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  1. DirtyMax88

    Check your shackle bolts!!!

    Have you thought about making the trek to Morryde and getting full IS and disc brakes? Its a big expense (and a haul from GA), but is worth every penny for the piece of mind and quality of ride. Every time I see someone post something about axle/suspension issues and problems, it makes me glad...
  2. DirtyMax88

    New Road Warrior

    I could be wrong, but I think the general consensus is to stay away from the ventless dryers, they just don't work well. Also, I believe the most popular models are the Splendide Ariston washer and dryer.
  3. DirtyMax88

    A/C randomly shuts off

    Thank you! I'll keep this in mind too! Weird that is hasn't done since the middle of the day now..... - - - Updated - - - Thank you Dan. Ill look into this as well.
  4. DirtyMax88

    A/C randomly shuts off

    Hey Dan, Thanks for the quick response. We do have the Energy Management System and it was the rear A/C. We didn't have anything else running on that leg #1. The bedroom a/c, water heater and satellite are on leg #2. Those are the only 4 items we had on (well 3 when the rear a/c shut off). Would...
  5. DirtyMax88

    A/C randomly shuts off

    good morning everyone. Last trip of the year, we are in Savannah GA. Its humid and rainy. Checked in yesterday plugged in, turned everything on, running normal. This morning, one of our a/c's just turned off, both the compressor and fan (it has happened twice in about 4 hrs). We did not lose...
  6. DirtyMax88

    Dump Valves Sticking bad

    Thetford makes a few different products, found on amazon. We haven't used this particular product yet, but the reviews seem promising?
  7. DirtyMax88

    Pull Rite 24k 5th wheel hitch - $550

    Pull Rite 24K ISR 5th wheel hitch. Will fit standard rail mounts. 24,000 lb towing, 6,000 lb pin weight. Auto locking jaw around king pin and auto locking handle when engaged (no tug test needed). Comes with a brand new head from pull rite. Asking $550 obo. Item location: 21035. Willing to meet...
  8. DirtyMax88

    Kitchen slide will not extend.

    thanks guys. This gives me some places to start and research. I appreciate all the input!
  9. DirtyMax88

    Kitchen slide will not extend.

    Morning everyone. I posted this on the FB group last night and thought i would try here this morning. I need some help troubleshooting a hydraulic slide issue. We have a LM365. Our kitchen slide will not extend. It sounds like it wants to engage when you toggle the switch, the slide will even...
  10. DirtyMax88

    VIAIR Compressor versus tank compressor

    We have the 12v ViAir 450P RV. I find myself using it for everything, not just for the RV. Since we have H rated tires on our RV, this model ViAir is great for getting the pressure up to 120+ PSI. One thing I also carry everywhere/every trip is a battery jump box, just in case. I connect the...
  11. DirtyMax88

    New Tow Vehicle

    Your truck is absolutely beautiful! Those 450's just look so BadA$$ with those wide fender flares! Congrats! How close is the pearl white Ford color to the pearl white of your Landmark? Do they match ok? We have a '16 Landmark and my '19 GMC (white frost tri-coat) is a shade lighter then the...
  12. DirtyMax88

    Ltx ms2 a Michelin drop!

    We have the LTX A/T2's as the standard tire on our 2015 Sierra dually. Been great, got 39k miles on them with over 50% tread left. Id say 85% of those miles are pulling our Landmark. I have them rotated every 10k, meaning they physically take the tire off the rim and remount it, in a triangle...
  13. DirtyMax88

    Sofa air mattress

    X2 on this...we got this for the pull-out sleeper in our LM, and our guests seem pleased. Very simple to inflate and deflate. Good unit overall.
  14. DirtyMax88

    A/C not cooling, but seems compressor is on?

    Yes, it is. I'm going to get up there and get the cover off to see if I can find anything wrong there...
  15. DirtyMax88

    A/C not cooling, but seems compressor is on?

    Thank you, I will check that out when I'm up there. I appreciate the advice! - - - Updated - - - I'm not sure honestly I can give them a call and find out. Thank you.
  16. DirtyMax88

    A/C not cooling, but seems compressor is on?

    that's my thought. Which isnt a big deal except we dont have any mobile techs around us (in MD) and the local RV place is covered up (naturally, being summer). Not to mention we leave monday for a week long trip. Lol....great timing huh!
  17. DirtyMax88

    A/C not cooling, but seems compressor is on?

    As an update. I turned the a/c back on after sitting overnight (if it had frozen up i figured overnight would allow to thaw). I turned it back on here and its still blowing warm air. The EMS shows a 12 amp draw, so I'm assuming the compressor is on. I also checked the filters and they are...
  18. DirtyMax88

    A/C not cooling, but seems compressor is on?

    I haven't checked them this year, we usually do that once a year, kind of an end of the season type deal, with a few other routine maintenance items. I will check the filters when i get home (had to run to the office for a bit). Thank you! - - - Updated - - - This was what I thought as well...
  19. DirtyMax88

    A/C not cooling, but seems compressor is on?

    Good morning everyone, I was reading through prior posts and couldn't find my exact problem, so I thought i would reach out. We have the 15k dometic whisper quiet system. Living room a/c works as it should. Bedroom a/c seems to be having issues. We have the power management system with display...
  20. DirtyMax88

    2017 Landmark Newport Tank Capacities

    Yes, there are two grays, and two blacks. Kitchen sink and 1/2 bath sink in one gray, and master bath sink and shower in the other grey. Your blank tank monitor for your half bath is located in your half bath, next to the light switches. The blank tank on the entry panel is for your master/full...
  21. DirtyMax88

    Wheel bearing lubrication

    How many miles do you travel a year? Every 4 years seems like a long time in between? I believe MoRryde recommended that we get it done every 2 years or 12k miles....
  22. DirtyMax88

    Holy Moley are injectors $$$$

    Yeah, this is completely believable! They don't let you guys roll on, do they? It's definitely irritating sometimes when there are two trucks drag racing up a long grade at 64 mph and 64.25 mph. LOL. Big brother is watching everything y'all do. I feel like GPS in your trucks has tied your...
  23. DirtyMax88

    Holy Moley are injectors $$$$

    Not knowing alot about how DOT works with the truckers and OTR trucks, is it possible to delete the emission controls, like alot of people do on pick ups? As big as the aftermarket performance products market is for modern diesel pickups, I would think theres a market for you big boys too! I...
  24. DirtyMax88

    2017 Charleston

    I was under the impression that the ventless dryers didn't work well (which I guess was just confirmed by the next reply).
  25. DirtyMax88

    2017 Charleston

    We have wanted to add a washer and dryer for a while now, but I just can't bring myself (or someone else) to cut through the wall of the rig and through the full body paint! LOL :o
  26. DirtyMax88

    Mirrors 2018 Silverado

    It took a while for them to work out the kinks.... ;)
  27. DirtyMax88

    Mirrors 2018 Silverado

    The 2020 HDs will have the power extensions.
  28. DirtyMax88

    Brake & Axle Upgrades

    X2 for the MORryde IS and disc brakes....
  29. DirtyMax88

    Best way to increase fuel capacity

    We have an in bed AUX tank. We went with a 115 gal., so we don't have much room in front of our 5th wheel hitch for anything except some leveling blocks (which I'm fine with). Ours works off a small pump, with a switch to turn it on and off in the cab. As many can relate, It really gives you...
  30. DirtyMax88

    Adirondacks - Upstate NY summer trip recommendations

    thank you! - - - Updated - - - This is exactly what I was looking for, thank you for all your input and recommendations. I will get to working on this Moose Hillock campground, see what they have to say. Must be new, I tried google earth and it only shows trees. :) If/when we make it up...
  31. DirtyMax88

    Adirondacks - Upstate NY summer trip recommendations

    Good Morning everyone. We are looking to plan a trip sometime in mid July to Saratoga/Lake George area and we are looking for recommendations. We are traveling from outside Annapolis MD. We have an RV GPS, so the route doesn't bother me to much, I would assume we head up the NJ Turnpike, to...
  32. DirtyMax88

    What type of Truck is Needed for 2019 Cyclone 4200

    Like many have said, I don't believe it's a matter of if you can or can not tow it or if you "feel safe" doing it. All these new trucks (even the 2500 short bed SRW's) will pull houses off the foundations all day. It's if you are inside your capacities, all of them, LEGALLY. You could go up and...
  33. DirtyMax88

    NEW TIRES!! Now New Axles??

    Changing to a 8k might make your ride more harsh?? One other option to consider, If you are going to have to pay to replace/upgrade the axles and plan on keeping your LM for a while, you may want to haul it up to MoRryde and having them do full independent suspension and disc brakes. I would...
  34. DirtyMax88

    2019 Cyclone 4270 Residential Firdge

    When you have enough posts, upload the picture, and let us see it. Should be very easy to tell. Have they switched to Frigidaire again? At one point the residential fridge option was a Hisense, at lest that was what was in the Cyclones at the Hershey show a few weeks ago?
  35. DirtyMax88

    Landmark 365 MSRP

    10-4, Thanks Jim!!
  36. DirtyMax88

    Landmark 365 MSRP

    Any chance Heartland reveals the "concord" floorplan at the Hershey, Pa RV show....
  37. DirtyMax88

    Independent Suspension Upgrade to 8-year old FW

    Scott, It's worth every penny if you are going to keep your LM for a while longer. Sounds crazy that something so heavy can ride so smooth. 90% time, you don't feel like it's back there. We did the disc brakes at the same time as the 8k axle IS. We did it in December while they were running a...
  38. DirtyMax88

    Tire recommendations

    Goodyear, Maxxis, or Sailuns all are great tires. The GY Marathons were replaced by the GY Endurance as a previous poster mentioned. We put the GY Endurance on our 7k tandem axle cargo trailer, and they have been great so far. Seems like the Sailuns are the best bang for your buck. I'd say at...
  39. DirtyMax88

    2016 Newport, Clicking bedroom slide

    Ours has worked perfectly for over 3 years now, and yesterday all of a sudden it started clicking/popping. From what I have read and researched it's either the gear box or motor, most likely the gear box. I'm going to try and get the part numbers to have everything if the thing finally quits...
  40. DirtyMax88

    2016 Newport, Clicking bedroom slide

    I appreciate your quick response. Glad that yours was a simple fix. I know there are other threads with slide related issues, so i will check those. Thanks again!