white box above the inverter)that came in my 2017 Heartland Road Warrior Toyhauler. It has a 120V residential refrigerator. In my situation the Inverter ONLY supplies the refrigerator. The junction box in...
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    Bathroom Exhaust Fan Power

    Can you share the Heartland contact info for getting the wiring schematic. Both my kitchen and bathroom wall switches that control the opening and closing of the lid quit working at the same time, which makes me question both lid motors going bad at the same time...not impossible but not...
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    New water pump, water still going into fresh tank while in "City" position

    Same issue with my 2017 Road Warrior. Replaced the A valve with the new updated brass version...problem solved!
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    2015 BigHorn 3010 RE - Constantly Draining from Freshwater drain tube

    If you determine it is the Anderson valve ( I had the same issue on my 2017 Road Warrior) replace with the new updated version tgais all brass vs the the old o ring cartridge. I installed the new version and problem solved. See link on Amazon below ABCO RV MANRV101-RF RV Water Service Panel...
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    Flickering LED lights.

    This light was an exact replacement. Ordered from eTrailer 12V RV LED Puck Light - Surface Mount - 4-1/2" Long - White Housing - 328-K-1050Q9
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    Bathroom Exhaust Fan Power

    Both my bathroom and bedroom have switches (see attached photo) that open/close the vent lid. There is a separate switch up on the fan ceiling enclosure that you turn on the fan and control the fan speed. I can manually crank open the lid and the fan runs normally. Both lid opening switches...
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    Bathroom Exhaust Fan Power

    Any resolution to your issue? Both my bathroom and kitchen Fantastic Fan switches will not open the lid in my 2017 Road Warrior 427. If you manually open the lid the fan motor runs. No power to the switch that raises/lowers the lid. Checked all 12V fuses I can find. Anyone know where the...
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    Flickering LED lights.

    Anyone have a link/ part # to a replacement that matches the original lights and is working as expected
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    Flickering LED lights.

    I am having the same issue in my 2017 Road Warrior 427 Toyhauler. Curious if you find a cause/remedy
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    Adding an inverter to Cyclone 3850

    I just completed an install of a Victron 3000W MultiPlus II 2 x 120 Inverter in my 2017 Road Warrior 427 Toy Hauler fifth wheel. It is a 50 A "full pass thru" unit. I installed it between the output side of the ATS and the Main AC distribution panel. When plugged in to Shore power or...
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    Which does the RW427 have?

    My 2017 Road Warrior 427 has the WFCO 75 Amp Power Converter Model # WF-9875 My Automatic Transfer Switch is a Progressive Dynamics Model PD52
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    Road Warrior 427 Front entry door width?

    No limitation to how far the door opens. Only allows the door to stay in whatever position it is in. 67727
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    Road Warrior 427 Front entry door width?

    Time will tell but I think they are a good replacement for the door strut ?
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    Road Warrior 427 Front entry door width?

    Thanks for you input. Git my Moryde Step Above Strut Assist installed today. Also went with the Lippert Friction Hinges!!
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    Road Warrior 427 Front entry door width?

    Thank you so much for the info. I checked and MorRyde sells bith the strut assist and non strut assist version of the steps as aftermarket install. I am curious if you think the strut assist is worth the extra $$? My front and rear door have the gas shock and am going to see if the gas shock...
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    Road Warrior 427 Front entry door width?

    Thanks for that info. Are you saying you had the door catch installed because the friction hinges were not strong enough? The reason I ask is I was told I could purchase the friction hinges but did not want to spend the money as well as the time to install if the friction hinges did not work...
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    Road Warrior 427 Front entry door width?

    I also am looking to upgrade to the Morryde Step Above steps. I have a 2017 Road Warrior 427. I am curious what Morryde model fits my RV. I also am curious what folks are doing about the hydraulic strut that is attached between the door and the threshold that keeps the door from flying open...
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    ac and heat controls

    Thanks for that reminder. Actually I always keep the Fan setting on Auto. Just curious what your experience is with the Furnace thermostat being in the bedroom how that impacts the temperature in the rest of the trailer? Seems like it would have been a better idea to have the Middle...
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    Privacy shade for interrior garage door

    We purchased a rod and black out drapes from Amazon and installed in the garage of our 2017 Road Warrior 427 Amazon Basics Room Darkening... InterDesign Cameo Constant...
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    ac and heat controls

    So even though the Mid A/C and Rear A/C thermostats have a furnace selection option, is the Front A/C thermostat the only thermostat that actually controls the gas furnace? I have a 2017 Road Warrior 427. Just purchased this rig and stiill getting things figured out Thanks
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    Hankook Vantra Trailer Tires

    I recently purchased a 2017 Heartland Road Warrior 427 toy hauler. It had the original Sailun tires and I did not want to travel 1000 miles from Indiana back to Florida on "old" tires in July! I researched and decided on Hartland All Steel Radial G rated tires from Discount Tire...
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    Three Season Patio Door Modifications

    Can you share details about the full length black out curtains you installed?
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    Cooling our RW

    Can you provide details on the black out curtains and tension rod you installed in the garage? We have a 2017 Heartland Road Warrior and are looking to do that as well
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    2017 Road Warrior 427 Master King Bed Comforter

    No problem. Thanks for following up. My wife was able to find a very similar on on Amazon
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    2017 Road warrior 427 Garage "Curtain"

    Does anyone that has a RW 427 have a "curtain rod" that mounts inside the rear ramp door to hang privacy curtain so anyone sleeping in either of the 2 garage beds. Mine has 2 brown mounts attached to the wall approximately 7 feet high. Just curious if this was a factory added option or...
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    2017 Road Warrior 427 Master King Bed Comforter

    Just purchased a 2017 Road Warrior 427. The king bed in the master was missing the original comforter (Teal, White, Black, Gray Stripes) and matching pillow shams. Was curious if there was a place to buy the original ones or if a member has them for sale? Thanks